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  1. Where am I, at a strip club? I can look but I can't touch...
  2. List some Bakers and I can help you with your Coles... List some Fox and William can help you build an addition to your home for your Coles
  3. A matching pair of beauties.... I meant the books you pervert
  4. 15 minutes ago...just prior to Tim posting this on the don’t lie....
  5. It's impressive...not as impressive as the books being listed soon...
  6. the other guys are this thread are probably panicking right about now thinking books are being listed after all these alerts
  7. challenge accepted...although Dwayne may want to sell books or something not very worthwhile on this thread
  8. At this rate of spending on the popcorns, I won't have any money left to claim books
  9. The C-Link copy had to affect the pool of bidder/buyers for this copy
  10. The saturation difference seems startling when he held up the book