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  1. Spider Gwen playing the drums by the legendary Robbie Rodriguez
  2. The Incredible Hulk vs Wolverine by the legendary Sal Buscema. Special thanks to Catskill Comics
  3. Peggy Carter as Captain Britain by Albert Nguyen
  4. I know that you wrote all spots are taken but are there any spots open maybe someone who didn’t pay or backed out of the deal? Please let me know
  5. Kylo Ren and Rey in a George Perez homage. Sketch by Franck Uzan
  6. Kylo Ren and Rey George Perez homage. Star Wars sketch by the great Franck Uzan
  7. Supergirl and Powergirl by the amazing Ale Garza. Frank Miller homage. Absolutely knocked it out of the park!
  8. Teen titans homage cover by the legendary Mike DeCarlo. As you all know Mr. DeCarlo was part of the George Perez Marv Wolfman team for the Judas contract. I couldn’t be more pleased with this result. Special thanks to Mike DeCarlo!
  9. Mail call. Bladerunner by the incredible Dave Ryan
  10. Mail Call. Just received these treasures from CGC. All sketches done by the legendary Mike DeCarlo.
  11. Just received these three beauties in the mail from Sarasota. Andrew Pepoy- Betty and Veronica Ale Garza- Batgirl Reilly Brown- female Deadpool
  12. Antman by the legendary Bob Layton.
  13. Amazing Spiderman homage by Mark Propst. Mary Jane Watson by Anna Zhou
  14. Wolverine by the legendary Joe Rubinstein
  15. Mail call. Just received this from CGC. Wolverine cover by the legendary Joe Rubinstein. Special thanks to Lisa and Joe!
  16. George Perez homage done by the incredible Franck Uzan.
  17. The story goes that Marvel Comics was in terrible financial shape in the mid 70’s. Stan Lee and Roy Thomas brokered a deal with Lucas to distribute comic books. Star Wars saves Marvel Comics
  18. Anyone going to infinite realities comicbook store in Tucker, Ga?
  19. In honor of international women’s day. Wonder woman by the legendary Neal Adams
  20. Spider Gwen playing the drums by Robbie Rodriguez.
  21. You can pay a couple hundred dollars to have a sketch professionally matted and framed or you could send it to CGC where it does offer some protection with the slab and does certify what it a grade and who made the sketch. It’s also documented in their system
  22. This is the way! Mandalorian and baby Yoda sketch by Albert Nguyen.