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  1. If you're referring to your thread about creating rules to prevent selling overpriced books on the boards I think you misread us. There was pretty well universal disagreement with your idea but that doesn't translate to HOS or PL votes towards you or diminish your value as a board member.
  2. Pretty clear to me. He repeatedly committed fraud and did it on multiple venues and deserves the HOS.
  3. Value/price is subjective and affected by other variables like reputation of the seller, shipping costs, etc. His point is that if you allow discussion of value/price in sales threads he could argue prices in your sales thread and troll you. Trust me, there are people here who don't like each other and would embrace the opportunity to 'discuss' prices in sales threads.
  4. It's easy to write and enforce rules that require sellers to provide a price, or shipping details, or payment methods. All yes or no requirements that require no deliberation. Writing rules to determine overpriced books would need to consider the reputation or feedback of the seller, over-night changes in the market, shipping cost, apparent grade versus declared grade, page quality, pressing potential, restoration removal potential, etc. All judgement calls that would lead to endless bickering. Ebay has tons of over-priced books that often sit for years. Mycomicshop has thousands of over-priced consignment items. Sites with active management and staff and business' that make their living selling haven't written rules to eliminate over-priced books yet we can do it on the CGC board when CGC has clearly said they want no part in policing the sales area.
  5. 10% less than the going ebay rate? Sounds nice but good luck figuring out a reasonable price and enforcing it. That would just lead to endless arguments. This place isn't perfect but I'd suggest to you that ebay has a higher percentage of overpriced BINS, over-grading, and dishonest behavior.
  6. I was collecting SA Marvels as a kid in the 70s. Once I learned there were GA versions of Human Torch and Cap America, probably from Marvel's reprints, I had to have them. Unfortunately, it was many years before I actually had a chance to buy a Timely.
  7. You have a good point. There are a lot of comics for sale on ebay and it's pretty effective for filling in holes or finding hard to find items.
  8. I picked up a nice, raw, Canadian White last month. It was actually nicer than I expected and I got it for a lower bid than I expected.
  9. I think cesspool sums it up pretty well. It's fine for laptop batteries and phone chargers and the like but for collectibles it's a disaster. There's nobody policing the site and it doesn't take a genius to buy slabs, crack them out and 'improve' the grade or 'forget' about the restoration or 'miss' the missing pages.