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  1. Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

  2. Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

    So tell us some stories. I have no idea who Conrad is.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/sch/Original-Comic-Art/3984/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=bcarter27
  4. Big Apple Con OA pics

    Thanks. My poor brain... There was a lot of art flying around that day.
  5. Big Apple Con OA pics

    His price was $1000/page for everything on his table. Those were the best pages. And they sold!
  6. Big Apple Con OA pics

    I think it was $4-5K. Here is his Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Mark-Schultzs-Xenozoic-Tales-and-Other-Stories-223005194775/
  7. Yes, yes. It is one of a kind (errrr, see below.) It is collectible (similar to one-off photo "gallery" prints, installation prints, proofs, and other multiples in the fine art and photography world.) Janin is beyond talented and those are gorgeous pieces. But the difference can be summed up in one little phrase-- CMD-Z (or CTRL-Z if you are on Windows!) The Undo feature is not something a traditional artist can rely on. And that's why a beautiful hand-crafted piece of OA will always be valued higher and more coveted. There is no parachute. From an OA collecting POV, digital one-off prints are the artist trying to have their cake and eat it too. From a print-collecting POV, these are interesting and exclusive (and should be priced more in line with the print market.) But what happens when one of these covers is licensed to art.com officially via DC for reproduction on any paper or canvas size of your choosing, with logo? Then, we are into this territory- https://thomaskinkade.com/education/editions/ In any case, it will be interesting to see how the secondary market responds to all of this. Janin, as an extremely talented mainstream Bat-artist, is in a unique position to try this experiment.
  8. Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

    I'd run over the Mile High Action 1 in this to get to the OA-
  9. Do Jerome Opena Uncanny X-Force Pages Exist?

    CAT found three covers- http://comicarttracker.com/en/search Kwan Chang :: For Sale Artwork :: Covers / Pinups by artist Jerome Opena http://www.kwanchang.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=9051&ArtistId=561 Kwan Chang :: For Sale Artwork :: Covers / Pinups by artist Jerome Opena http://www.kwanchang.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=9052&ArtistId=561 Kwan Chang :: For Sale Artwork :: Covers / Pinups by artist Jerome Opena http://www.kwanchang.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=9050&ArtistId=561
  10. Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

    Which of these will be the main draw, in your opinion?
  11. Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

    I think the AF 15 story is the only thing that might apply here. Frazetta, Hulk 181, and the rest are not the cultural milestones that first Superman or Spider-man are. Action 1 cover OA is not comic art, it is a major piece of Americana. Hence my "Rockwell money" comment earlier. If there were no such thing as a Lucas Museum in the mix, I'd say a larger museum would be well-advised to acquire it. (A side question... Does anyone know if the Smithsonian only takes donations or do they make purchases?)
  12. Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

    If you can't bring people in the door with the first appearance of Superman or Spider-Man, maybe it's time to scrap the museum plans. I think you are getting at a larger question as to whether the Lucas Museum will be viable to the general public at all. The two closest comps might be the Geppi Museum (which has a strike against it by not being in NY or LA) or the Art of Pixar show several years ago at the MOMA (which iirc was very crowded?)
  13. Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

    Something like that would attract museum bidders, investment funds, and lots of non OA people. So all bets would be off. I would say Norman Rockwell money.
  14. Big Apple Con OA pics

    Schultz was there with art. Hit him up through Facebook. Or repost the images you are interested in here and I can probably remember the price.