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  1. Assuming we have a finite amount of time, every minute spent enjoying the journey is a minute less you will spend at your destination, which is the reason for the journey in the first place.
  2. The closest comic shop to mine is 63 miles away. What is stupider? Driving there to pay $8 or ordering by mail?
  3. When I had my store, suppliers sold two different types of cheap had polypropylene and polyethylene. Both looked pretty much the same and both are fine for short term storage. Each type had its supporters and its detractors. One tended to get cloudy and even icky, but still protected the books.
  4. Twenty thick books, and four thicker ones. No idea what the titles at, but they date from mid 90s to 2003. Most feature wild comic sex scenes and some cheesecake photography, while a few also have full nudity. $50 shipped media mail. These fit in a medium bankers box. PM for details and photos. Will consider trades for just about anything. Just want these gone. PayPal is best.
  5. The idea is to preserve the book long enough to make a nice profit. Let the next owner deal with physics and chemistry.
  6. Whose grading standards? CGC doesn't strictly follow Overstreets standards and I'm not aware of them releasing their guidleines
  7. I picked up a copy as part of a collection. Didn't pay any attention to it until I saw some completed sales. Believe it's 1948, and I'm not aware of second prints but that's going off an old ebay description.
  8. I picked up a copy as part of a collection. Didn't pay any attention to it until I saw some completed sales. This is the only comic I know of about a specific line, the rest seem pretty generic.
  9. There is a comic called something like George Washington's Railroad. Its a supposedly accurate story of a railroad laid out over a road George Washington designed. The cover has George surveying while a steam ship rolls up the river. Hopefully, everyone sees the problem with that.
  10. Why does a person do business with a corrupt, criminal enterprise? I know they are a bunch of criminals so I forgives them, except when they do something that hurts my pocketbook?
  11. When I find myself in similar situations, I ask myself -Is it possible that I have discovered something every other collector has failed to comprehend for fifty years. Then I realize it is possible but almost improbable and I accept the common wisdom.
  12. Wow. Lying about someone lying. My dog is a legally certified companion dog. I didn't lie about anything. I exploited a loophole in the law but to accuse me of lying is simply incorrect. You owe me an apology. If the law is broken, fix the law, don't attack people who take advantage of it.
  13. Damn capitalist. Always sticking their grubby fingers into my ill gotten gains. We hatz them, we doez. I would either accept it as a cost of business and pass along your anticipated costs to all your customers or make it clear in your refund policy that any fees occurred are on the buyer. If you are giving enough refunds that 3% more is going to effect your bottom line, tighten your belt a little.
  14. It's the cost.of doing business. I assume you have worked all the other costs into your prices. If you refund one percent of your transactions, it's negligible. If you are refunding ten percent of them, PayPal isn't the problem. If it somewhere in between, you build the cost in.
  15. That sucks but why should PayPal shareholders pay for two transactions and eat those costs?