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  1. A "teen-ager" with a magical rotary-dial phone. How quaint! Is that a rope with icicles? Or solid ice? Great, I'm going to be stuck trying to figure this out all day...
  2. I still say this needs to be the board's mascot or something. At the very least, post her every time a thread gets out of hand!
  3. If it's proof you require... http://dcuguide.com/w/Driq
  4. BCarter27

    Titans (2018 TV series)

    I've only seen the pilot, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was all geared up to hate it after watching the trailer (and Akiva Goldsman. Warning bells!) But it wasn't predictable at all and their take on Starfire is intriguing. It left me wanting to see the next ep. And with an overall dark tone, the tag with Beast Boy was a nice, comedic counterbalance. Let the inflammatory rip! Curious to hear criticisms. Like I said, my expectations were very low.
  5. I've shown this beauty recently, but... Seen and raised. I give you Driq from Criq, the GL who just won't die. Courtesy Joe Staton.
  6. BCarter27

    Milo Manara search

    Do a search here for Manara -- http://comicarttracker.com/en/search Good luck!
  7. BCarter27

    Photographing art with a cell phone (tips)

    CamScanner is good, but it has two problems... First, the free version only provides low res. Second, the default setting monkeys with the brightness and contrast too much. I've gotten better results by using its warping feature, but dialing in the brightness and contrast manually. I will try Office lens. My sister just got me this funny little device called a PopSocket-- https://www.popsockets.com.au/pages/what-is-a-popsocket I think this might help me at NYCC take pictures with just one hand on my phone. I am using ProCamera to lock the focus. We'll see how it goes.
  8. Still trying to wrap my head around this, but on top of his great work on Batman, Whisper, Spectre, Prime, etc., Metaphysique 1-2 was mind-blowing to me when it came out. I wish I'd had a chance to meet him. You could really tell he poured heart and soul into that.
  9. BCarter27

    Norm Breyfogle In Memoriam

    This one hurts. Breyfogle was one of the first artists that I "noticed" as a young comics reader. To me, he was to Bats what McFarlane was to Spidey in that period -- a completely fresh style. I've posted some of my wife's and my pieces before, but...
  10. BCarter27

    Al Williamson strip art contest

    Beautiful! But let's keep it to just newspaper strip art. Sundays are OK too.
  11. Trying something a little off the wall here... I've always loved Al Williamson (who doesn't?!) and don't have an example. That other thread got me thinking this is definitely a gap in my collection. There are lots of strip examples flying around for sale lately, but what constitutes a great one? So, here's the contest... From now until the end of NYCC on October 7, post your favorite Williamson strip examples. Only one image per post. Then, everyone can vote by clicking the Like button. I will tally up all of the likes a day or two after we close for new entries. You don't have to own the art! It's great if you do, but if you want to post a beauty from someone else's CAF or website, please link back to the source. You can also post scans or pics of the published strips. It doesn't have to be OA, but be selective. And please give us your thoughts as to WHY you selected that particular piece. Post as many entries as you want, but just one image per post. Otherwise, it's hard to tally the voting. OK, have at it! Let's find the greatest strip page Williamson ever illustrated. This should be fun! P.S. If this goes well, I have a few other topics and artists we can do too.
  12. BCarter27

    Original Art for Sale

    Glad it's just the car!
  13. BCarter27

    The Original Art for Batman's...er...member.

    Nice attention to detail -- rain, flashing lights, throbbing Batsignal... This is oddly hypnotic.
  14. BCarter27

    When will/will the WALKING DEAD bubble burst?

    I've said it before, AMC has no reason to ever let end this show. Worst case, there are so many ways they can lower the budget to keep it going with even just its smallest core audience. I've always thought it could be a long-term franchise for them. One spin-off doesn't stick? Re-cast, re-set, different point in the timeline, and spin up the next one. But I didn't say I'd watch all of them.
  15. BCarter27

    Star Wars: Resistance

    Hmmm. Maybe he's not there after all... https://comicbook.com/starwars/2018/08/14/star-wars-resistance-dave-filoni-involvement/