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  1. Will there be any facilitators at the show? The show has an impressive list of artist
  2. I have a comic it appears to be in near mint condition, but when shown the light it looks like someone had done they are homework on it and there’s a couple of sentences indented on the front cover. The only way to describe is it someone I put some looseleaf paper over the front cover and wrote out the grocery list. Could pressing remove this or is the comic spoiled? Thank you, Richard
  3. The Orlando toy and comic book show. Does anyone know if CGC or any facilitators will be at the show?
  4. The first sketch is Supergirl by the great Neil Adams and the second sketch is Kitty Pryde by Bill Wycek
  5. It breaks my heart. He had a great life and he was beloved by so many. Stan Lee was definitely one of a kind!
  6. Ok great what is your email address please? Have a few questions? Thanks
  7. Twin City comics is your best bet
  8. The only person I’ve ever done that scenario was Neil Adams. I paid approximately $400 to have sketch commissioned and and the book was sent to CGC under my account and I paid extra to do it. I have also dealt with twin city comics where I have sent them some books to be signed at the specific show. Books were then dropped off at CGC
  9. Thanks guys you we’re a lot of help
  10. Good evening. Does anyone know who the special guest will be for the mega con in 2019 in Orlando? Last year was Jim Lee I was hoping for maybe a John Romita, Junior or Frank Miller.
  11. I agree but what can pressing get out of a book? I know we can get some dents on the spine but not for this book but for another comic book if someone wrote words on paper and use the comic book as a backing. Could pressing take those indentations out?
  12. Good evening. I would check with Twin Cities comics. They stated they were going to have something with him in the next few months.
  13. Southwest comic con is in November I don’t think the calendar goes that far
  14. I don’t know. I’ve treated the book to a good backboard plastic holder. I live in St. Petersburg and I go off and to CGC in Sarasota the drop stuff off. Do you think this will be worth it?
  15. Would it be worthwhile to have Lou Ferigno sign ot?
  16. Can pressing help this? Is it worth it? I was hoping for a 2.0. Your thoughts