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  1. I wouldn't use the word 'sadly' . They set the price and he paid it. I think we all dream of finding a collection like this in the dump or a garage sale.
  2. Daredevil 1.0 to 1.5 Conan, does the stain on the back cover affect the pages?
  3. And I've bought a few SA keys this month but now thinking it's time to look at Timelys. I just don't see a lot of inflation there except for a few classic covers.
  4. I'm with you. It's not that prices are at a peak because honestly they've gone up since I started collecting in the 70s but that they've gone up so fast and across so many different genres and ages. Classic GA cover? Up and more up. Precode Horror? Scary up. SA keys? To the moon Alice. SA run books? Yes, they're not 50% of guide anymore. BA and CA and MA and variants? Up. We should all remember, these books are only worth what someone will pay us for them when it's time to sell. Granted I'm still buying but I'm a collector
  5. I wouldn't use the term rare for SA comics. Massive print runs. Yes, many have joined the ranks of dinosaurs and Jimmy Hoffa but many have survived.
  6. Prices may plateau or go down temporarily but I believe this is a multi - decade trend and it will continue. Buy and hold quality.
  7. Nothing rash is a good start. I'd suggest you focus on an AF15 and get it out of the way. It's expensive for a reason and I just don't think it's ever gonna be cheaper. Sell non core stuff to raise funds, save up, realize you're probably never gonna get into a 6.0, or even a 4.0, or hell a 2.0 may be a stretch. Learn to love a low grade copy. if you find a low grade copy that isn't too ugly and you can find the money, do you really think you're not gonna love that book considering the cost and commitment you had to make to acquire it?? And do you really think it won't be a bad inves
  8. I've never done it but I know it's a option. Facebook does have a marketplace full of comics for sale.
  9. Appreciate the information. Looks like you've found a career that fits your unique skill set and that you enjoy. That is a wonderful thing.
  10. Jo, you have a pretty typical collection from the 1980s. Popular books back then and still popular to collect although fairly common. Before you submit comics for grading you need to understand that condition is very important for paper collectibles including comics. Comics are grade from .5 to 10, .5 being low grade and 10 being absolutely perfect and almost impossible to attain. It's also important to understand that CGC grading comics isn't cheap and it doesn't make sense to spend $40 to get a comic pressed and graded if it's not worth much. My actual target for grading is at least a m
  11. Some GI Joe issues have value. #14, 26, 21, 155 154 off the top of my head. Sorry I don't know them well enough to identify them by cover but you can find them with this ebay search
  12. You have a Thundercats 1 which has popped in price. A good way to determine value is an ebay search. Here I search for Thundercats 1, sold clickbox clicked so you get items that sold rather than items listed at an unrealistic price, sorted highest to lowest You can also do an ebay search by comic title with the same parameters to get any issues that are valuable. I added a copper age restriction to return only books published in the copper age between