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  1. Have you ever read the first dozen or so issues of Wildcats? I find them vastly superior to the gook that Mar vel and c was putting out, and light years ahead of anything else Image did at the time.
  2. As time goes by, and more pop up, the price will almost certainly decrease.
  3. The thing I noticed was they were saying how rare this was and there were so few on the market but as soon as the deal went bad, it was no problem to replace that box with another one. I was tracking an online auction this weekend and two pokeman binders went for well more than I expected. Is this something worth learning about? I see lots of binders but have never noticed any sealed boxes.
  4. Nice. I got a bunch from a dealer in the midwest who advertised in the old CBG. I knew nothing about them and I guess he didnt either because he didn't mention them in the ad and I never noticed them for several years.
  5. Where did they come from? did you buy them off the newsstands? These are pretty scarce and command nice premiums for the most part. Do you have any Westerns? Welcome to the boards.
  6. Price it skyhigh. You can always lower the price. I'd start at $4,000 and hope somebody bites. If not, lower it 5% a week until someone buys it. It's unique, or semi-unique at worst.
  7. Over the next week I intend to list a bunch of cardsI picked up along the way. Most come from auctions, estate sales and craigs list collections. Any loose cards came in nine pocket plastic sheets and thats where they are right now. Any individual cards will ship well protected. Any regular individual card is one dollar. Mix and match 13 regular cards for $10. Most chase cards are $2 or 6 for $10. All the cards look good to me, as if they were carefully put into sheets, then books and stored. I will note any damage I see. Shipping on these cards is $2, for up to 20 cards. Free if you buy more than 20 loose cars. There will be a few sealed boxes from the early/mid 90s, and near complete sets from the same period. Shipping will be capped at $15 and is USofA only. Paypal preferred but I'm easy. First person to claim a card on this thread gets it. Lot 1 is a rare 1993 Spiderman vs Venom hologram that is the best holo I've ever seen. Marvel Universe Series 4, card H-IV $38. Photo to follow but I can't get one that does this card justice. Card is in a top loader Lot 2 1994 Fleer Suspended Animation Chase Cards $2 each Available are #s1-5,9,10 Lot 3 1994 Marvel Masterpieces Silver Holofoils. $2 each Available are cards 1-7,9,10 Lot 4- 1994 Marvel Masterpieces $1 each Available are cards 1-95, 97-136,138,139 Lot 5 Marvel Masterpieces Powerblast Chase Set $2 each Cards 1-9 available, with duplicates of Cable and Archangel Lot 6- 1995 Fleer Ultra 150 card base set All cards available except #10 Lot 7-1995 Fleer Ultra Sinister Observations Chase set $2 each Available cards 2,3,5,7 and 9
  8. Luckily for you, I happen to have a few thousand CA books I can let you have for a good price.
  9. Those type of bags were available empty to comic shops as a way to package excess stock, as opposed to the Whitman bags where the books weren't first available elsewhere. They are nice and very collectible but the condition of the books can vary.
  10. look them up on the internet.
  11. You folks must be seeing something I'm not. I see a blonde haired Belit. Valeria wore sleeves. Belit didn't. I see Belit. Others see Valeria. I don't think it's a first anything, no matter who it is.
  12. Can someone post a Marvel comic depiction of Valeria from the time the art was drawn. When I picture her, she is in leather pants, with a loose, white, pirate shirt. I have read the original stories more recently than I have read the comics so maybe my memories are off. The way she is depicted in The Age of Conan stories is pretty spot on to the way I picture her. Not like the movie showed her.
  13. Most of the images people are showing are from the movie. The female in the movie is named Valeria but her character is much closer to Belit than to Robert Howard's Valeria. I don't see how a character from a movie that was almost a decade after the art in question was drawn can be used to decide who is in the art. In the written universe, it was Belit who overcame death to save her beloved, not Valieria. I have over two dozen Conan 58s, although none would get a 9.8. so I'm not arguing from a financial point of view. I'd love for #58 to explode, and as I have five long boxes of Conan 1-150, I hope they all take off.