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  1. Just stopping by, one last time in 2018, to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and also, to let everyone know that, to date, I have had no complaints of dead-beat Santas. What a great way to end, imo, a fairly long year. Be well - HJO
  2. This is the consequence of marking your raffle gift, "I will ship anywhere in the USA free!"
  3. At page 20 I saw the riot breaking out and put my head in the snow.
  4. Alright @HolidayHam, I'm here to help.
  5. You're already a winner You're just not certain what you've won
  6. If they fill out a form, will they still get their 5-minutes before it is used, or will you go directly to the form?
  7. Feel free to PM or tag the board member if you have any questions or need clarifications on raffle prizes.
  8. Okay folks here it is. This is the Finalized List Of Raffle Donations (In Spoilers... Click on images for a larger view) The Raffle Submission Form is linked below: https://form.jotform.com/83547360119155 It's pretty simple: Click the link to go to the form Fill out the personal information (Please DO NOT forget to put your board name in the space) Rank the prizes in order of preference from 1 - 77 (You DO NOT have to rank every prize, usually 20 or so is good, but please do all if you want) Click Submit on the bottom of the form If you've entered your email (which you should) you'll get a copy of your submitted form. HolidayHam and I will also get a copy of this form. Please refrain from changing your mind every 5-seconds and submitting a bunch of different forms. It creates confusion and despite our happy disposition, we will not be responsible for mass confusion. The raffle starts Friday, December 28th at NOON (EST). Please have the form in by this time if not sooner. Video of the picking order is coming soon. Cue the elves @HolidayHam
  9. Link to the "pick list" 2018 CGC Raffle Submission Form coming later tonight.... I have family over now.
  10. Yes please! One CAHokie Mystery Box, coming up.
  11. @KramericaIf you can get it posted before HolidayHam comes in and shuts it down, then yes.... but hurry.