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  1. She called and they had the book but everyone snapped 'em up so by the time she drove over they were all gone. I'm sure there were 150 copies in the back room. Reminds me of Astro City 1. I was waiting for it to come out but it never hit my LCS stands for some reason. Went over the hill and they were on issue 5 or 6. A few months later the back issue bins at my LCS have 20 copies of #1 for 10 bucks each.
  2. Ranma 1/2 Prince (Bolland cover) I remember a lady screaming in the LCS at the kid behind the counter because they were sold out. Mage 6 and 7
  3. EtaNick on Youtube has a video up of him driving in. He does it all the time. Check it out.
  4. Maybe post in Comics General too so more people see it. File a report with the Boston Police? It looks to be a massive place but if a boardie knows someone who works there they can get "behind the scenes". Maybe it will end up at the "dead letter" version of the airports lost and found and then make its way to ebay.
  5. Any boardies nearby who can print this out and get them to the break rooms of security, baggage and janitorial with a phone number and reward? If you slapped someone of a different race, age, sex etc there would be airport video of it on the news within hours. There is video of you walking away from this page. An unattended package should of resulted in a call to security. This page is at least 11 x 17, not a coffee cup or candy wrapper. I have returned hundreds of found items when I get in to work that the day shift is just sitting on doing absolutely nothing. Our janitorial crew brings us anything odd they find in the trash.... shiny boxes, keyboards missing keys etc.
  6. Try calling different departments at all times of the day/night. I work with a crew and many are total wash outs. I'll open a drawer and find a guy's passport and say "What the hell is this???!!!" ....and they will be "like oh yeah man that was turned in last month...." "Did you call the police or the Taiwan embassy!!!???" "No dude why would we do that?" and they just go back to watching wrestling or smoking cigs. Try to find someone there who cares, there will probably be one or two.
  7. Alf Pogs


    I would have passed just on the spine wrap. Over half a million copies of this book printed.
  8. Alf Pogs

    Is this a 9.6?

    There are long threads somewhere around here about the higher grade Avengers 1's from the way back days. You can hunt them down and see all the opinions for yourself if you like. If memory serves correct, what I got out of the discussions was they had graded a "9.4" then a nicer looking book showed up and so it had to be a "9.6" even tho it might not stack up against your ASM 252 9.6. Anybody feel free to correct me or find the thread.
  9. Alf Pogs

    The Deadpool NON-APPRECIATION Thread.

    Deadpool 11 where they draw him into an old issue of ASM was great. YouTube Epic Rap Battles vs Boba Fett is funny. My NM 98 is about Fine + so not worth selling. If it was 9.4 +..... Gone! I bought it off the rack but can't remember from where which doesn't happen with "better" books.
  10. The yellow would be gone first if that book was ever in the sun. A different concentration or "mix" of blue ink during the run. Love that book wanna dig out my copy now. No idea where it is.
  11. "Is a decade too long to wait for my books from Paradise Comics?"
  12. I read some free stuff on line sometimes, the public domain stuff, I can't remember my Marvel password anymore. But like collecting silver dollars you can usually get more out than you put in + the enjoyment. Can't do that buying online comics.
  13. Alf Pogs

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    When's the sale? I want that 100.
  14. Alf Pogs

    I'm getting priced out of collecting

    Trade your rims..... Now try to get a single OA page from any of your fave books. When I see the current prices on books I have dumped or given away or passed on I just laugh. All in good fun.