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  1. Agreed.... Welcome to the boards @Kajonnes!!
  2. Decided not to slab it. It’s in my SA sales thread now. Thanks everyone!!!
  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but these are CGC forums...not CBCS. There is a difference...
  4. Fear #31 (1970 series). This is the final issue in the series, which features flashback appearances by Spider-Man and Lizard. I believe this comic to be in Fine plus condition, or better. This comic shows minor wear along the spine and no tears at the staples, although there are spine tics near each staple. The staples show light oxidation, but no rust or rust migration into the pages. There is light blunting on the spine corners and a number of small spine creases/tics that lightly break the ink. The upper spine corner of the front cover shows an ink rub/transfer near the price. Th
  5. It's more oxidation than rust, but does a bit. There's no rust migration that I can see, which would lower the grade more...