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  1. I’d take the time to remove the micro paper. That would also give you an opeportunity to check for condition issues and page count if they’re older books. If you leave the paper in at least tell the pressor they’re there
  2. Best to have a discussion with your loved ones about your collection. Will they love it like you do or will the collection be a problem for them. If they don't share your love of comics why leave them the headache of dispersing it when you pass?
  3. Sure it's good to disclose. But not every ebay seller does. In this case, weighing nothing else other than the item purchased and the price paid, Robot made a decent purchase, he certainly was not done out of anything, missing panels and all, but that's my opinion and he doesn't share it. So he's going to return it and neg the seller, which is his choice. If an ebay seller doesn't disclose serious hidden defects he risks returns and the buyer loses money returning the item and the seller risks negative feedback as a result. This thread is a picture perfect example. How you or I value the book doesn't matter. Robot bought the book and he wasn't happy with an incomplete copy. Perhaps he doesn't collect incomplete books, perhaps it didn't meet his minimum grade, perhaps he does research or provides data to Grand Comics Database and required a complete copy.
  4. It doesn't matter how valuable this book is or how rare. Disclosing large defects that aren't visible in the auction images is just good business.
  5. Robotman paid $40 as posted above on this page.
  6. Leave a neutral or a negative with an accurate assessment of the problem. Something like "Seller sold comic with undisclosed missing pieces, honored return but then relisted without disclosing those missing pieces. Avoid". You'll warn future prospective buyers of his ethical challenges and god knows, perhaps the seller will learn something. And hey, let's be real here, telling people that the comic is incomplete could prevent a buyer from returning it in the future and save not only the buyer but the seller grief. The only reason not to provide such information is to avoid selling it for a little less.
  7. Positive feedback for mail carriers? I must be in an alternate universe Nice to see.
  8. Some day he'll actually die and nobody will believe it...
  9. I use a padded laptop case. It has a strap to hold the laptop securely that fits comics perfectly.
  10. Nice result. That's $248 that might pick up a small collection for the future.