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  1. Torpedo has amazing books but their pricing is insane. They should charge admission and just call it a museum.
  2. shadroch

    Batman year one.

    Get it stabbed. That way the interior is meaningless.
  3. Their web site says to allow two to three weeks. The book was in your hand within that period.
  4. Are you telling us that these books, with their brilliant white covers are brittle?
  5. Out of curiosity, which of the three do you think know would be the quickest to process the books, sell them and cut a check?
  6. So the books are in Washington, were inherited by someone who lives in China, and who is headed to Arizona before going to China, and taking more photos is a problem. Welcome to the boards.
  7. Stay hydrated.
  8. shadroch

    Your Thoughts On My CGC Wall Display

    How are the j hooks secured?
  9. shadroch

    selling to

    Since the subject has been raised, I hate your weekly auctions. The time and energy spent on them could be better used elsewhere.
  10. shadroch

    How often do you buy from Mile High Comics?

    Never again.
  11. shadroch

    No love for Atlas/Seaboard?

    I collected them all off the stands, except for Vicki. Months later, when I realized they wouldn't be putting out any more I searched high and low for a copy. I have a short box full, but my original run is long gone. I liked a few, disliked more.
  12. Pretty disappointing. Best scenes from the trailer turned out to be teases, at best.
  13. So a relaunched Wolverine series, a year after the last one. More renovation from the House that once had ideas.
  14. Which X-Man do you think could carry a solo movie? Who would you start with?