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  1. @dichotomy excellent collection. Thanks for sharing
  2. This is by far my most cherished commission. I am so lucky that Jim decided to draw this for me.
  3. I too like seeing the blue pencil. I have a Bruce Timm batman that is awesome with blue pencil goodness
  4. I have similar problems with the search engine
  5. I don't have Wonder Woman lol. I went for the DC villains. Darkseid and Joker respectively. It was a toss up between Lex and Darkseid for supes but hands down Batman's greatest villain is the Joker
  6. For all you DC fans out there, here's Batman and Superman drawn by Jim Lee
  7. I appreciate everyone's response in the forum. I'm grateful to this community, thank you to all who have responded and reacted to my sketch covers. It's nice to show these covers to people who can truly appreciate some fine comic art. Cheers
  8. I feel like the luckiest man in the world