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  1. @Buzzetta Well written and explained. I read through all of that thread over the weekend and was sickened and disgusted. Too many knuckleheads out there...we all gotta do what we can to stop these jokers whenever possible. @Catwomancomics I'm please it worked out in your it should have.
  2. 3.5 as well. 4.0 might be a stretch...IMO.
  3. 7.5ish. A clean/press isn’t a bad idea.
  4. A clean/press should help some here. 6.0 before, 7.0 after...IMO.
  5. Imagine if the mark up was on TOP of the .12 cents.
  6. Hard to estimate without knowing the full extent of the water damage. If it's just the back cover, a clean/press might help some. If it's through interior pages, then 'tis bad. I won't guestimate at this time because I'm...
  7. Bag pics aren't the best...hides/shows potential issues. Not looking like a 9.8 though.
  8. Maybe 8.0 at best, after pressing. Too many ink-breaking creases.