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  1. Am I hosed?

    To follow up on this for anyone monitoring this thread, I was finally able to talk to CGC customer service today. The lady on the phone was nice and pretty helpful. She directed me to the graders notes, which she read to me and don't seem to capture the new defect that is now present on the book. Not sure what that means? Anyway, she provided her email address and advised to send photos and explanation, which I will do now. Will follow up with this thread when/if I receive a reply.
  2. Am I hosed?

    Good point Bomber-Bob. I'll still try to reach out to CGC to see if anyone is interested in standing behind the customer. If so, I will sing their praises amongst the inter-webs and social media. Otherwise, I'll let sleeping dogs lie.
  3. Am I hosed?

    It appears to me (not an expert) that paper is actually missing, almost like an abrasion on that corner. I don't think there's anything to fold back over. Also, it would need to be un-slabbed (is that a word?) to check it out which I don't know I'm comfortable with.
  4. Am I hosed?

    Yep, appreciate your feedback. I suspect the same. Maybe it’s just the chance anyone takes when sending books for grading/pressing. It left my hands in good condition. It’s a bitter pill to take when you pay for a service, and entrust your valuables, and then there’s no assurance of safe handling. At this point, I’ve paid for the item, paid for shipping 4 times, pressing, grading, and ended up with a book that is about 50% of the value of when I originally received it.
  5. Am I hosed?

    Hero Restoration out of Oregon
  6. Am I hosed?

    This is the response from the presser on that question, "unfortunately we process too many books to have any documentation or photos of it prior to us shipping the book.". I still need to reach out to CGC, but I am concerned that between the presser and CGC, the customer may be caught in the middle. We'll see what happens. Will keep this thread updated.
  7. Am I hosed?

    No.. It was not a CGC pressing service, but it is a well known service. I have reached out to them and, not surprisingly, received the "not me" response.
  8. Hi everyone! Are you ready for a sad story? Well, I've got one and I would appreciate any feedback or advice anyone has. I recently received a batch of books (11 in total) back from CGC. I am not an expert on this process, but all in all, I was pretty happy with the results considering several 9.8's and books otherwise graded as anticipated, etc.. However, I was heartbroken to discover that my most valuable book (Walking Dead #1) came back with a 9.0. I really thought it was a nice book. I had purchased it on the bay and here were the seller's condition comments from the listing, "Near Mint NM 1st. This is a beautiful copy with sharp corners and white pages. There are two light stress lines on the cover, which are visible at a particular angle to the light. One is near the spine (picture 9), the other is near the "D" in the logo (picture 10). No other flaws that I can detect.". When I received the book and inspected it, I agreed with the seller's comments. Really nice book. With this in mind, I sent it for pressing and then on for grading and I took pictures the day I sent it off (see attached before and after). Unfortunately, after inspection, I could first see that the book was severely out of center in the slab tilted maybe 20 degrees or so. Next, to my total amazement, I could see exactly why the low grade. I was horrified to see that the lower corner near the back now has a small tear and a chunk missing? A chunk missing! The damage is so severe that it raised the paper in that area when looking at the front of the book as well. None of my other books in this batch had any such issue, so if it selectively happened to a book in the middle of my stack while shipping, I'm calling the Vatican to report the miracle. I truly have no idea what could have happened (wood chipper?), but it appears that I now own a book that is worth several hundred dollars less than it was worth previously. Again, the entire remainder of this batch was fine. I took pictures of all books prior to sending and, other than this particular book, grades were as expected, no surprises; and no other damage.