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  1. Would I be able to to submit a CGC Signature Series comic for a press/clean through CGC (CCS) pressing service? .... CCS would open the case, press and clean the comic, then resubmit the comic for grading to CGC. Would the initial CGC Signature Series status still be honored when the comic is regraded? Would the comic get a “yellow” label or a “green” label upon regrading?
  2. Want to buy Ghost Rider 1 (Marvel 1973). Looking for raw or graded 6.0 to 8.0 ....... hit me up with a fair price.
  3. Looking for >>>> Batman 251 Silver Surfer 4 Thor 89 Fantastic Four 49 Looking for unrestored, no writing, no tape added or large pieces missing, and visually presentable copies. Low to mid grade 2.0 - 5.0 raw or graded copies. Chasing these books to complete my personal collection. Thank you CGC community for your consideration.
  4. I’ll take the remainder of the graded Batman & Tec books ... (per PM)
  5. Just dug this out out of the history files. It was very very informing and I may just display prints of my comics instead. A safer and cost effective way to display my collection. I know I have it, and if my nephew comes over and says “That’s not a real Amazing Spider-Man #300, it’s just a picture of one.” .... Then I can prove it to him when I take it out of the storage box and blow his mind. Then I can give him a copy of True Believers ASM #300 and hope to spark some interest.
  6. Is there some type of UV protection layered film coating that I could slide into the sleeve? What do you guys in the hobby use?
  7. I have some comics in Mylite2 plastic sleeves. I wanted to display some comics on my wall and was going to leave them hanging on there for the long term. Sunlight does enter the room and I just wanted to provide protection to the comics on display. Do Mylar bags offer some sort of UV protection?
  8. .... post moved to “general forum”
  9. Gold seal of approval and an overall excellent transaction. Highly recommend!!!!!