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  1. NOT P. Craig Russell. The Thing illo is DEFINITELY is a piece by David Russell, published on page 44 of Gary Groth's (Owner/Publisher of Fantagraphics) crude comic fanzine Fantastic Fanzine #11 from Spring 1970 (see scan below). I have also attached an image of the iconic Steranko cover from Fantastic Fanzine #11. Russell contributed to many early comic fanzines in the late 60's (e.g. Marvel Mirror, Collector's Chronicle, Comic & Crypt, E Pluribus Marvel, The Essence, Fantastic Fanzine, Freon, and many more), then moved on to become a renowned storyboard artist! I have some similar examples of his original artwork and would recognize his early work (and distinctive signature) anywhere. Russell did the storyboards for such awesome, classic movies as Batman (yep, the Burton one), Chronicles of Narnia, Tombstone, The Thin Red Line, and more! He can be reached by going to his website at www.dynamicimagesdr.com. He lives in Australia now but can be reached through his website. Aaron
  2. Bruce Cardozo published 4 issues of Fandoms (the lack of an apostrophe was intentional) Special during 1965 and each issue got better and better. His father, Bob Cardozo, was an obscure Timely artist during the golden age and contributed to later issues. The 4th issue featured a cover by Mike Vosburg, and several strips by other soon-to-be-pros including 9 pg Peacemaker strip with story/art by Marv Wolfman and 12 pg Dave Gypsy strip by Vosburg. It also included ads for Wolfman's What Th ... and his Stories of Suspense, and Super Adventures fanzines. Wolfman's Stories of Suspense #2 featured the first fully published story by Stephen King, and his Super Adventures zine featured frequent collaborations with his best friend Len Wein. Fandoms Special #1 you bought is probably worth around $40-50 as there were only 100 run off the ditto machine, whereas there are plenty of #3 & 4 available as they were offset printed in much higher quantities. I have issues #1, 3 and 4, but have never been able to find #2, which was again printed in glorious blue ditto ink (and is thus very rare).