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  1. Yurgo

    HA Summer Signature Auction Aug 2-4

    who got the mcfarlane batman piece, darn I wanted that
  2. Yurgo

    Best way to store OA?

    Thanks for the input
  3. My goodness, is it even worth that?
  4. Yurgo

    Best way to store OA?

    does the mylar or hard plastic top loader protect the art better?
  5. I was wondering how you guys store your art? Do you guys put them in mylars with backboards or just a top loading hard plastic case. I have both put no sure which would be better to use. Advice needed
  6. how much was the xmen 113 cover? who had it?
  7. Yurgo

    2018 L.A. Ultimate Show pics

    thanks for the pics
  8. I think he does them when he feels like it
  9. No, I acquired them. I don't know if you can commission him