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  1. I remember buying 150 too. I was a Chicago south side kid, and that was the summer that I discovered Joe Sarno's nostalgia shop on the north side. I couldn't believe that he had a copy of 150 in his window display, before I had even found 149 at the drug stores. The first back issue I (my Dad) ever bought was from Joe. I think it was about $1.50 for what was probably a VG- copy of ASM #40. It was absolutely heaven for an 11 year old kid.
  2. Really nice looking white 9.0 auction on Ebay ended at under $4,800. Just saw that an OW-W 9.2 #134 auction ended at over $320. I've made a lot of bad sell decisions over the years, but deciding to rebuild my 100-150 run (9.0 and up) two years ago is quickly making up for many of them.
  3. The 9.4 has an odd date stamp(?) by the Punisher's head, and it's also got some yellowing on the cover. It doesn't seem too far off for it to be at the far low end of 9.4 sales.
  4. Yes, but my entire retirement portfolio is structured around it.
  5. Thanks to another boardie, the mission is complete. This one is really pretty. The 9.2 white that I sold about 10 years ago, had about an 1/8th of an inch of white visible at the spine. I'm just too anal about what I like to own.
  6. I sold my 8.5 with white pages 12 years ago. Some stripper probably owns it now.
  7. Personally, I wouldn't consider amateur color touch, but professional I don't mind. I've seen both versions of 129 sell for close to the same amount at the same time. Funny data on GPA from 2019 and 2020. The same 9.2 Green ( page missing) sold for, in order, $975, $550, $1,700 and $1,677. I can't glean much of anything from that. A few months ago, when 9.0s were starting to hit around $2,400, I bought my conserved (staples replaced) for $1,800 (no sales tax). I based that probably being fair, because someone had paid $430 for the same qualified 9.0 in 2009.
  8. It's a bit harder to gauge anything from Heritage. About a week before the White 9.2 conserved (cover cleaned) went for $1,260, a White Blue 9.2 went for $1,660. 3 weeks before that, an OW-W almost hit $2,000.
  9. "slight resto" is not enough info. If it is professional, you're in much better shape. You might be able to have it removed.
  10. OW 9.2 flew off of Clink at $12,750. Yellowing on the cover was much, much higher than I ever would consider buying.
  11. I don't even remember 190 and 191. Now, I'm dying to know if The Incredible Hulk was able to defeat "The Toad Men".
  12. Clink has had its hands on it, sticker still on the back. Boards sale.