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    My Warren Pubs Key/Scarce "Hit List"

    I have several Eerie, Creepy, Vampirellas, and one strange magazine where it looks like Warren is receiving an award on the cover, couldn't figure it out, I'll post a picture. I did stick a Heidi on Comiclink that's still in auction as of May 10th, its a 9.0 cgc, but it's got me worried that I stuck it on the wrong venue to sell. But, I'll get my Warren's out and see if anything else shows up on the rare list.
  2. Ok, just messaged CGC of my issue, will let you know what they say.
  3. That’s another good question, stick a piece of tape on it and keep it together or risk it falling off during grading. From what I understand, tape is like a nuclear bomb to a book, so I’ll take a hit on the grade without the risk. Let’s say they do grade it and it falls off, don’t they stick the piece in the slab so at a later time I could crack the case and tape it on then. Thanks again for the great feedback, I’m glad I spoke out.
  4. I think if they were aware during grading, it would have a better chance of making it. Great feedback. I considered getting it pressed in the hopes of a .5 grade jump, but the risk of that piece coming off could result in a .5 drop, so I’ll leave off the pressing. Thanks guys.
  5. Awesome, I feel better. I’ll send it off at the end of the week. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.
  6. If only comic books were like Wolverine. I appreciate the assistance, it’s stressful worrying about a chip on a big comic. I guess I’ll call cgc and see if they have instructions or notes for care handling. I’ll update when I get info. Thanks again.
  7. I mean in the condition it’s in, does it behoove me to make a splint, or the small piece coming off won’t really affect the grade due to the book quality.
  8. Ok understood on the pressing, so let’s say the chip does come off during grading, how much of a drop in grade would occur?
  9. So should I send it in with a note that says be careful.
  10. Duh yes correct CCA! Sorry working on two things at once. Let me find a picture.
  11. I recently sold a HOS 92 with same horizontal line, it was cgc 7.0. While doing research I did notice other HOS 92 with horizontal line, not sure if it was graded down for it.
  12. I have an Amazing Fantasy 15 which I would guess would grade around 1.5 to 2.0 cgc. However at the top right corner about half of the cca (comic code authority) is barely hanging on. I want to get it pressed and graded but worried it will come off. Any advice?