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  1. Dude- https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1430732
  2. All they did was increase the length of threads. Instead of a simple laugh reaction, there are going to be a billion reply quotes every time someone posts something funny. Annoying.
  3. From the Bleeding Cool post- https://bleedingcool.com/comics/comic-creators-react-to-dc-comics-and-their-nft-plans/ I think DC should step in regarding open editions and limited editions to protect their IP and properly license it out. I think they should get the heel out of the way on 1-of-1's. That's the original art that the artist should be allowed to sell.
  4. Computers use more energy under CPU load. In my opinion, I completely understand and share artists' environmental concerns regarding Ethereum. But as has been pointed out in the threads @vodoulinked, NFT and cryptoart is a fart in the wind compared to the institutional money happening on there. It's kind of like saying household recycling is important. It definitely is, but then you see the scale of industrial pollution and you just...
  5. Also some great stuff in this thread-
  6. I don't know, but if I were Jeremy Irons, I'd be all over this.
  7. Same. I did some catch-up reading and even checked in to see if some of my all-time fav (non-comic) digital-only artists had jumped into it. (They had.) The prices were doable, but I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. Would I buy if a high end monoprint was being sold along with the token? (giclee, physical mural even?) I don't think it would sway me... unless it was big enough that making another would be cost-prohibitive. How about buying a traditional piece of OA and getting the NFT along with it -- which is what I saw with the Essential Sequential offerings? It's nice, bu
  8. I don't have any specific links, but poke around on YouTube. I bet there are some videos of folks using document repair tape or water-soluble paste to create removable hinges.
  9. Here are my notes on this from a few years ago. Again, whatever you do, DON'T use a solvent. If the piece is that bad, you need to send it to Gordon Christman. To tape the pieces back together, you can just use 1-2 2" small pieces of archival hinging tape. It isn't necessary to tape the whole length. https://www.dickblick.com/products/lineco-document-repair-tape/
  10. if they were, can you imagine how many "How do I store my eggs?" threads we'd have to answer?
  11. It may have been an alt for one of the promo posters- Can you reach out to Tod Smith? That GL run in ACW was pretty crazy, btw. Spoilers- https://greenlantern.fandom.com/wiki/Lord_Malvolio