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  1. shadroch

    Seling Comics - Business Potential?

    I've ran the math a number of times and even owning all my inventory so there was no inventory cost, it's rough clearing much more than 25-30K without putting in a lot of hours. Sending $500-600 worth of books a month to auction houses is less work and nets about the same. I just started selling on ebay after a nearly two year hiatus. Last week I sold $271 worth of stuff. My cost were $45 plus the ebay fees. I'm hoping to list about $200 a week for the next few months.
  2. I've been looking to open a shop that would include comics, but not be a comic shop. I found what I thought was a good location but the real estate guy told me a comic shop had signed a lease to open in the complex. Was driving by and saw a store that looked perfect. Drove around the neighborhood and sure enough there was a comic/toy store two blocks from my location. If anything, Vegas has too many new comic shops.
  3. The Uncle gave these comics to his niece. Is she, at a minimum, getting a cut of these sales?
  4. Certainly appears sun faded to me.
  5. I agree. , although absence of color on the back isn't definitive. You can deliberately do that to a book by leaving it open.
  6. That's on the shop owner. Buy as much as he will sell. If he doesn't care, why should you?
  7. Okay, just to play devils advocate here, but what is to stop someone from simply undercutting everyone. It's good for the buyers but stinks for the sellers.
  8. shadroch

    Counting unbagged comics

    Bronze Age books will include hundred page DCs, as well as 52 and 68 page books. Lots of annuals. I've noticed long boxes bought off the internet can vary by almost an inch. When I sell wholesale, I go with four boxes per thousand for moderns.
  9. No green label?
  10. shadroch

    Counting unbagged comics

    Bring a box with you. Better yet, bring a couple boxes with you. Fill three boxes, see what percent of the collection is left. Use Blobs method to see how many comics fit in your long box. I've noticed not all long boxes are the same length.
  11. As anyone could walk in and buy from a newsstand distributor in 1976, I think it's safe to assume someone could have done the same ten years before. I think it's safe to say Robert Bell wasn't buying his future stock from multiple 7-11s.
  12. My local magazine distributor was open to the public one day a week. I started buying from them the summer of 1976. Twenty five cent books cost me about 17 cents each. It was strange. They charged 17 cents per book, unless you had exactly 100. Then they charged $16.67 per hundred and 17 cents for extras. At first I thought it was a hundred book minimum order but that was only suggested. Cash only. When I looked into an account, it made no sense as I already had the same terms as a walk in.
  13. shadroch

    counterfiet books?

    Loose lips sink ships.
  14. shadroch

    Are Low Grade Keys Worth Grading?

    Don't grade anything until you know enough to decide for yourself. Why the rush?
  15. shadroch

    CGC won't ship to California via FedEx?

    Are you sure it's not because the fires are causing disruptions with their logistics? I've gotten several emails warning of possible delays or disruptions from vendors in So Cal.