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  1. Who is the contact this year for exhibitors? I have a few questions and don’t know who to email.
  2. Thursday is the best day for keys and to have plenty of room to dig, sunday is a good day for deals. We make trades all the time, come see us at booth 3055
  3. Kevin, Is Gurmeet still in charge of exhibitor booths for MegaCon?
  4. Not worried, you always do a great job Kevin
  5. i sure hope the comic artist lineup is as good as the celebrity one. It is impressive so far.
  6. when will we get the first comic artist and writer announcements?
  7. Our booth number was not actually on the map that was on the website and App. We still had a good show because we brought some really nice books that people were looking for, but I do agree a printed map that was correct would have helped. Also it would be nice to have the Comic Aritst and Writers closer to the actual people that sell their comics. PS. Kevin does a great job, and I know he takes our concerns seriously and passes them along to the right people.
  8. Kevin, Thanks for putting together such a good comic writer and artist lineup. We had a great weekend and are looking forward to next year. Here are a few things we had signed at the show.
  9. We will be set up at booth 102 Bringing a new modern collection, and a new high grade bronze collection plus 22 long boxes of dollar books and tons of nice wall books and slabs. If you haven't bought from us before, come check us out, you won't be disappointed. Ask for Sean
  10. Will Snyder and Capullo have tables on Thursday or will they only be signing at the public and private event times only?
  11. On the packages for everyone except Jim Lee, it says cgc through a third party facilitator. Do we have to set this up with cgc/cbcs, or do these artist have a facilitator we have to go through in order to have things graded, and how would we find out that cost? Thanks for all your hard work.
  12. Kevin the link is not working on your post or the email, can you give us a little more info on the different packages
  13. Great group of comic creators, keep up the good work Kevin. Any chance we could have a couple of more big names, maybe a Mark Brooks?
  14. Great start!!! I am interested to see how Snyder and capullo pull the Phoenix to MegaCon double that weekend since they are booked for both. I guess they can do two days there and two days in Orlando. Great Job Kevin!!!
  15. Kevin, Will there be more comic guest announcements soon? Really excited to see the lineup after the great show last year.