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  1. Wolverine by the legendary Joe Rubinstein
  2. Mail call. Just received this from CGC. Wolverine cover by the legendary Joe Rubinstein. Special thanks to Lisa and Joe!
  3. The story goes that Marvel Comics was in terrible financial shape in the mid 70’s. Stan Lee and Roy Thomas brokered a deal with Lucas to distribute comic books. Star Wars saves Marvel Comics
  4. Anyone going to infinite realities comicbook store in Tucker, Ga?
  5. In honor of international women’s day. Wonder woman by the legendary Neal Adams
  6. Spider Gwen playing the drums by Robbie Rodriguez.
  7. You can pay a couple hundred dollars to have a sketch professionally matted and framed or you could send it to CGC where it does offer some protection with the slab and does certify what it a grade and who made the sketch. It’s also documented in their system
  8. This is the way! Mandalorian and baby Yoda sketch by Albert Nguyen.
  9. Star Wars variant won by Alex Ross. Signed by Stanley. Outstanding signature by Stan the man.
  10. The posts are here now and I’m too lazy to delete them. Lighten up and enjoy
  11. Amazing Spiderman 700. Signed John Romita Senior and John Junior, Sal Buscemi and Joe Sinnott. Special thanks to Desert winds comics
  12. Star Wars variant 1 cover by Alex Ross. Signed by Stan the man Lee! Beautiful and clear signature by Stan Lee and we all know the ups and downs of that signature over the years.
  13. I miss spoke. Joe is sending it off to CGC. He emailed me an image of his work. Joe will be sending the sketch and the paperwork to Sarasota
  14. Mail call. Sketch by the great Joe Rubinstein . Sending off to CGC.
  15. Star Wars one, cover by Alex Ross and signed by the great Stan the man Lee!
  16. It looks absolutely incredible. Did you go through Catskill comics?
  17. Wolverine and X-23 by Michael Shelfer. Love the Frank Miller DK jump
  18. Receive these back about a week ago. I hope they have another private signing with Todd in the future but who knows? I live in Tampa Bay so I didn’t have to wait long for the shipping from Sarasota. :-)
  19. Kitty Pryde by Tim Seeley . Sent off to CGC
  20. I think I paid $100 not including the book and shipping. Great guy to deal with.