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  1. I cant see any way this gets anything but a restored label.
  2. Comic Detectives Unite!

    Took three seconds looking at the interior scan. Fool's and their money.......
  3. Deal or no deal?

    Local auction in Vegas.
  4. Deal or no deal?

    Thanks. I passed on it. It went for $800 plus 16 %. The next bid was $850, and I'm pretty sure the guy would have gone more.
  5. Whatever became of Alan Light?

    Yes, I learned the hard way that you needed to pay extra for the quick delivery.
  6. Today's Score

    I like the early Dredd art from 2000AD. It was a strange mix of Peanuts meets Star Wars.
  7. Deal or no deal?

    Amazing Spider-Man 1, with half the cover gone and the rest not attached, BC missing some chunks, interior is okay, nothing missing. Pages mostly cream, no brittlesness. Currently at $800. Would you buy?
  8. Sparkle City Comics

    No, short and to the point. Sparkle City is more than just Neat Stuff without Mike. There was a bit more, but not germane to this thread.
  9. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    Come up to me at a swap meet with a $100 and that's a lot of cash. Approach some dealers at NYC with a thousand dollars and it isn't. It's all relative.
  10. Sparkle City Comics

    I was informed, via pm, that Sparkle City is not just Neat Stuff without Mike.
  11. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    I pay ebay 13% of the sale so of course I'm going to bump up the price.
  12. Whatever became of Alan Light?

    By the by, I bought many a BA book from Tony S, who was a mainstay in the CBG. One of the first ads I'd check out every issue.
  13. Sparkle City Comics

    Someone correct me if I'm mistaken, but isn't Sparkle City just Neat Stuff without Mike?
  14. Whatever became of Alan Light?

    When was the latest info on him from? Anything after 1990? That's about when he seems to disappear.
  15. Tough one - TOD 10

    I thought I had responded, but its not there. I asked about the stain in the upper corner of the back cover. If it doesn't bleed into the inside, maybe a 7.5. If it does, I'd go 6.0