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  1. How to get a blank comic sketched?

    Its your book. Have whomever you want sketch it. If the artist works for DC and has no problem sketching a Marvel character, who exactly is going to frown upon it?
  2. Best & Worst years to own a store?

    Thriving. Had a nice triangle of sales- New comics( 45% margin), old comics ( much better markup) and Dungeons and Dragons( 50% markup on returnable merchandise). Also did two monthly conventions on Long Island and twice a year in Manhattan. I'd take twenty five or so long boxes to each Manhattan show and blow out whatever was left to Koch-Dolgorf-Koch, as I didn't have a basement or big back room for storage. Each was roughly 30% of total sales. I also took a $1,000 advance from a guy that put a video game and an candy machine in the shop. Rent was $300 and included heat. I was supposed to put the electricity in my name but somehow never got around to it. Drove a fourteen year old Mercury and shared a $450 apartment with a good friend and whomever he was hooking up with that week. I also supplemented my income bouncing, bartending, doing an odd security gig or driving cars to Florida for snowbirds. Kept my expenses low and proved the concept could work. After a year, I needed more space and started to reel in some investors to open what I hoped would be my dream shop.
  3. What kind of music, or lack of music do you like when you enter a comic shop? Ever shopped more because of the music? Ever avoided a store because they played music you hate? Background music or juke box level, as far as volume goes?
  4. Best & Worst years to own a store?

    Without a doubt. Cost of opening a shop in the 90s was ten times that of the early 80s. I recently found an old invoice from Crown Comics from 1984. My weekly new comics for the week was $114. In 1993 My X-Men bill alone would have been more than that.
  5. I don't get it. What becomes of the book that gets voted off?
  6. Best & Worst years to own a store?

    That's what I did. Not sure what the next step was to be, so I rented a very small store on a short term lease, bought my friends brother's collection for $300, borrowed two thousand and went for it. Used a Champagne box for a cash register, had my sister paint a sign, found an old wooden ping pong table that became the back issue department and a used greeting card rack for new issues. Bought a correspondence course on opening a small business and went from there. Made lots of mistakes, learned from some of them, learned how to make new mistakes, got really lucky when Seagate accidently gave me a rather large credit I didn't deserve, but was told it was easier for them to let it go then to fix it. Got lucky again when my poster guy-who gave me stuff on consignment , went broke and sold me his entire inventory for $200 and I resold it the next day for $600. Doesn't sound like much now but that turned out to be the first $500 I was able to pull out of the business to target growth. A year later I had outgrown the shop and sold it for $3500, to a guy who also agreed to invest in my next shop,
  7. Stan Lee...accused of sexual harassment?!?!

    So, in your infinite wisdom, at what age does a man get a free pass? Would you be okay with one of your daughters friends grandpa squeezing her ? You are cool with 93? How about 85? Does simply qualifying for Medicaid work? Is pawing at a young boy as acceptable as pawing a young girl?
  8. Stacking cgc graded BCW boxes

    I keep many CGC books in Comic Drawer Magazine Boxes and stack them three high. No issues whatsoever.

    Mutilating puppies again?
  10. Best & Worst years to own a store?

    Putting together NM runs of most Image books is easy peasy. Try putting together a 6.0 run. Not so easy.
  11. Best & Worst years to own a store?

    He had hundreds of long boxes. Must have had sixty in the back issue section that took up well over half the floor space generated a couple hundred dollars a month. Back room was full, as well. He was cash poor, and needed about $7000 to get the store going. Newsstand Magazine Distribution took $1000 deposit, as did a paperback deal. $1500 would have got him a jobber account for plastic models and toys. Another $1,000 for bags, boxes and supplies. A blowout sale would have raised capital and created space, modernizing a store that showed its age.
  12. Might get a 5.0, but a nice 4.5 in any case.
  13. John Byrne Overstreet Hall of Fame?

    He certainly belongs in it.
  14. Best & Worst years to own a store?

    Sometime in the early 2000s, a friend of a friend had a money losing shop. I agreed to spend two weeks working with him to try and blow out some inventory, and help him get a handle on ordering new books. It was incredibly frustrating, as the entire market had changed tremendously in the ten years since I'd run a shop. One thing I saw was how the back issue market had shrunk so badly. In his shop,back issues took up half the space but generated ten percent of sales. Sadly, he cared more about all the money tied up in the books than the fact he was using so much space inefficiently. One suggestion was to blow out most of the back stock, reduce the footprint they possessed and use the money to bring in new lines. Not only did he shoot down down every suggestion, he ended up stiffing me on three days work. He claimed two weeks meant fourteen days of work, not the eleven I performed. About six months later, he tried to sell the shop to my friend but it fell through when what was supposed to be a courtesy call to the landlord revealed the was several months delinquent on rent and owed Common Area Maintenance fees adding up to almost another $1,000.00. Store closed suddenly,and people got screwed on deposits and consignment.

    I drove cross country with three short boxes worth well over 50K in the car. Took them into the hotel every night. My biggest fear was stopping to eat, but I kept meals simple and had my dog in the car. Rest of my stuff went by bonded movers. Should have sent these that way too, but was worried.