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  1. This comment is probably long overdue. However, Desert Winds and CBCS - if you like these companies or not - do verify signatures. Usually it is preferable if the signer is living, but I have seen it done. If you buy a Bob Kane book at an auction and the condition is okay - buy it cheap.. send it to CPRS (Phil Schlaefer) for pressing. Then... send it to CBCS for authenticity and grading and prepare to wait about half a year, while you forget you actually owned the book to see if it passes the Turing Test.
  2. I know CBCS has grown and merged with Beckett and they verify unwitnessed signatures... but frankly their customer service is . I know artists like them but in my mind and many others CGC will always be the gold standard. I hope someday CGC can verify signatures without a witness because then CBCS has nothing to compete with. It takes twice as long to get a book back from CBCS. The label is often misprinted or lopsided and it costs more and the people on the phone are impolite if they pick up at all. CGC is far and away better and given a choice I'll never submit my books elsewhere.