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  1. Daredevil 321 raw on ebay sells for $11050. What am I missing?
  2. Sorry to hear it but not surprised after looking at your images. Could you tell us who the seller is?
  3. Considering he highlights his one good book as worth more than 10k surely a nice closeup shot of the front and back would be a good idea.
  4. Sure does. Perhaps he has a lot of family members kicking the bucket.
  5. Is this how to sell your collection on ebay? Entire description "This massive comic collection contains over 4000 comics from the 1930s to the 1970s. Marvel, DC, Dell, Harvey, Quality and many more. About 25% golden age, 25% silver age and 50% bronze age. Not all comics are photographed. There is a ton of good stuff not photographed. The Showcase #4 is an unrestored G/VG worth over $10,000 alone!"
  6. Thanks for posting this. Jim Star/Starlin's first published work. I have a few ditto printed fanzines. Will try to get one up this weekend. In the mid to late 70s the Sci Fi club I belonged to published fanzines, Apas, cookbooks, Con program books and updates. If I remember correctly we experimented with ditto and then picked up a couple Gestetner presses. We had a lot of fun at our collating parties
  7. So sorry to hear this. Bob seemed like a great guy.
  8. If he was looking for a quick 50% profit I'd be all over it but I doubt that is the case.
  9. Paying $1 a book I'd dump the bulk of it on ebay or to a dealer from British Colombia I know who specializes in old books from all genres to recover my investment and make space and I might store the rest in my basement. It's hard to imagine this stuff becoming popular again but it could happen. I never thought I'd see romance comics or 50s crime books selling well. but they're hot
  10. You may be right about him telling us what he paid. Did he even reveal what he paid for the non comic stuff in the collection or was that part of the 10k? Those buttons have to be worth a bit. The autographed photos are surely worth something. I think he had some lunchboxes and wouldn't be surprised if there were some cap guns and holsters that can have value.
  11. After watching the video again, I somehow got the impression that the books with the price tags on them were actually the ones priced out by Alex himself. I believe the first video showed some hand written price stickers on the back of the mylars and I'd assume those are from the original owner. The second video showed a box of comics with price stickers made with a price gun on the front that I would assume Alex put on. I've dealt with a few flea market, antique dealer guys and because they're not experienced graders some like to put the highest Overstreet value on the sticker and negotiate from there.
  12. Less interesting lots tend to sell for $5 to $10 a book on ebay. But generally the lots of ebay are low grade and these books appear to be higher grade and I'd imagine there's a bit of upside. The grades on the original owner's stickers appear to be too high - to be fair grading standards have changed a lot - but a lot of those books appear to be pretty nice and I suspect there are a lot of VF books in the collection. I've seen lots of old Western comics and they're very common but less common in nice shape.