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  1. I am by no means an expert but ran into something similar years ago on another site. There could be a lot of things going on here, some of them bad - - the site could have banned your IP. This is extremely unlikely - it looks like you are going through Verizon but are you using a VPN client? That could possibly cause issues. Conversely it could solve your issue temporarily by masking your IP . - more likely than anything else is there was too many requests coming from your IP. I am not familiar with Cloudflare but I do know there are settings for websites where they can ban an IP based on a certain number of requests within a specified time frame. This is to protect a site from DOS attacks etc. - that means your IP could have exceeded the set threshold and a ban is implemented automatically. Most bans are temporary unless there was some type of history of excessive requests - Comic Connect could have a threshold too low or your system or systems using that IP could be infected with some type of virus that is used for DOS. That last part is the really bad part. You may want to do a deep scan for a virus. Try again , if it was temporary ban then you should be able to get on. I would still do a thorough , up to date virus scan.
  3. No need to delete this thread, you did nothing wrong . RMA is full of it, you have every right to ask about comic pressing company recommendations. There is nothing inappropriate about your post . It is total nonsense that " you're not free to ask for, " nor are you " have others promote, the services of the CCG's competitors on the CCG board." Utter and complete garbage. It is totally appropriate to ask for comic pressing companies as much as it is for someone to respond that one of the companies that presses is part of the CCG companies. Ask away and ignore people that think they are the stewards of the forum and CCG.
  4. Maybe if you would get rid of those 300 cases of Cherry Poptart and My Little Pony books you would have some room. By the way , the few issues you sold me had all the pages stuck together and an occasional hair. Even stranger there looked like there were tear marks to the point that someone was sobbing on the cover. Any ideas?
  5. Yes, but none for sale. There are 8 open to offers, 3 that look like Everett covers ( one is duplicated.) Do a search, click view past sales and sort by "make offer to owner." Of the ones confirmed to be open to offers, none are Everett covers unfortunately. Well, it looks like then we are down to 1. Issue 1 specifically, label says Bill Everett cover
  6. Yes, but none for sale. There are 8 open to offers, 3 that look like Everett covers ( one is duplicated.) Do a search, click view past sales and sort by "make offer to owner."
  7. Some Everett's in there
  8. Page quality does not matter much to me as long as it is CR and above and not brittle. Since you cannot see it in a sealed slab, it is not something I can measure anyway.
  9. I agree with these, though Space 1999 may be a bit too obscure these days... I picked up four Charlie Chaplins in a collection last year, and I was surprised at how little they were going for. Forgotten platinum characters like Mutt & Jeff or Moon Mullins going for nothing I can understand, but Chaplin seems different... Space 1999 is pretty obscure but it seems fervent collectors like myself are willing to pay a lot for the 9.8's . The Chaplin's I just do not understand. I have one of the Chaplin 1917 Funny Stunts en route that the seller accepted 50% of his asking price. Way below guide. I know there is not high demand but these books are very scarce.
  10. Agreed, I have the 1940 and I think that is undervalued as well.
  11. 1970's Charlton - Bionic Woman, Six Million Dollar Man , Space 1999 Gold Key Battle of the Planets. Platinum age Charlie Chaplin ( and many other pre 1920 books.) All stuff I buy.
  12. It can be done but you must use the correct item. I've been practicing for years and there are some key steps and product you need to use. I use : a tissue a paper towel Absorbene Professional dry cleaning pad Professional dry cleaning powder Dusting brush Absorbene dirt eraser pad Ink eraser coarse ink eraser media, Erasing shield The secret for me was to smart small and lightened see what came off - what just the mark or did some of ink? If it the mark, I tried a paper towel to see what came off. If it was too much ink then I would limit it to Absorbent products around the affect areas. You could limit it to certain areas with the eraser shield. This takes lot patience and a good rule is less is more. I have some books that you can no longer tell at all they pencils and others while the pencil is gone, the paper was impacted.
  13. Right, but that's not where the photo came from. Note that there are differences (most notably, the color in the hologram.) The photo came from here: Same/same, you do know who owns the