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  1. What a mess. We've heard from a number of people in this thread but how many more are out there who don't know about this thread? I think it's pretty clear by now that Paradise Comics has serious problems with their CGC submission business. Their attempts to deflect blame, ignore complaints and fail to provide information, and respond in a hostile manner when pressed clearly show that they don't have an easy solution and that this problem is bigger than we think.
  2. Send in Moderns and by the time you get them back they're so old they're Golden Age...
  3. There was some Image junk but overall most of the 20 boxes will sell. Lots of BA runs like Tomb of Dracula, Werewolf by Night, Star Wars. This was a guy I've sold to in the past and a guy I've purchased from before. Developing relationships with customers is important, when the day comes to sell they'll usually call the guys they trust and like first. I have been thinking of stamping my name and number on the back of boards when I bag and board older and better books so that buyers can find me when they want to sell or buy.
  4. Nominating Rip67vdub

    Can't disagree. At least we can toss them on the probation list and hopefully get them to manup
  5. Picked this collection up last night. Seller was smart, had everything priced out, showed it to multiple dealers and maximized what he could get for it. Paid more than I wanted but will make money. Highlights are: Brave and Bold 28 Spider-man 300 X 2 New Mutants 87 and 98 Werewolf by Night 32 - very nice copy Crime Suspenstories 22 Justice League 1 - 5 Superboy 68 X 2 Tons of $20 to $100 keys Keep looking, you'll find that next collection.
  6. Nominating Rip67vdub

    Agreed, as soon as I saw the thread title I thought ‘him again?’
  7. 15% would probably be a better consignment fee to account for credit card purchases fees but for now we're doing 10%. If I'm willing to pay 80% or more for keys it makes sense to take books on consignment for 10 or 15% consignment fee as I'm not fronting any cash.
  8. Collections? You'll get dry spells and then a bunch. We hadn't bought much all winter. Got a call from a guy who offered us his collection last year. We couldn't agree on price. This time he offered us 35 slabbed books, mostly keys. Walking Dead 1 9.8 ASM 129 6.5 Savage Tales 1 8.0 Mister Miracle 1 8.5 Werewolf by Night 32 6.0 Submariner 34 1950s 6.0 White pages Etc I decided to step up and offered him about 78% of value. I'd love to pick up good books for 50% of value but it's tough. He was happy with the offer so we did the deal. When pricing the books I added about 5% premium to reflect the high cost of acquisition. Since then we've done 2 1 day shows and we've sold about 15 of the books including the Walking Dead 1 9.8 and we're very close to getting our money back. He also gave us about 20 other books on consignment. Going to look at a nice collection tomorrow night that includes a Crime Suspenstories 22 and another collection on Saturday. Keep shaking the bushes, another collection will turn up. Ads online are a good idea but don't stop there. Create some small posters and hang them up on your grocery store bulletin board or other bulletin boards. Put a big sign in your booth. When dealing with buyers at shows offer to sell their duplicates or books they don't want on consignment - we've started offering a 10 to 15% consignment fee on books worth more than $100.
  9. Calgary also has an airport. Fly in and I'll pick you up Mike. About $300 usd.
  10. I think so, seems to me Superstore got into trouble price fixing their bread.
  11. Nope, kept it at the same overpriced price.