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  1. Foes anyone know if Jim Starlin does sketches at shows? If so what does he charge? He has a FB page but no website. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know when and where Bob Layton will appear at a show? Bloodshot is currently filming.
  3. How much did Buzz charge for a waist up sketch? Very nice work
  4. Sketch by Billy Tucci of Harley Quinn done at the Orlando Toy CC
  5. Sketch of Venom by Ryan Stegman done at the Orlando Toy CC
  6. Ryan Ottley sketch of the Green Goblin donation the Orlando Toy and Comic-Con
  7. Ok I appreciate the input, Mr Frenz is known for Thor and Superman (Daeth of Superman). So which match up? Thor vs Hulk or Thor vs Superman?
  8. Ok I appreciate the input, Mr Frenz is known for Thor and Superman (Daeth of Superman). So which match up?
  9. Another question would be which characters? Thor vs Hulk? I would think of having artist they they have done work on such as Neal Adams with Batman, Romita with Spider-Man, Walt simonson With Thor, etc. Any thoughts?
  10. Question. I’m having Ron Frenz do a commission for me and I’d like some input. Thor vs Superman or the Hulk? Mr. Frenz has done Thor versus the juggernaut. We all know the epic battles between the Hulk and Thor. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  11. Sketch commissions obtained from Orlando mega con 2019. Mike Perkins, Neil Adams and Jae Lee.
  12. Neal Adams does about every show so it should not be difficult :-)
  13. Batman and Robin, a.k.a. Carrie Kelley sketch. Incredible piece by the great Neal Adams
  14. Brian A will be at the Orlando Megacon
  15. Does Greg Horn do remarks or sketching at conventions? If so how much does he charge?
  16. Does anyone know if J Scott Campbell will be coming to Florida this year? He’s really goes to the Orlando Megacon.
  17. They are having a private signing with John Romita,Sr soon. Books need to be in by April 1
  18. Ok so he will do a quick head shot at show?
  19. Had this commission done by Brett Breeding via Catskill Comics.
  20. Hello. Does anyone know if Terry Austin still does comicbook shows? Does he do private signings? Thanks, Rich
  21. Captain Marvel by Tyler Kirkham. Obtained at the Orlando Toy and Comic-Con.