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  1. lists the contents of every book and will tell you which ones have pinups. If these were all books bought off the newstand and he took one pinup out, chances are he took more. Sadly, those pinups can end up costing a fortune
  2. I wish I had time to watch random strangers opening packages on the internet.
  3. What other books did you get graded ? There are a lot of SA Marvels that have pinups, many a teenage boy hung them evidently.
  4. I'm 61, six months from Social Security. I got the set in 1965, after it had sat in my Uncles basement for many years. He'd bought it second hand for his son ,who was fifteen years older than me. It was missing two volumes, including the first one which would have had the publication date. An educated guess was it was from the mid to late thirties.
  5. My childhood set was so old that when looked up World War One, it wasn't even listed. That confused me because many things after WW1 were covered, such as the Depression and the New Deal. Eventually, I found it listed under The Great War.
  6. When my Dad died, in 1979, my Mom offered to buy each of us something to remember him by. Both my sisters bought jewelry and I bought a set of Encyclopedia Britannica. I had an old set of these as a kid and I thought these would be something I could hand down. After a few years of use, they were relegated to the basement. When I left NY four years ago, I offered them to my library, then to my local school, and finally offered them for free on Craigs List. It bothered me to throw them out, but they are pretty useless these days. I'd think some prepper would have taken them for when the internet fails.
  7. As many pages of art Kirby was doing in the 60s, Marvel published even more in the 1970s. In 1974/75, Marvel was reprinting the FF, the Avengers, Sgt Fury, TOS, Thor, and a half-dozen Pre-Hero books. When Jack jumped to DC, it seemed like Marvel flooded the stands with Kirby books, for which he he got nothing.
  8. Prince Namor accused Stan Lee of selling fake autographs. I'm still waiting for any evidence he cares to provide. I suspect I will be waiting a while. Every creator has faults. Heck, if someone looked long enough, they might find I have a couple. As I said, it just amazes me people will crucify an ebay seller for offering a book with a fake Kirby signature while giving a pass to the man who knowingly committed fraud with many many of his fans. There are people on this board who can tell at a glance if Roz signed it, which indicates how widespread it is. No one, as best as I can tell, ever clamored for a Roz Kirby signed book. Imagine shelling out $100 to get a Roz Kirby signed book only to find out her husband signed it in her name.
  9. Some men climb the highest mountains, some men swim the longest distances, some men put together insanely difficult runs of obscure books. I prefer to sit on my couch and read their exploits. Congrats on accomplishing what you set out to do. What's next?
  10. You can have them treat the signature as a defect and they will put it in a blue label at a lower grade or keep the higher grade in a green label.
  11. Mr. Kirby died in 1994. No artist was charging for signatures. Had he lived until 2018 and been doing shows, I am sure he would have charged. As far as Stan selling fake autographs, you will have to educate me about that. Who, what, where, ect, ect. YOU stated Stan faked lots of signatures. Show me the evidence? I was only at a few shows where Stan was in later years, but it seemed like every time, tix for his autographs and met and greets sold out. If you think signing an autograph to a fan at a show negates the act of defrauding thousands of fans who purchased books you claimed were personally signed, I'm not sure what ls I can say. Besides which, who cares if Stan was doing something. If Stan robbed a bank, should Kirby have followed?
  12. The Kirby's signed thousands of books for a third market company that sold them to his fans. He was well paid for it, and having a middle man in between he and the fans does not change that. I think he committed fraud by taking money to sign product and having others sign instead, and he betrayed his fans by letting DF sell these things at premium prices because people wanted an authentic Kirby signed book.