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  1. BCarter27

    HA February Auction

    Famous Funnies... Does this mean there's a guarantee buyer at $400K? Or is this just a made up number and there will be best offer negotiations after the auction?
  2. BCarter27

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    I could be wrong, but all of the pages I've seen from that issue were separate pencils by Kirby and lightboxed inks by Theakston on two separate boards. This is likely a Theakston-only page with a FMV of about $400-500. A cool page from a fun series, but if it was sold to you as a page that Kirby touched, you might want to discuss with the seller.
  3. I was going to say the cover, but I would never be able to unsee Spidey's right leg-
  4. BCarter27

    HA February Auction

    Which should serve as a warning to all... you really have to be careful of lightening on the HA scans.
  5. BCarter27

    Any artist you prefer pencils only, no ink?

    I'm a sucker for some well-drawn foliage!
  6. BCarter27

    Any artist you prefer pencils only, no ink?

    Yeah, this is pretty! https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=27286 There was an article about Neal's prelims and pencils in either Rough Stuff or Comic Book Artist or one of those. It was really enlightening and made me appreciate his work all the more. (I just went digging in my boxes, but I couldn't find it.) TwoMorrows is great like that though- https://issuu.com/twomorrows https://issuu.com/search?q=rough stuff Colan- https://issuu.com/twomorrows/docs/colanpreview
  7. BCarter27

    Any artist you prefer pencils only, no ink?

    My wife's... Personally, my go-to answer for this question has always been Gene Colan. I liked his 80s stuff that wasn't inked. I don't think Jay Anacleto is ever inked. So I don't think he fits the premise of the question. Cary Nord went straight to colors for Conan. He's had inked books, but I prefer his pencils. ...and Michael Zulli.
  8. BCarter27

    professionalism and intellectual honesty

    My understanding is that some of the artists send him their inventory, but others keep it with them. There are certain artists that are not in his convention setup.
  9. You likely won't see these anywhere else! Zero Month promo kit - SEALED 1994 Zero Hour DC RARE! | eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/113599888877 Robin mini series promo kit - SEALED 1991 DC RARE! | eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/113599896960
  10. BCarter27

    Near SEVEN figure mtg art sales

    Which is odd to me in some ways... MTG doesn't exist without D&D which doesn't exist without the sword and sorcery explosion of the Frazetta era, etc. But I'm not saying he has to justify his MTG purchases by going out and buying a Frazetta painting!
  11. BCarter27

    Near SEVEN figure mtg art sales

    I'm the guy that said I'd take the Action Comics 1 color mockup over a copy of the actual book. So you'll get no argument about OA over the published counterpart from me. Nor about there needing to be a value difference between the two. But whoa nellie... what a value difference! There's no peer justification propping these prices up. It's all just made up numbers. That's the problem with private sales. We've seen it happen on these boards over and over when someone loses money sending a piece to auction after buying it at an inflated price privately. Other than homerun balls, maybe another comparable would be Star Wars figure backing card production materials. But those prices aren't near these levels.
  12. I never got around to sharing our Alan Lee prelim pencil in this thread... https://www.comicartfans.com/LowryPiece.asp?Piece=9756 ...but it bubbled up to front of mind this week because I found this print of the cover triptych to go with it! The print is YUGE! I think it was a promo item sent out to bookstores by Penguin, but I could be wrong. All I know is in 15 years of collecting Alan Lee ephemera, I hadn't seen one. So I was very excited to get it to go with the prelim my wife and I acquired late last year. The pair are the closest we'll likely get to the original painting.
  13. BCarter27

    Near SEVEN figure mtg art sales

    Same. My exposure to any MTG card art was through fantasy illustration circles and the works were always too small and under-rendered to capture my interest. And this was the nicer, later stuff by name fantasy artists. Just piles of prelim-level works thrown into boxes at the foot of their tables at Illuxcons. I've only played the game twice. It wasn't my whole world as I'm sure it was for some people. In my entire life, I've never seen anything in any collectible market ramp up as insanely fast as the pieces in these threads. I don't think you can even discuss this in the context of other original art fields... comic, fantasy, illustration, fine art. The craftsmanship just isn't there (on these early pieces). I think the only truly comparable collecting hobby would be sports memorabilia. https://www.thesportster.com/entertainment/top-15-most-expensive-pieces-of-sports-memorabilia-ever-sold/ It's got the same wide reach and user participation (as in many people grow up playing baseball, football, basketball.) These are homerun balls for nerds. I love nerds. But the people collecting this art at these price points need to have their heads examined. I'd love to ask them a few questions... Are they married? Do they have kids? Do they have a financial adviser? When and to whom are they thinking of selling? 5 years? 10 years? Do they think MTG will grow as a franchise by then? Will there be five super-rich guys trading these back and forth (and fixing their own prices) or do they think new collectors will be there at 7 figures to pick up the gauntlet? I know... I know... What I collect is awesome and what you collect ____. But I think the speed and height of the ramp here deserves some major side-eye.
  14. Only PayPal can answer whether their seller protection will cover that, but my recommendation for the future would be to always include a handling fee to cover the cost of Signature Required on anything over a certain dollar amount.
  15. My wife and I are letting go a small batch of really dynamic Green Lantern splashes done in Van Sciver's intricate style. Beautiful linework and inking on these. EVS roughs out the layouts and figures in blueline pencil on the page and then goes directly to inking! Just sees the whole thing in his head and executes it. Pretty remarkable way of working and the results are exciting and distinctive... This was a great run on GL! Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 5 p13 $750 Ethan Van Sciver Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 5 p14-15 $900 Ethan Van Sciver Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 15 p7 $1600 Ethan Van Sciver Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 15 p8-9 $850