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  1. thehumantorch

    The Haul

    It's very easy to paste pics into your thread, especially if using your phone. Quote a post here, click 'click to choose files', select your photo library, select your photos.
  2. thehumantorch

    MMC 27 9.6 Single Highest

    1 hump or 2?
  3. 72 of first 100. Lot of crud in that list.
  4. thehumantorch

    Stan Lee forgeries, a general thread

    good god, he looks creepy
  5. thehumantorch

    Raw vs CGC

    Buy what you love or what resonates with you or what's important to you. Make sure you're buying at or below market - know what it's worth before stepping up- as it looks like there are Thanos 13 9.8 on ebay are selling for about $300. I do want to point out that Spawn 1 is a very common book. Print run was enormous and many went straight into a bag and board.
  6. thehumantorch

    Question for Regulars?

    Yes, you can sell them here.
  7. thehumantorch

    [FEB 12 UPDATE] !RETURNED! - Dell’Otto

    Wonderful. Can't wait to see how this develops and wondering how this 'buyer' will attempt to keep his reputation intact.
  8. thehumantorch

    2018 Holiday Raffle Reveal Thread

    The scanners that Canada Post uses, and likely USPS and Fedex and UPS, record GPS coordinates when items are scanned. A lazy coworker of mine got in deep bleep after sitting in a coffee shop scanning items as card outs rather than bothering to actually attempt delivery. Ask Fedex if they record GPS locations and if so what the GPS data is for your parcel.
  9. thehumantorch

    [FEB 12 UPDATE] !RETURNED! - Dell’Otto,+Visalia,+CA+93292,+USA/@36.3166602,-119.2865633,3a,75y,75.41h,72.45t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sXZfQyaeuU7OBjhYjYgjq9A!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x80952f0c596af8e3:0x308b19dfd7ce8eeb!8m2!3d36.3166621!4d-119.2863024
  10. thehumantorch

    Kodak Dyes?

    Not a real comic. It handles like a piece of wood when she picks it up
  11. thehumantorch

    professionalism and intellectual honesty

    Romitaman was shilling and he admitted it
  12. thehumantorch

    [FEB 12 UPDATE] !RETURNED! - Dell’Otto

    I'm sorry all this happened. While I believe you're 100% honest from paypal's point of view there's no way to know who's telling the truth here. You shipped what you claim is a original piece of art, the buyer claimed it was a print and returned it, you received a print as a return. There's no way to prove who's lying to paypal's satisfaction and as usual, they sided with the buyer.
  13. I’d do it at $100. Put in some $2 to $5 books. Even $1 books. Should be easy to make money. You’re talking $3 a day to display up to 9 longs of product
  14. $100 a month is dirt cheap. I'd do it in a heartbeat.