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  1. Guy had a table of books in the movie Jumper. Only a New Mutants 6 for a split second.
  2. not sure.... it wasn't much of a comic. IZombie was. Now that was a comic.
  3. I read everything until Burnside Batgirl and I gouged out my eyes.
  4. I used to collect Misfits 45s in the early 80's and this is what happened to them. Knock off after bootleg after fake over and over again. Even the guys at the original pressing plants doing it after hours. I can see this happening for the modern variants. Still got the print file for ASM 667 Del Otto? Boss is gone... run some off.
  5. First 3 issue run of Strangers in Paradise was pretty cool.
  6. Punisher vs Bullseye Mob boss hiding from Frank in a Bill Clinton dress. Even has a kid in a hoodie named Trayvon helping Bullseye.
  7. Long time ago I pulled 2 copies from a 25 cent bin. 1 signed inside by Frank.