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  1. Assuming 20% CAGR 3.2M would be over 1B in 31.5 years (2045). As a wise scientist once wrote, "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world..." Inflation not withstanding.
  2. Hi, all members in good standing are welcome. Items ship usps priority for $5 and returns accepted if notify within 24 hours of arrival. Paypal G&S welcome. I have 100% eBay feedback and can provide forum references as well. First thread claim wins; offers via PM welcome. Now, to the books: Teen Titans 1 1966 CGC 8.0 OW $335 1st issue in 1st series Fantastic Four Annual 3 1965 CGC 7.0 OW-W$95 classic wedding cover Amazing Spider-Man 265 CGC 9.8 W 325 1st Silver Sable Miracleman 1 CGC 9.8 W $90 1st issue Marvel Graphic novel 4 cgc 9.4 W $275 1st New Mutants.
  3. Northwest

    What Is The Best WWII Cover?

    There are a lot of great covers posted here. I'm fond of Action 40 for its classic delivery.
  4. Hi how does one tell (aside from aging cues) that a golden age DC key is genuine and not a reprint? What tells do you look for on the interior?
  5. The following blue label high grade CGC white pages books are for sale . First thread claim wins. Offers welcome via PM. I ship for $10 priority. Returns allowed if you notify within 24 hours of arrival. Payment via PayPal G&S. I have 100% eBay feedback and here's my kudos thread All-star comics 58 cgc 9.4 WP 1st Power Girl sold Defenders 28 CGC 9.0 WP 1st full Starhawk $80 Black Panther 1 CGC 9.6 WP 1st Issue sold Inhumans 1 CGC 9.5 WP $90 Fantastic four annual 3 cgc 7.0 OW-W $110 ASM 300 9.6 WP (copper forum sold)
  6. Hi all members in good standing welcome. Shipping is free USPS priority with signature in US. Paypal accepted . First in thread wins. Offers welcome via PM. Returns if notify within 24 hours of receiving. I have 100% eBay feedback and my kudos thread is here Amazing Spider-Man 300 CGC 9.6 WP
  7. 7 figure bidding from the comfort of home. 🏡 It happens in the fine art market too.
  8. Northwest

    Wonder Woman Original?

    Look at the publication date on the inside cover.