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  1. Wow, what a year! I'm checking in to let everyone know that, once again, even with the slow shipping, that all those who participated in the gift exchange this year have checked in and all gifts have been delivered. Back up Santas please feel free to stand down. Thanks again to all those who participated and I'll see you all next year.
  2. I have 9 that I haven't crossed of my list yet, but all their senders have confirmed they've been sent... and I'm sure that at least a few of those 9 just haven't posted on the boards for us to see. Hopefully, the people who have gotten them have at least PMd their senders to say thanks.
  3. What happens to the odd person out? They get one from everybody... just kidding. It's not a 1 for 1, back and forth match-up. Instead it goes 1 sends to 2, 2 sends to 3, 3 sends to 4... 70 sends to 71, and 71 sends to 1. That way everybody who enters gets to interact with 2 different board members.
  4. This year, with shipping, it will probably be later than normal, and I will always give the original sender a chance to make it right if the need be. I should have prefaced the above post of mine by saying that just because there are 17 boardies who haven't confirmed a delivery of their gift, does not mean that they haven't received one, only that they have not publicly (or privately to me) confirmed that they have received it. I'll begin PMing people soon to inquire. Anyone wondering though should feel free to PM me and I'll do some digging quicker.
  5. I've had a few board members inquire, so I thought I'd drop in and fill you all in on some of the behind-the-scenes of a post-CGC Gift Exchange. I know there are many gifts still in transit, and I thank everyone for their patience with deliveries this very hectic season. Also a big thanks to everyone who has posted that they have received their gifts. It really does help with the behind the scenes when it comes to making certain that everyone who participated receives a gift. We had 71 participants this year. So far, of those 71, 54 have confirmed that they have received their gi
  6. This is true. @Angel of Death I told you... no escape from the list.
  7. Great job everyone. What a fun thread to read through once all the heavy lifting was done. A big thanks @The Sledder for doing that heavy lifting. ... and a bonus thanks to @Crops068 for swooping in when needed. Merry Christmas everyone.
  8. Merry Christmas to all of you. I wish you all a safe, prosperous, happy and healthy New Year.
  9. I implore all participants to hold onto those tracking numbers for an extra long amount of time this year... or at least until you have confirmation that your gift made it safely to the recipient. Postal services all around the world are really backed-up this season and tracking systems have been less reliable then the past. If you receive your gift, please consider posting a photo if you haven't already, and maybe put the sender's mind at ease. Definitely make sure to contact your sender after you've opened (via PM or post with a tag.. or both) and let them know that all is right
  10. I think the best thing about 2021 will be Christmas in January after all gifts are finally delivered. Ho! Ho! Ho!
  11. Now would also be a great time to double check your prize donations and compare it to The Sledder's list on page 1 of this thread and make certain everything is accurate and THE SHIPPING PREFERENCES are correct... Anything listed without a shipping preference (ex. U.S. or U.S./Canada, etc.) will be assumed to be available for worldwide shipping. But you guys already know that.
  12. If it's alright by you @The Sledder, I'll get the form ready to go.