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  1. I have to agree with several of you guys here, I am thinking the same thing. I think Marvel's decision to be more inclusive and diverse is a good thing. That's not what bothers me at all. What I think is problematic is that they keep re-cyclying the same old characters over and over, re-writing their stories, and repackaging classics. They need to create and invest in new characters, give the character several years to grow their fanbase, and they will have a solid future. Characters who age like Wolverine, I think have been successful .... at least to me. Characters such as Thor or the Silver Surfer are nearly immortal, so they can have story lines for decades technically. Spiderman, some of the X-Men, etc. need to age and retire (they've only existed over 50 years now).
  2. Personally, I don't think the Spawn variant covers are as much an issue as the Spawn variant story lines....the series has been retconned too many times in a short time frame. Between issues #1 - #250, you have 5 to 6 completely different mythologies which tend to contradict, re-write, or completely ignore the last.
  3. Spawn has literally been retconned so many times that comic fans tend to categorize Spawn as "First Age, "Second Age", Third Age", etc. Supposedly he was his most powerful when he was "God Spawn" acquiring god-status after eating from the Forbidden Tree. This is how we was able to deter God and Satan and re-create Earth after Armageddon. His 2nd most powerful form was right before he defeated Urizen (with Angela's help), because he had full access to the Green-World. I stopped at about issue #250-251, because they kept erasing some of the key story line components that really made the mythology solid. I'm not even sure where they are at now, I lost track. As a Spawn fan, I am embarrassed to say I haven't bought a Spawn issue in a long time. If they ever resurrect the "Curse of the Spawn" saga, I probably would pick that up, it was an interesting anthology.
  4. I LOVE Spawn, and always have. Let me make that clear. My favorite issue was Spawn #100, which to me is CLASSIC. Back when Angela was still an Image character, that fight between Spawn and Angela VS Malebolgia was unforgettable for me, even over 10 years later. Spawn #200 was amazing, as was the Armaggeddon storyline, the Morana storyline, etc. It just seems that lately the Spawn story-line reached a plateau. The series has been retconned several times and I haven't collected an issue in some time, because I feel as though either Image ran out of stories for Spawn, or that Spawn's story is just done. Al Simmons died several times, came back several times, quit being Spawn, then is Spawn again, etc. I have to catch up on my reading to see where they are at. Does anyone here read Spawn currently, and if so what are your thoughts? Feel free to disagree, I'd appreciate any feedback.
  5. Literally the First Issue of an Era! I Love X-Men
  6. I Love Deadpool, but he'll never be Wolverine! Wolverine's Death was the saddest event in comic books following the original Death of Angela in Spawn #100 - let me walk away and take my Zoloft
  7. Savage Dragon is BAD-! Spawn is my favorite Image character, but still love Savage!
  8. Not to over-emphasize one aspect of the article, but I truly believe that the Comics Code Authority was the worst thing to happen to comic books. I understand it was a product of its time based on more Conservative Attitudes, but it really just hampered, censored, and bastardized great art. So glad it's no longer used. End Rant /
  9. Ah, X-Men #1....an Absolute CLASSIC!