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  1. I'll estimate 2.5 🦇 this a truly icon piece.
  2. Robin Taylor is a great actor. Screenwriters recognize talent to bring the story to life.
  3. Auctions create visibility and a competitive dynamic, which fixed price books could benefit from. While inflation is not a concern among consumers, the story is different among certain investors aware of the risks to the dollar from monetary policy.
  4. Savvy investors are seeking a hedge against monetary inflation, and rare blue chip collectables like Tec 27 can be good stores of value.
  5. Agreed. The sports card market surge, especially moderns, is driven by social media hype from influencers (such as Gary V).
  6. Sensation 15 cgc 2.5 Ww2 cover, scarce (complete, Staples replaced) $349
  7. Sensation comics 24. Cgc 3.5 $350