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  1. Can someone clarify this PayPal situation

    Can sellers set how they accept payment? I paid through Paypal doing nothing different than the other 1500 transactions I have. I don't care that he waited, it bothers me that the communications were lacking, although he claims he emailed me.
  2. On 3/30 I purchased a CGC Spidey 129 from a dealer. As of today it hasn't arrived. Seller informs me the pay pal payment didn't clear until 4/13( I sent it 4/2). I've never heard of not shipping until PP clears. In fact, I often choose the pay after delivery service. Is this something new or just a bad seller?
  3. What should be graded?

  4. Where is Doug these days? That's where I'd be spending my money.
  5. I can't help you but am very curious to see what answers you get. Odd sized pints are a bane. I've been looking for cheap methods to display these for sale myself.
  6. Star Wars, the 1st comic book appearances...

    Telling a reader what extra goodies are in the slab he'll never read seems cruel. Anyone looking to read the story where Hans first meets Chewie isn't going to buy a slab just because it says it on the label.
  7. I'm a big fan of those boxes POW was putting out for Stan each month so after a couple of nibbles, I subscribed. $323 for an annual membership of six big boxes. On the same day, I also placed a separate order for a $14.95 small monthly box. October comes around and I get both boxes. November comes and I get an unsolicited, unpaid for small box. I email them and they say forget about it, their mistake and just keep it. December comes and I get another small box. This one I return unopened, tell them they sent another but I returned it. I then get an email telling me my large box has shipped. It never arrives. Around this time, they cancel their phone or change numbers without publicizing the new number. Even paypal doesn't have a number for them. I email them a dozen times, no response. I look at their website and I see the December box is marked shipped and the Feb. box is listed as suspended per my request. The email on the paypal transaction goes to a fulfillment center that forwarded me a customer service email at an email that bounces back. Talked to my bank today about a charge back It's a shame because I really got a kick out of the stuff in the big boxes. Worth way more than $50, to me. I have no idea if this is tied up with any of Stan's problems or if this is just a glitch, but even my banker mentioned how this seems set up to avoid customer interactions. Anyone else having an issue with them?
  8. Multiple covers

    With four extra covers, it would bring a premium, but I'm not sure if it would cover the costs associated with shipping the book round trip to be graded. Offer it here on the Sales boards. I'd buy it for $25.
  9. I'd think it would sell for a lot more than 5,000, so if the VG value is 4600, then your assumption is wrong. I'll give you $6,000 US for it right now, depending on exactly what the label says.
  10. CCS is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life. Major Marco.
  11. The great Peter David Todd McFarlane debate

    He always was a nice guy, which made his behavior the last time unusual. Lots of people I know at shows I think are dicksters but wouldn't say anything to. As I said, I hope its not our last conversation.
  12. The great Peter David Todd McFarlane debate

    I met Peter back when he was Carol Kalish's assistant and was in charge of trying to get comic shops to upgrade to new cash registers. This was around 84-85. It's strange but the last time I talked with Peter, I laughingly told him he had become the dickster he always warned people of becoming. I was talking to him about something and a little kid came along and asked him a rather silly question. He was in the middle of a convoluted answer when someone walked by. Mr David stopped his answer to call the guy over and started a private conversation. Several minutes went by and the kid started to feel more and more ignored. Finally he walked away without a word. I did too, but made it a point to come back later and tell him how hurt the kid looked. He gave me a look like he had no idea what I was talking about. Haven't seen him since his stroke. Hopefully this won't prove to be our last conversation.
  13. Thoughts on art dealer Spencer Beck

    I have almost the same sketch but its from 1977 and I think I paid $10 for it. Have a great pencil only Warlock that cost me $2. Timing is everything. I originally wanted Strider from LOTRs but he had never heard of the character.
  14. Thoughts on art dealer Spencer Beck

    I'm beginning to see why you are in financial problems. I'm also getting tired of people using autism as an excuse.
  15. Does a flaw increase/decrease value?

    Most flaws will detract from the value. A few will increase it. Being manufactured with multiple covers is a flaw that increases value. If a book is wrapped in the wrong cover, that flaw increases value. If a book is miscut, or miswrapped, it usually doesn't increase the value unless its an unbelievable mistake. I recently saw a 1970s Marvel that literally had half of two covers , the miswrap was so bad. I made a generous offer on what is otherwise a very common book, and was turned down.