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  1. All members in good standing are welcome. Thread claim wins, offers via PM are welcomed. Shipping is free for a limited time. Returns accepted if notify within 24 hours of receiving. All books listed are CGC graded blue label. I have 100% eBay feedback and here's my kudos thread The books (PMs offers are welcome) Journey into mystery 97 7.5 ow/w sold Origin Odin, 1st Surtur, 1st Ymir, Tales of Asgard begins New Teen Titans 1 1980 cgc 9.6 WP sold New Teen Titans 21 cgc 9.8 sold 1st Brother Blood Demon 1 cgc 9.2 ow/wp $350 1st Demon Strange Tales 180 cgc 9.2 WP sold 1st Gamorra Marvel Graphic novel 4 cgc 9.6 wp $350 1st New Mutants Moon Knight 1 cgc 9.8 wp $200 Batman 155 6.0 ow/w $420 1st silver age penguin Doorway to nightmare 1 cgc 9.8 1st Madame Xanadu $440 Shade the changing man 1 cgc 9.8 1st Shade $250 __ SOLD BOOKS BELOW Avengers 32 9.2 ow/w SOLD 1st Bill Foster X-Men 160 cgc 9.8 w SOLD 1st Ilyana (Magik) Marvel preview 7 cgc 6.5 ow/w first Rocket Raccoon SOLD Marvel graphic novel 4 cgc 9.0 wp first new mutants SOLD Journey into mystery 119 7.5 ow/w SOLD 1st Warriors Three Marvel Super-heroes 18 7.0 ow/w SOLD 1st Guardians of the Galaxy Fantastic four 53 7.5 ow/w SOLD 1st Klaw, Origin of Black Panther Wonder woman 179 8.0 ow/w SOLD 1st I-Ching, Dr. Cyber