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  1. And Here's a CBCS graded 8.5 with a right edge coming short of the pages:
  2. How about this one:!28677!US!-1&_sacat=63&_nkw=hulk+181+3.0&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313&LH_TitleDesc=0
  3. Yeah you said that the pages extend beyond the cover which isn't the case. The back cover extends beyond the front cover and the pages.
  4. I looked at this book in person (not the owner) and noticed that it's only the back cover that extends beyond the cover and the other pages. So if it was trimmed then they must've trimmed the cover and every page with exception of the back cover which I don't think would be likely. I haven't seen other examples that had a back cover that extended past all the other pages and the front cover but that's what is happening here.
  5. I read up on this guy and all the shady things he did. Just curious if he is still selling and if anyone knows what user names to watch out for. Or are there any other bad sellers out there? Also, when did his reign of terror begin / end? Would buying a PGX pre-2006 be ok for example?
  6. Ok great thanks! That's what I figured but didn't want to assume anything before making a future purchase decision.
  7. Check out the bottom of these Hulk 181s. Some have more of the Hulk's foot and Wendigo's foot and some have more red up at the top. Are these just miscut badly? Does that effect the grade much? Or was there some missed restoration involved?
  8. Wow I'd be pretty upset if they marked a book that I bought off the rack as trimmed... Did you resubmit it or keep it raw?
  9. So I'm kind of new to collecting so this may be a dumb question but I've been studying the cover of various Hulk 181s that have been going up for auction and have noticed that the top and the bottom of the cover varies pretty drastically on them. For example in some you can clearly see Wendigo's foot and some black lines on Hulks foot. In others you can't see Wendigo's foot or just part of his foot. And the top of the book on some have more red space than others. Is this common in books or was there some restoration involved on these? Which one is preferred (more foot or more read space up top)? I'm guessing it might've just been miscut after printing and that more foot is better. Hopefully it's not missed restoration because that would pretty bad on the graders part. Here are some that I was looking at from more foot to less foot:
  10. Awesome, thank you for the great advice and the input! I think you're right in the assumption that it will likely stay flat or increase in the short to long term. As for auctions are the best bets Heritage, Comic connect, and ebay in that order?
  11. Does anyone have data on the price history of Amazing Fantasy 15 or Amazing Spider-man 1? I'm interested in purchasing it but I'm a little worried the price is escalating quickly which may mean I should act now or wait for a correction in prices. If anyone has info on this it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise if anyone has any tips on acquiring said info that would work too. I guess I can purchase an Overstreet price guide for the last 10 years on eBay but that's kind of pricey.