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  1. I've bought a few pieces from Spencer during his Christmas sale. I pick them out, make the request, and wait and eventually he gets back to me.
  2. I see a lot of books for sale that I would classify and grading mistakes. The submitters didn’t know how to grade and got far lower grades than they expected, and or restoration they didn’t expect, or they didn’t understand what a book would be worth graded. Rule of thumb for me is the book should be worth $200 or more after grading to justify the expense of grading, pressing and shipping both ways.
  3. You could click on his name, and then click on 'message' to send him a private message.
  4. Went with my wife to the exhibit yesterday, Feb 13. I was absolutely in love with the Original art on display, so many iconic pieces. There were also a few comics on display like AF 15 and FF1 that were nice to see but they were very low grade. Also a nice display of Marvel toys and merchandise and Foom mags. Lots of movie props and costumes that didn't really interest me. It was interesting to watch other people go through the display. Couple school groups that blasted through ignoring the Original Art and comics and spending most of their time posing with the Thing statue or the Spider-man statue. While it's nice to see that these characters resonate with young people I'm not sure that will translate to the OA or comics in the future. Also noticed a guy in his late 30s or early 40s spending a lot of time examining the OA. Clearly he was as interested as I and I would have loved to talk to him but figured my wife would get bored.
  5. I've bought from A1/zzutak several times. Easy and friendly transaction and the books arrived quickly and I agreed with the grades.