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  1. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    First off ,they are short boxes, loosely packed. about 140 books in them. The six boxes yielded 850 books. About half is total . Three for a dollar fodder. I'm happy with the results, but won't buy the entire lot for the same price as it mostly duplicated stuff I already own. On the plus side, I got six brand new BCW short boxes, about fifty mylar4s that I will repurpose and at least 200 mylite2s I'll find use for. Bad side is it took about four hours to loosely organize it. If it is still there in six months, I'll buy again but first I need to move the stuff.
  2. Stripped Cover Returns

    Many small publishers in the 40s/50s were little more than money laundering operations for the mob. You would have six or seven different companies working out of a single location, with a single receptionist and a single accountant but each company would "pay" them as if they were stand alone operations. The mob run companies would ship product to mob run distributors who would deliver them to mostly mobbed up newsstands. Remember, in the days before lotteries, people played numbers, and most newsstands took action as well s booking horse bets. In the early 1950s, The Senate started looking carefully at the mob and how it made money and also how it laundered its money, turning bad money into clean. Just as they were set to investigate the magazine distributorships relation to organized crime, many distributors declared bankruptcy, closed shop and disappeared, leaving behind shell company after shell company. Even after the industry supposedly got cleaned up, mob run distributors still ripped off comic and magazine publishers but sending in affidavits saying they destroyed the unsold product while selling it out the back door. Mile High 2 is the most egregious example, but it was down hundreds of times on smaller scales.
  3. Fredric Wertham died today in 1981

    The much bigger story was the investigation into the mob that caused dozens, if not more of mob owned newsstand distributorships to simply close up shop and disappear overnight. Hard to publish books without distributors.
  4. 40k Book Collection-Best way to sell??

    Easy thing would be to catalog it and send $1,000-$1500 a month to two or three consignment houses. After the work of organizing it, the monthly work will be minimal and you'll have steady income for several years.
  5. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    Dancer is the best VP instructor out there, but that software is pretty dated. Lots of very popular games didn't exist back then.
  6. Marvel Comics #1 Club

    I get sick every time I see this book. Back in 1986, I had a customer who wanted one and asked me to find it for him. Instead of simply taking a finders fee, I bought a book from Fantasia and sold it to him. Knowing what we now know of Fantasia, I assume the book had restored disclosure and I unknowingly sold a big ticket item for far more than it was worth.
  7. Star Stamps???

    As a kid, my Dad would drop me off at the PX while he went grocery shopping. Killed the time reading magazines as I usually had the comics they had there already. Used to read Argosy and True Detective for hours on end, and Psychology Today had some amazing ads. I don't remember anyone stamping the occasional comic I bought.
  8. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    It really doesn't bother me, except when I get in the car the next day and it smells of smoke from my clothes the night before, I realize how nasty it is.
  9. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    Sadly, yes. Although more and more places are offering smoke free sections. I tend to play off hours so it doesn't really bother me that much.
  10. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    You are not factoring in the $50 a week in free play. That's $2600, figure you lose 20%, so your $1,000 loss becomes $$2,000 in cash plus a meal. Would you lend someone $1,000 if they agreed to pay you back $45 and buy you lunch every week for a year?
  11. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    Make a living? Some people do, I don't, but I don't need to. To me it's a fun part time job. In the end, I may clear $700-800 a month working maybe four hours a week. That's not gambling. That's just exploiting mailers and clubs. I might gamble another 3-4 hours a week. That's results are more choppy. There is actually very little risk involved. Lots of studying clubs and networking with other people, finding promotions and match play coupons..
  12. Star Stamps???

    If the stamp indicates the comic was paid for, then an unstamped MJ was possibly never distributed or was an unsold copy that wasn't destroyed. I assume there was one distributor for all the bases, if not worldwide, then at least regionally. I never paid attention to MJs or stamps, but what I do remember was that the Navy Exchange in Mitchell Field and the newsstand at St. Albans Naval hospital got their comics a week or more later than the PX at Ft. Totten. Never got an Mj or National sales comic from Totten, only from the two Navy posts.
  13. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    VP, with near perfect play can get you close to even. Add in cashback and comp club points and you turn the game positive. The real money is in exploiting casinos loyalty clubs. Not too difficult to do, once you learn how clubs work. In some cases, losing $1,000 today will get you $50 in freeplay and a meal each week for a year. Blackjack is exploitable, but VP is your best shot. Lots of double, triple and even ten times points day in Vegas. Lots of over 55 specials as well. Today, I'm eating lunch in a place that gives a free lunch for cycling $20 thru a video poker machine. Nice fried clams, fries and a beer for an expected loss of less than fifty cents.
  14. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    That's pretty ironic ,seeing how I make my living beating casinos out of their ill gotten gains.