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  1. The one that passed the "can the in-laws use it" test was Nvidia Shield Pro (plus a Harmony remote).
  2. A framer might be able to put a rabbet (spacer) in there. Or a strip of silicone film.
  3. There really is only one movie about collecting obsessions... CITIZEN KANE! MAJOR SPOILER and considered one of the greatest endings in cinema history. (Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie, don't watch the clip below. Go watch the whole thing. The movie is consistently on the top of GOAT lists. I'm only posting it here for those of you who know it already.)
  4. I tried to buy some art online once. And then a bunch of other people tried to buy the same art. And they all kept offering more than me... like really, really fast. It almost felt, I don't know, automated somehow. So I finally offered a lot more money for the art than I originally wanted to... and the seller accepted! But then, the website told me I owed them 20% more of what I just paid! And then the governor's office told me they wanted another 9% of ALL of that. And then the guy the seller had bring me the art said I had to pay him too. Then, it got here and it was all old and yellowed and torn. So I paid another guy to fix it up. It all just hurt so much that I shoved it into a portfolio and haven't looked at it since.
  5. Amazing taste. I love it when collectors become hyper-focused. Thanks for posting.
  6. Vaguely McGinnis, but honestly everyone was drawing in that style in the mid to late 60s. The Taschen books are thick with this stuff- https://www.amazon.com/Lifestyle-Illustration-60s-Rian-Hughes/dp/1906863040
  7. They had one show in lower Manhattan and then moved back to NJ for the subsequent shows.
  8. With his pink gi, Wolverine is showing his support for breast cancer charities- https://www.grapplingstore.com/Fuji-Pink-Ribbon-Gi-p/fbvp.htm (Not a joke! It's a real thing in the BJJ community. )
  9. We had a similar thread a few months ago with some good names in it -- But maybe this isn't quite what you're looking for?
  10. I think you bought a Batman piece JUST so you could make that joke. If so, I tip my hat to you sir.
  11. The biggest development in the history of the graphic arts has been Ctrl-Z.
  12. If this was the final inked version for publication, I'd be OK with it. But if he re-inked after publication as a recreation, I'd pass as I don't collect commissions for the most part. Some collectors do and that's completely OK, but valuation needs to be adjusted accordingly.
  13. I'm going to echo grapeape. Selling for cash is going to give you much more flexibility. And as PhilipB mentioned, you might have to sit on that cash before you can locate a piece you really like. Set a high price in the Comics Selling subforum and take offers. You can probably get a price you are comfortable with. Just don't sell to the first lowballs that come in. All that aside, "sell the bottom to buy the top". Meaning, don't sell your WWBN. Sell all your drek and lower end stuff first. Unless the WWBN is the only thing that's going to move the needle enough to get you where you need to be. After all... you're going to eventually sell ALL your comics to buy OA!