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  1. Yes, the "listing was ended" at 3:01 my time, and you posted this at 3:06pm my time. Keep me posted on the breaking developments.
  2. You need to review the rules. You can't list on Ebay, and here.
  3. The back cover is flush with the edge of the pages. I really think it's a bad press. A color breaking crease upper left corner is very flat too. I'll be staring at this 128 for many years.
  4. I was pretty p'od that I didn't look closely enough at the scan of this pressed to oblivion ASM 9.0 128, so I pulled the trigger on a bit of an upgrade. Honestly, 128 was just one of my favorites when I was a kid. Second photo is the recent additions. The 102 is a 9.0 white.
  5. I've said it before. Every single panel of that comic book is a work of art. If anyone doesn't have that issue, just search spider man 111 on youtube. Stunning is what I would call Romita's faces....especially Gwen. Awesome.
  6. What? I bought these recently, and it might turn out for once that I bought a book for my run before the price went crazy? Tenth anniversary issue of AF 15. One cover. Regular price.
  7. Ebay is the only source that I buy from where I sweat whether or not that when I open the box I'm going to find a big pile of nothing. Maybe some people are willing to pay a bit of a premium for the security of avoiding that potential headache.
  8. I went back and looked at it again, because I was sure it must have been graded prior. Then I saw the label, and assumed it must have been reslabbed. Then, I looked it up, and it was graded on 6-20-19. ASM #3 Qualified Green Label "front cover and 1st wrap married" Cert # 2043733004. Oh well,... mistake,.... new change, who knows? I still appreciate that they make these new distinctions between conserved, amateur and professional resto.
  9. A 9.6 purple, with minor professional color touch, sold for over $7K pretty recently. Just a beautifully presenting OW-W copy. In a world of coverless slabs selling for $400, I think 1/2 price on a married cover 7.5 would be a win.
  10. Staples are a weird thing for CGC. Overstreet always said that staples can be replaced with "vintage" on books that aren't NM. I owned an ASM 6 9.0 green label "staples replaced" for a while many years ago.
  11. A married cover would get a qualified label. I just saw an ASM 3 7.5 with a married cover and first wrap that sold for just less than $1,300. I missed the end of the auction, or I would have sniped it. I would much rather have that copy than a coverless book in a slab.