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  1. BCarter27

    Batman 50 OA debacle?

    Somebody bought the Middleton variant cover.
  2. BCarter27

    HA Summer Auction starting to look pretty good

    12-year-old me agreed with you. However, I did appreciate the change-up in graphic design to signal a Very Special Story. The Joker cover was terrific though.
  3. BCarter27

    Art of the Avengers Show at the Society of Illustrators NYC

    We rushed through this on the way to another engagement, and didn't get to stay as long as I would've liked. But quite a show with treasures galore! Thanks to everyone who lended their art for us to enjoy. Blurry pictures await you! (I hate this iphone. I think I actually got better shots on my old flip phone.) https://smile.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/HwdGqusVfHl9jJER9tOfZzJeQW1agCY5LrQrEcgQtu1
  4. BCarter27

    Recent Hake's Bargains?

    With only one Bat panel, I personally wouldn't pay more than $600. Seems like they rode the recent Aparo wave a bit.
  5. Is that Warlock Gil Kane? If so, his layouts are always incredible. Very ahead of his time.
  6. BCarter27

    New way to remove tape

    It's a cut out panel? Hmmm, being that old, you might want to let it be. Maybe test a corner to see if the adhesive is still gummy or if it has dried out completely. If it has dried out, the eraser method won't work. A pro would probably need to use solvents on it (or I've read they even use sandpaper in some instances!)
  7. BCarter27

    Share your Strangest OA...

    You could've just stopped right there.
  8. BCarter27

    New way to remove tape

    That's what I have found to be the best after trying a few different ones. Leave those little balled up rubber pieces on the goo. Don't brush them away as you are working your way down the page. They help trap the residue. I've also used an architect's dry cleaning pad just to get some more of that rubber debris out of it. Then I work that around the goo with the Magic Rub. (I'm just going to set that one up, if anyone wants to knock it down. ) Put a couple of pieces of clean copy paper under your art as you work. Try to work in one direction, "pushing" the goo off the page. Careful not to get it onto the front side of the art. After you get the bulk of the goo off, run your finger down the page and you will still feel a slight residue. Make another "clean" pass with the eraser over that to try to pickup as much as you can. I don't think that you can get that last bit of residue off completely without a solvent, but it will be 90-95% clean -- MUCH better than it was with the tape on it. FYI, I only do this with DPS tape. I leave registration targets and all other correct tape in place as that is part of the piece. Work SLOW. Especially when removing the tape. Also, be very careful not to buckle the Bristol when erasing. Stabilize it with your free hand and work in small sections as you move down the page. Good luck! Take some pics of your before and after for us.
  9. BCarter27

    Share your Strangest OA...

    My wife made me sell mine this month. And I was so proud the day I brought it home. Tony Moore, The Exterminators. The lead character has to give CPR to the girl's pet rat. It doesn't go well. So my next strangest has to be my only commission... Driq from Criq, the undead Green Lantern by Joe Staton. Takes me right back to the old days every time.
  10. BCarter27

    Where do you guys buy original comic pages?

    You really only need three sites- http://comicarttracker.com/en/ http://www.comicartfans.com/New_Comic_Art.asp?PM=1&PI=54 https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/forum/45-original-comic-art-marketplace/ with Instagram being an up-and-comer for art sales.
  11. BCarter27

    phone bidding on heritage. have you ever?

    That's been my experience as well. Very professional.
  12. BCarter27

    Is this for real?

    Only if we can get the original recalled COA.
  13. BCarter27

    Batman 50 OA debacle?

    Yes, it's one of the interior splashes -- which just makes the pricing more egregious.
  14. BCarter27

    Batman 50 OA debacle?

    And at nearly twice the price as his covers, but with no background. I wonder if the artists of the splashes and covers were upset about the story too. They sent out those Joelle Jones wedding dress model sheets to everyone like it was happening. But bye bye big payday.
  15. BCarter27

    is there a place

    http://comicarttracker.com/en/search Restrict Item status to: Sold Items