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  1. thehumantorch

    Yancy street comics ILLIGAL business practices

    Their frostys are delicious
  2. thehumantorch

    Opening a new brick and mortar shop

    He’s never shown me his books
  3. thehumantorch

    Opening a new brick and mortar shop

    You got to see Greggy’s collection?
  4. You don’t have to do anything, you paid with an acceptable method and you refused to pay with an unacceptable method that would provide you with no buyer protection. It’s up to the seller to ship the books he was paid to ship
  5. Just fount this thread Tyler . That show sounds terrible and that promoter didn’t do his job. Kicking you out of your spot before the show ended is absolutely unreasonable. Booking a birthday party into a space that’s already occupied makes no sense. I have seen some venues who have done somewhat similar things to promoters - a local show was bumped for a wedding because the wedding was more lucrative- so it is possible the venue screwed the promoter.
  6. thehumantorch

    Ebay scam alert IH 181 cgc 4.5

    “10% of this sale will benefit charity” sure it will
  7. thehumantorch

    Nominating retrocomics

    I’ve also purchased books from retro comics thread. Paid September 7, no tracking number, no books, no replies to my pms and emails. I second the nomination
  8. thehumantorch

    new batch of CGC books - no inner well :(

    ugh, that doesn't look good.
  9. Yes, we're all worried about why this has happened. If we thought he was a scammer he would have been nominated for the probation list weeks ago, and to be honest I've been agonizing over nominating him for weeks.
  10. thehumantorch

    Seling Comics - Business Potential?

    I’d suggest that you go through the collection and figure out exactly what you have. Paying the bills selling comics isn’t easy. If you’re buying collections you’re gonna see a lot of junk and many better collections are overpriced. It isn’t easy to consistently find decent collections priced with room for decent profit. You’ll also find that every collection has a good percentage of tough to sell books and they will start to pile up. When you open your kitchen cupboard and comics fall out you’ll realize this. best advice I can give you is do this as a sideline while working elsewhere and try to grow the comic business. At some point you’ll know if it’s sustainable and it’s time to go full time. The road is paved with ex comic dealers
  11. thehumantorch

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    As much as I like you guys setting in Vancouver sounds like a bad idea
  12. thehumantorch

    Fan Expo Vancouver October 12-14, 2018

    Kimik, artboy, 500club and I set up at about 10 shows per year. Sales vary but yes, we do combined sales of $15k to $20k on good days. The Calgary Expo is a beast.
  13. thehumantorch

    Journey Into Mystery 83 CGC 5.0 Switched label??

    Sure, when every cgc case he has has the same damage in the same location it’s clearly fraud. If I was to come across just one of these books elsewhere I might be suspicious but i could also chalk the damage up to the case being damage by accident. I’ve damaged a few cases over the years. When I look at the sellers images it also looks like the label isn’t sitting correctly in the case. He’s slid them in but they appear to be slightly curled
  14. thehumantorch

    Journey Into Mystery 83 CGC 5.0 Switched label??

    Absolutely, but some buyers don't know how a CGC case is constructed. He probably has more than a 50% return rate but he's just playing the numbers waiting for suckers. And the cases are easy to damage, damage at the top near the label doesn't prove there's tampering.