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  1. Lot easier just to keep submitting books and then raging when you don't get get the grade you expect rather than learning how to grade.
  2. thought they were in Florida. Do you have pics?
  3. I'd suggest pick a publisher and or era and or character and start buying books you like and see where it leads you. Eventually you'll realize your goal or realize it isn't practical but you'll have had a lot of fun in the process and you'll have a lovely collection. I'd always recommend buying books of quality, ie something you'd be proud to show your friends.
  4. I'm guessing he didn't include sales at Kastner in his total profit. Granted, I don't think he'll get much from Kastner as it's the least interesting stuff and Kastner isn't a comic auction site.
  5. If he took his time he could have done better but not bad for a quick flip. I can’t imagine grading was much of that total as there weren’t that many graded books for auction. Wonder if he held anything back?
  6. If you're asking about my rough total sale calculation the answer is yes
  7. Rough sales of $48k usd not including buyer premiums
  8. And violating board rules and paypal agreement. Perhaps it's time to start adding people to the PL for requesting friends and family
  9. I went over the lots and came up with a rough $15k in bids so far, not including buyer's premium. I suspect the bids will at least double before the auction ends so perhaps he'll make $20k usd on a quick flip with minimal effort on a collection a lot of guys called dead books in this thread . I don't know what he held back or what comicconnect didn't want but a lot of these lots have 5 to 20 comics in them so there's a lot more comics for sale than the number of lots would suggest. Perhaps he could have found a more profitable way to sell the books but he isn't a comic guy and he's making money and promoting his business.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear this Cat. I'd imagine you and Rox had many wonderful years together and that is a blessing and I hope she is now in a better place.
  11. Retro also took my money and disappeared. I believe we should all live up to our commitments and he clearly did not. But I don't see the concern about what may have happened to him or the discussion about elevating him to the HOS as unreasonable or an attack on you. As I recall he was under a lot of stress and his sudden disappearance is concerning. This is a community and worrying about Retro or anyone who suddenly quits posting is what we do. Essentially I believe the HOS is for people who've proven themselves to be untrustworthy and for lack of a better term super villains with evil intent. He's let us down but I'm worried about him and not sure how I would vote for a HOS nomination. I think it's fair that you nominate him and see where it goes.