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  1. Please return all 3 copies and I will refund your full amount. That would be my reply. See what he says to that. I always worry about the switcheroo - "alright here ya' go... " and you end up with a worse copy than you sent. But if it's a decent chunk of money, not much else you can do. If it's not a lot of money, just refund and move on.I did this recently, sold a $10 book and it ended up having tape on the inside (I couldn't believe I missed it but I did) and so I just asked for pics of the tape and sure enough it was there on the book I sent him. Full refund, profuse apologies and told him to keep the book (I don't want to pay shipping to get back a book worth $1.00) Yea that's another factor I was worried about since this guy is a seller, he will most likely have other copies if he wanted to pull a switcheroo. That is something I like to avoid. I offered him a partial refund less than what he requested for and if he didn't like that offer, I asked that he return the books for a full refund. Should have already guessed, he opted for the money. I gave him the partial refund and will be moving on from this...and yes he has already been added to my block list.
  2. Anyone ever dealt with miss_sf143? This guy bought out my 3 copies of Infinity Gauntlet #1 described in NM and is now requesting a partial refund because he says he feels they are in NM- condition. I looked at his account and sure enough he has his own store which I have a feeling he is trying to shaft me so he can bring in a larger profit margin once he tries to resell them. Just wanted to see if anyone else has interacted with him. If not, sellers beware.
  3. Hey all, I am looking to upgrade my BlackHawk #133 with either a mid to high grade copy. Please PM me if anyone have either a raw or slabbed unrestored copy available.
  4. Are there any demand for the other Fatal Attraction issues like X-Factor #92 or X-Force #25 etc that have the same blue error hologram? I'm curious to see why only this issue is in the spotlight when the other books potentially have the same blue hologram error.
  5. I would like to nominate eBay user dreboon_4 to the block list. This person placed an offer on one of my books which was accepted and never paid. Instead I get the following lame excuse blaming his son and wishing to cancel the order. "Please cancel this order my son got on an bid on about 30 items over 1500.00 of stuff I can't pay please I beg you to cancel the order I don't want to ruin my account with ebay I'm so sorry to cause you this bother thank you an get back to me asap an let me know what's going on I am loosing sleep over this thank you again I 21hope you understand an his butt is grounded till he's " This sounded really familiar with the bad grammer and same lame excuse I've gotten before and sure enough, in my current block list was dreboon2! Sonuvagun did this twice to me using two accounts. This guy seems to have a bad habit of just thrill bidding with no intention of paying. I highly recommend adding his accounts to your block list unless you wanna deal with the headache.
  6. Rumors: Ah that would explain it...
  7. Did something get announced for X-23 recently? Just had a whole slew of offers come at me for my NYX 3 CGC 9.8 copy on eBay within the last two days and somebody hit my BIN of $600 just a few minutes ago.
  8. Got this in last week, but didn't get the chance to take pictures until now. I may have went overboard with the pre-orders last year since I have 4 more from Sideshow after this and I am totally out of room to display any new statues. Originally I was planning to sell off this Spider-Man until I saw it in hand. I was literally blown away how well it was made. I mean the dynamic pose and the paint application is just phenomenal! Sideshow is starting to redeem themselves and I am beginning to build up hope that the other pre-orders will come out as well as this statue did. Let me say this out loud. THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST SPIDER-MAN STATUE OUT THERE! This is definitely a keeper now in my collection. Did I mention how much I love the box art!? Here he is with the regular head and hand. ...and now with the exclusive head and hand. The base was my least favorite part of the statue, but still it's not as bad as most folks complained about. The girders actually looks realistically like metal, but it's anything but metal. While I felt they could have executed the explosion better, the result is not too shabby. Overall I give this statue a 9.5 out of 10.
  9. Since we're forming clubs for all the major Silver Age keys, I figure I start this one up. I just got this in today through a smooth transaction with Blind Owl.