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  1. It looks like the IPO was $1.70 a share. Lets see how many cash out and how many hold.
  2. If you make money spending a few hours a week doing something you like, who cares if you outperform Amazon? If given the choice, which would you do? 1) Invest $15,000 in the best AF #15 you can find and hold it ten years 2) Invest $15,000 in Amazon and hold it ten years 3) Invest $15,000 in the comics of your choice, wait a year and then send 10% of your books to auction. Hold 10% of sales to cover your taxes and reinvest the rest . Repeat every month. Does that sound like it would take more than ten hours a month to accomplish? It's my 10-10-10 Plan. Not every
  3. Agree 100%. A well balanced portfolio should include pre-1985 baseball cards, Star Wars figures from the first three movies, and most obviously Beanie Babys.
  4. You are comparing things for fifty years ago to today. No one today is buying a slabbed 9.8 to read.
  5. So how long will it take you to save for the JIM 82 in question? By the time you save that 125K, the book will be worth 200K.
  6. Can Can anyone give me an idea what these are, and if they are worth anything? I think they are promo items but the only ones I see seem to be signed. They are 8x10, and say both Star Wars and Topps Authentic on the front and have a product code on the back. Pictures to follow in a moment
  7. I don't understand peoples fear of taxes. My new neighbor bought a house for his mother a few blocks away. She died and it is empty. I offered to rent it from him but the City of bisbee has a 2.5 % tax on rental properties. He'd rather let it sit empty than pay $25 a month on a $1,000 income
  8. Is selling on ebay your hobby? You sold an item for X. You don't owe taxes on what you sold it for. It cost you A, you incurred B in storing it and preparing it for sale, It cost you C in commisions to sell it, you paid D in paypal fees, and to sell it you needed a computer and internet. Add all those expenses together and deduct it from what you sold it for.
  9. If you have three apples and I eat an orange, how many do you have?
  10. From Jan 1 2010 to Jan 1 2020 is ten years. From Dec 31st 2010 to Dec 31st 2020 is ten years. Pretty sure it works that way for any date in 2010 you pick.
  11. If people weren't into it to make money, there would be no shows, no ebay, no CGC. What happened to coins and stamps when dealers realized they weren't making enough money to stay in business? A comic in a slab is little more than an alternative form of currency. You didn't buy it to read it, did you? Did you buy it to use as a placemat? I've done that. Let me guess- you'd rather spend $800 on a book in a 9.8 slab than $100 on the same book in a 9.0 slab because you are attracted by big numbers on the label?
  12. Nonsense. I don't slab books, don't press books, and when you ship enough books to the same location you are talking fifty cents per book or less, and auction results tend to pretty steady for the stuff I sell. The key is to buy cheap, and let other people do the heavy lifting. No one is saying to put all your retirement hopes into being able to sell your comics at top dollar, but I assure you you could buy 100 $100 books in the next year and use them as the springboard of a nice income producing hobby in five years.