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  1. Does anyone have any information on a facilitator? Getting late in the game
  2. Outstanding work. Mr. Wilson did this piece for me at the Tampa Bay comic con 2019. Awesome guy
  3. I guess I just don’t have that much faith in pressing. I’m not saying the comic is spoiled I have another great comic that is in mint condition but it has a small fold on the back cover that I don’t know if pressing could get out.
  4. Question. Is it true that if you have imprinting of writing on the cover of a comic book, pressing will not get it out. Another words if someone wrote their name on some looseleaf paper and use the comic book as a backboard but the book is in pristine condition I don’t believe pressing can get that indentation out. Is that correct? Thank you
  5. These two commissions were done by artist Nick Justus. Nick is sending them to CGC at my request. He is one of the few artists that will do commission request via the Internet and send to CGC.
  6. Awesome work. If you ever want to sell it please let me know
  7. The Thing vs She Hulk by Ron Wilson and Supergirl by Jose Delbo. Both done at the Tampa Bay Comic Con.
  8. Does Ash have a website for commission requests? Very impresssed with the work
  9. I plan on seeing him at the Tampa Bay comic convention next month. I’ll either have him do a head sketch or I would really like you to do a waist up sketch of rogue. Any idea about his prices?
  10. I am aware of the story. I will see him at the Tampa Bay comic convention next month. He doesn’t have to spell anything
  11. Michael Golden. Has anyone had any dealings with this artist? I’m thinking of having him do a sketch of Rogue on a blank comic. Any Thoughts?
  12. Does anyone know where and when Frank Miller will be at a show? What is his signing fee? Thanks