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  1. Unless they got ruined by poor storage, which unfortunately happens more than it should.
  2. shadroch

    PGM Amazing Spider-man #7

    If buying, it's a 1.8. If selling, maybe a 2.5.
  3. shadroch

    A good X-men series to read.

    Age of Apocalypse was the best X-book storyline I've read in many years. A fun series is a 1990s run that retells the early stories. I forget the series name but it can be found pretty easily at discounts to cover. Dark Genesis was a good read and the TPB is often found below cover. Classic X-Men is a great way to read the original C&B stories plus many issues have previously unpublished gems in them. They were cheap but are moving up a bit.
  4. In comics, condition is everything. A well read copy of Spiderman #15 might sell for $25 while a pristine copy is in the thousands. Take a few pictures and post them in the forum called Please Grade my books. I wouldn't be in a rush to have them all graded. The key ones, yes but not all. It's expensive( thousands of dollars) and not every SA book will go up enough to justify the expense, plus your money will be tied up for half a year. Now that you are retired, why not make selling your books your new hobby. Read up on the market, study ebay and some auction houses and dip your feet in the water. If you decide you want to sell the whole thing, you can easily do it here. Either by yourself or I'm sure people will be willing to help, for a piece of the action. A couple hundred books is formidable but the effort should be very rewarding. Even ragged copies of key Marvels will bring you some decent money. Best of luck!
  5. Stan wrote this short book in the late 1940s and its been reprinted a number of times but I've never read it. Someone mentioned that included is an article about the creation of Captain America. Is there any input from Joe Simon or Jack Kirby about it or if not, who describes its creation? Is the story different from the accepted story of Caps creation? Joe Simon, in one of his books , seems to take most ,if not all ,of the credit for him. Is the Cap story worth buying a second hand modern copy off ebay for $10? I actually own the Wiseman copy of the book but it looks like its never been opened and I plan on selling it someday.
  6. shadroch

    Moving My Collection

    My suggestions after surviving moving my rather large collection cross country. 1) while most movers are scum, The Service providers are historically outstanding. 2) Have a garage sale or just give stuff away. Declutter and Downsize. I wish I had sold much more. 3) For decent protection, put a box top on both top and bottom and tape it closed. Now put a large garbage bag over it and duct tape the bag. For better protect, use a comic drawer box. 4) Tip a bit up front. It's well worth it. 5) Try not to stress out.
  7. I have every comic on that list from the 20th Century. Hardly any of the newer ones. How realistic are those low end prices?
  8. shadroch

    Help me decide on a collection.

    That is part of it, but I have a strange feeling on this one. It sounds weird but I have an emotional connection to it. I think this woman needs money and her son is trying to sell his comics to help her. If they don't sell, I just might end up overpaying for them. It's not about the money.
  9. shadroch

    Big Book of.... seven book lot.

    Appreciate it. PM sent.
  10. shadroch

    Safety deposit box -Anyone use them?

    I had automatic timers on the thermostat in my club in the 1990s. They shut down a half hour before we closed and started at six pm the next day we were open. Maybe they'll hit Texas soon.
  11. shadroch

    Safety deposit box -Anyone use them?

    Don't be scared. Be forewarned. Just be aware that climate control is important. In Vegas, climate controlled safety deposit units are the norm. In NY, there are scarce.
  12. shadroch

    Help me decide on a collection.

    I'd say most of the books would be 8.0-9.0. A few Batman but just as many, Claw, Steel and other winners. DCs of this era were very slow sellers. I didn't carry the full DC line in my store as some titles simply didn't sell enough copies to meet the minimum purchase for that issue.
  13. shadroch

    Safety deposit box -Anyone use them?

    Climate control is a concern. A bank in Minnesota may keep its building cozy during business hours but turn off the heat at night or weekends. Over a three day weekend the inside temperature may drop substantially. Rapid increase and decreases of temperature are not a good thing for pulp paper. You want consistent climate control 24/7.
  14. shadroch

    Chicago comic shop to be given away

    I must say that when I saw Kav had responded multiple times, I was expecting the thread to go in a very different direction. I was pleasantly surprised and also impressed.