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  1. Before I make a buy on eBay, I always check out At this moment, they have a slabbed 6.5 for $600. It's better looking than the book you bought and has been checked for restoration. They also charge around $10 for shipping. MCS is an invaluable tool once you learn the in and outs of their site, and it's free.
  2. I started buying Schomburg WW2 covers around 2007. I couldn't afford Cap covers but found a bunch of cheap Nedors and Standards. Moved up to a few Young Allies and USA, and before you knew it I had two dozen Caps and an entire box of Schomburgs. They've all gone up a good deal but not as nuts as newer stuff. Stuff I bought ten years ago for $35-50 now brings $100-$200. Dollar wise, I'd have done better buying BA keys, but that is life.
  3. People are just being stupid right now. Buyers are just throwing money at books. I was trying to figure out a fair asking price for a Hulk 180 CGC 6.0. I was thinking I'd see $1,000 out of it but then I see it's double that. Insane. I sold an All Select 1 today. It's a great cover but it was sitting in a box . Heavy A restoration and trimmed on three sides. I've had it awhile and was offered $1200 for it last year. I tried to get it into the current MCS auction but missed it by a few days. I decided to list in at a ridiculous price and come down 5% a week and see what happened. Today I
  4. Offered up are two sweet Pre-Hero books Auctions have $1 starting bids and $250 BINs Shipping is $12 book, but win both and I'll ship for free. USofA only, unless you contact me ahead of time. Paypal only. None of the usual suspects need to bother. Auction end Thursday at 10PM NYC time, Lot 1 Tales of Suspense 8 March 1960 Classic Kirby cover Art by Kirby, Bill Everett, Don Heck and Ditko I call this a 4.0 but judge for yourself. Cover and centerfold are tight.
  5. Unless dozens of people are pooling their stimulus checks, there has to be other explanations as well.
  6. Everybody has an opinion on this. There have to be twenty other threads asking the same thing. I would not trust anyone who says they know what will happen. It's the craziest market in decades and no one is sure where the money is coming from.
  7. Slide another backing board into the bag, in front of the book, make a sandwich and slide it out. I'm looking at a 4.5 as is.
  8. FREE US shipping only. Paypal only. Ships within 72 hours, I don't deal with people on any lists or who have black hearts. Offered here are three flattened and empty Marvel trading card boxes. 1) 1991 Marvel Universe Series 11 Impel 2) 1992 Marvel Universe 111 Impel 3)1993 Marvel Universe 1V Skybox All are flat, but can easily be re-assembled. The Series 3 box has some glue residue that affects the visuals when flat, but not when assembled. The Skybox box has some separation of the perforated Silver Surfer outline. The Series 11 box is different from
  9. In the 1980s, a lot of comic shops were run by fans who didn't understand how to run a business. I remember a meeting of about two dozen store owners where Jim Hanley mentioned how important cycle sheets were and maybe a third of the owners didn't know what a cycle sheet was, let alone how to use them. Many didn't even have cash registers. I remember Mel Thompson pushing his POS system and over-promising it's potential to a room full of non computer users. Carol Kalish had Marvel bring in a few business consultants and I remember being asked to draw a diagram of my shop, showing where ev
  10. I stand corrected. My notes say 14th floor Spring 43-Fall 61 but I guess I've been going off a typo. Where the meeting supposedly happened is less important than when it happened. In one post you say it happened right after Stans friend and right hand an was killed and in another you use the fact that Marvel didn't put out any books one month as being connected.
  11. I don't get the trilogy aspect, especially as related to the FF books.
  12. You yourself talk about Kirby going to Marvel in 1958 and then you say it happened in 1961. Credibility?