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  1. Any vendor selling items for someone else on consignment should have the expertise to correctly ascertain it's legitimacy, quality and value. This is a comic book specialty store with many years experience selling rare and/or valuable comics and they should be experts in grading, pricing and detecting restoration. It appears that they're not and this is a very dangerous business model for them to pursue.
  2. thehumantorch

    My Comic Shop Experience

    Graded books are typically packed in a specially designed box - white- and then shipped well protected in a larger box. Are you saying it was not packed this way or was it indeed packed this way and sustained damage in transit? Would appreciate pictures of the packaging.
  3. It’s a minefield out there, so many monkeyed books passed off as clean. There’s a reason grading companies caught on and a good reason that raw books don’t sell for as much as graded books.