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    If I just sell the car, I can up my bid...
  1. Definitely! I just figured there HAD to be something with the volume printed weekly over there.
  2. I could find stacks of cels cheap in Japan Town all the time so I thought maybe this stuff is all over Japan like trading cards.
  3. I had a fantasy about jumping on a plane with 100 grand and coming back with pallet loads..... that would only get me 2 head sketches!
  4. I like EtaNick's grading tutorials on YouTube. There are lots of guides published over the years also like Overstreet Grading but Nick's videos are the best. They are fun to watch and have great books.
  5. how about sticking it under a stack of heavy books for a week and then taking another picture of that corner
  6. That Lum is amazing! I read she used to do 300 pages a month! I was in SF along time ago heading for a surf trip to Costa Rica and missed the Astro Boy art exhibit. I was standing outside the museum and had to go.
  7. There are plenty of "Tattooz" books that are not ASM238. Just don't use a GI Joe 9!
  8. What are your comic collecting goals for this year??

    A nice page of OA every month. Got 2 so far so I have got to catch up a bit. Only buy super deals at flea markets and garage sales. Dump 4 longs for fast ca$h that I keep tripping over. Send 20 of my best books to CGC. Read all this stuff!!! Draw at least 1 page a month of my own too.
  9. This week in your collection?

    Cross post from the Journals but got that Pressman for a buck.
  10. These are great Felix! I like how Danzig said the Japanese artists don't sell their work because it would make them seem like failures. I always wanted OA from Japan and now I know why there is so little available.
  11. Collectible Insurance Services review

    Sorry to hear this. Commissions? Personal art? Silver Age covers?
  12. ASM 100 and Cosmic art?!

    This drove me crazy for years... where is that new background from?
  13. I would love almost anything from issue 2 where he tries to swim the Atlantic!
  14. Don't those look worse in pics than real life? Remember the Batman 9.8 thread. I'll look for it later tonight.