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  1. Well, the eggnog gave you the runs, you got into a political argument with your aunt over Zoom and pecan pie, and you drunkenly made out with your own hand on New Year's Eve. Yep, 2020's dumpster fire has finally burned out... BUT THE COMIC ART SURVIVED!!! The votes have been tallied... and tallied... and tallied... Wait, who are all of these people in here watching me tally these votes?! On to the winners... In the UNPUBLISHED category, @alxjhnsn saves the day with his Super, Sugary, Spicey throwback cover by Dave Aikins! https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/4809
  2. Sorry for the delay folks! I hit a busy patch with work. So get in any last-minute entries or votes and we'll get this tallied up tonight.
  3. We had 88 entries last year and 83 thus far. So just about even Steven. I'd love to see more sketch covers and commissions as I know there are a lot of those being made this year. And just going by ebay alone, there are so many nice pieces available for $600 and under- https://www.ebay.com/b/Collectible-Original-Comics-Art/3984/bn_2310945?LH_Sold=1&rt=nc&_dmd=1&_sop=16&_udhi=600
  4. Heading into the weekend... don't forget to post if you haven't already. And to vote!
  5. $600 seems to be the magic number this year. Quality of entries is really high thus far. Tell your friends to come post!
  6. Hey folks, just wanted to see if we could get some of these beautiful sketch covers posted over at the Original Art subforum where we have a Best of 2020: Budget Edition review. All pieces $600 and under are welcome!
  7. This year's discussion thread will be moderated by Mogo. He finally decided to socialize a little. So my main hope this year is for everyone to post this around on Comics General, Signature Series thread, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Looking over last year's entries, as great as they were, it just wasn't representative of the VOLUME of great budget art that sells throughout the year. Can you all help me out by cross-posting BUDGET EDITION around? Anyone know anybody at CBR.com, etc? Let's get some new posters on here. Thanks all!
  8. Happy New Year, art-obsessed mole people! Close out of that Caviar food app and walk yourself down to the hot dog stand on the corner, because it's time for the Best of 2020... ...BUDGET EDITION! The year-end review where OA's dog brothers have a shot at glory! Once again, this is not intended to compete with, but rather to supplement the CAF Best Of 2020. So be sure to post your more hoitie-toitie pieces over there before Thursday. Now in our glorious fourth year, Budget Edition is intended to show the breadth and quality of comic art that can be had for
  9. Wire transfer is always safer for the seller because the buyer has no recourse, whereas they could initiate a chargeback with their credit card company.
  10. The more I look at this one, the more I like it. It's quite something getting all of those names in one spot.
  11. The missus is also a big fan of the Dude. These are up on the wall by her desk at the moment... Nyberg inks... And then into the Gary Martin inks Dark Horse era... Borderless panels... Insane character models... Silhouette. I love all of the Easter Eggs in this one... ..
  12. "Jealousy is the mind killer. I will let my jealousy pass through me..." Love it!