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  1. In NYC and I assume elsewhere, most returns were done by affidavit, meaning a vendor would rip the top of the mag/book off and sign a sworn statement that the books would be destroyed. Curtis handled the newstand distributors but there were hundreds ,if not thousands of distributors and sub distributors. This was all pre-computer pre-scanner. The whole system depended on honesty, but the industry was rotten to the corp.
  2. Compare and contrast the names of The Inhumans to the names of Darkseids crew. Obvious that the same guy came up with both, right? I don't know enough of Ditko's non Marvel work to really say much. I don't like his style and outside of Creeper and an odd issue of Rom I have not read a non-Spidey Ditko work in years. I do recall liking the book he did for Seaboard.
  3. Early in the thread, John Romita recalls conversations he overheard while Stan drove he and Jack Kirby home. At the time, Marvel was located in Manhattan and Stan lived in SW Nassau County, in a fairly isolated community. It's a 20 minute train ride or half hour drive to the office. Jack lived in Mineola/ Williston Park and Romita lived in Floral Park, about five miles west of Jack. Driving the two of them home and then heading back home would easily take him an hour out of the way. I've had good bosses and bad ones but never had one that would go an hour-hour and a half out of his way to drive an employee out of his way.
  4. What is being ignored is that Marvel Comics changed hands several times between the period where The Work in question and the art was on. If I buy a business, any obligation the old owner had to a former employee stays with him unless its in the sale contract. KIrby wasn't a key Marvel employee when New World owned it. Nor when Ron Perlman owned it or when it emerged from bankruptcy or when Disney owned it. Its pretty obvious Disney had no legal obligation to pay the Kirby's or Ditko's of the world. Stan also was an employee. Picture yourself walking into your new bosses office and trying to extract payments for work done years ago by someone no longer employed there.
  5. You state Marvel was selling the artwork. I've never heard that before. I know they'd occasionally give away a page now and then but can you show where Marvel was selling it?
  6. Let their body of work stand on its own. What did Kirby after Joe Simon left comics? What did he do after 1969 ? For whatever reasons, he couldn't last three years at DC. His 4th World storyline was rambling, at best. His great Darkseid was reduced to starring in a kids cartoon for years. Atlas the Great? Dingbats of Danger Street? Kobra? Devil Dinosaur? Battle of the Planets?
  7. A name written on the cover, no matter if it is Eddie Ryan or Jack KIrby doesnt mean a green label. It usually does but you can choose to count the name as a defect. Perhaps this would be an 8.0 in a green label, but is a 6.0 blue. The number 200/1961 seem to indicate it was part of a large group of books. Maybe something sold on QVC or the like. Shouldnt be hard to track down if someone wanted to.
  8. That, and many artist worked for multiple publishers and didn't want that known. Jack and Joe Simon once had a second studio set up so they could get work done besides their main jobs. The way I see it nothing Jack, Stan or Steve did, before or after , comes close to what they achieved when working together. They were all journeymen in the unforgiving environment of the late 1950s comic industry who got a second shot at it. If Jack was worried about his family finances, imagine how a fortysomething man who had only one job his whole civilian life felt about it. Anyone in that situation would engage in as much puffery as needed to keep his job. Whatever the settlement with Disney was, it was his work with Stan that got it for him. I once tried to read the Hunger Dogs imagining how it would read if Stan had a hand in it.I also tried to do the reverse with the Galactus trilogy. It got ugly.
  9. Looking to buy the run, printings don't matter. Just looking for complete, reading copies. Name your price ,shipped, to 85603
  10. Forgot about Creeper. That was one weird book. I've.never read Hawk and Dove. Did he create them or just draw a few issues?
  11. Boy howdy, it seems like this Stan Lee fellow must have really held back his employees. I wonder why they didn't go work for the Distinguished Competition. Speaking of which- did Ditko ever do any DC work before or after Shade?
  12. Find YOUR sweet spot and go from there. Early on ,in the developing CGC market, I decided people were punishing PLODs too severely and bought up a bunch of key books at a fraction of their Overstreet values. A book is worth what one person wants for it, and what another is willing to spend.
  13. There is a niche market for them but no set formula for their worth. Random books with double issues don't bring much of a premium but key issues are more in demand. I have a box of raw double and triple covers but only a few slabbed ones.
  14. On the last day of almost any show, you can find slabs for that or less. You just have to look and ask.