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  1. So CCS could not fix the bends? Is there a disclaimer which stated CCS can not fix ever bend?
  2. Will this book have a "Green" label?
  3. Can you clean and remove finger prints on the book which are notorious with this book?
  4. Hello. Here is my first PGM submission. I rescued this baby, a key issue on a lot sale from a civilian. There is a missing corner lower right on the front cover. The back inside end-page has a printing mark at top which might be from the printing process. The top left corner of the back package is not water damage. It was printed this way. I am not sure what the term is, offset? This baby has the tattoos! I plan to have this pressed and cleaned. Thank you all!
  5. Are graphic novels for example Watchmen, Killing Joke, Akira, Killing Joke etc possible to be pressed and cleaned? Has anyone submitted some for these services and seen improvements?
  6. Is there anything to help against foxing? Does cleaning help?
  7. Is it common to resubmit graded CGC books but this time for pressing services to improve a grade or two and hopefully "fix" any notes received? If so can you resubmit a graded book via drop off at a con?
  8. I have started to transfer some of my 80’s comic books to new Mylar bags and I noticed that you can slightly make out the ad from behind the front cover. This is only visible on a few. Is this normal part of the aging process?
  9. Thanks Pinehead! I just received my microchamber from the eBay link you sent and I’m starting to transfer my old comics to mylites with fullbacks.
  10. I can’t seem to find microcamber paper/extenders that fit standard Bronze era comics. Any suggestions where I can find them? Any recommendations besides BCW? Thanks!
  11. I'm also looking into purchasing some. Which ones did you purchase?
  12. What does "Universal" and "Qualified" mean when comics are graded? Thanks.