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  1. $800 loss? Couldn't you just ship them to CGC, and ask them to do enough damage to them to get the grades lowered to 5.0?? Maybe a tear on an interior page?
  2. Yea, as if I hadn't already spent too much this year, what presents itself but a chance to buy my first ever graded white 9.4 136 for much lower than I expected to be able to. I knew I could never live with my 8.5 copy.
  3. Clearly, the ASM 101- 8.0 is a few steps up from the 7.0.
  4. That copy was just sold last September for just about $29K, so that didn't work out well.
  5. It was on Heritage, and the funkiness of the wrap kind of justified the much lower price in my opinion.
  6. My problem with firing up another run of early ASM has always been that I just don't enjoy owning low grade copies. I really feel like 6.5-7 is about where I want to be, and I'm just now too farout of the running on early ASM prices. So I'm watching the qualified books that I like. I'm not ok with amateur color touch, but I think the one edge trimmed, if it looks ok, I can stomach. What I'm really ok with are the staples replaced, or cover married books. I just don't care. This week, I pulled the trigger on what was always my favorite EARLY cover issue. I'll put a picture up when it arrives. These photos of the run I sold just rip me up.
  7. By the way Dan, didn't you think 116 would have been a wonderfully exclusive place to start the run? It's such an awesome cover!
  8. I think you're right. I saw that one. It was always a favorite cover of mine. That's a pretty nice looking one. A few years ago, the white 9.6 old label Western Penn sold for about $170, and I thought is was just beautiful. That was only about $50 more than 9.6s 10 years ago. I haven't watched if it was resubbed??
  9. I'm very impressed by this. The figure casting the shadow standing alone is MJ, and this frame is absolutely a perfect fit in the story. To have that, on the post card, and use it so well in the story, is pretty cool.