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  1. Booger Hole? Is that a typo as it certainly sounds like a body access point.
  2. Yay, a fair solution and a chance at redemption for Emil.
  3. Why anyone would deal with these guys knowing their history is a mystery to me. And I don't care how much and how nice the art they own is.
  4. If you're gonna make up a fake pedigree why not make up double covers....
  5. Wonderful. More detail would be appreciated when it's possible.
  6. Time travel to the future where it's 4 pages long
  7. A scan is a start but there are imperfections that you can’t see in a scan, perhaps a bend or slight water damage, and a scan doesn’t give you any information about the interior of the comic. Are there slight tears at the interior staple, pages with small rips, interior stains , etc