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  1. You guys should just submit through the comic doctor. I have been using him and have had no issues.
  2. The market will crash at some point. Every market does. I wouldn't touch the modern variants, they will get smoked when the market turns. A lot of the comic market is being held up by the movies. When marvel starts making bad movies, the comic market will crash. The vintage keys will go down but I doubt the will crash. Stay with those.
  3. thats cool if you don't care but you shouldn't of paid.
  4. He is right. You should not have to pay shipping for a book that was not described correctly. Who told you this? This has happened to me and I request the seller to provide a shipping label and they do if they want it back.
  5. I bought a comic on ebay that wasn't as described. I received a full refund from the seller. I live in Canada and the seller was in the US so I had to pay $12 in import fees. I wasn't reimbursed this by ebay and they told me that they don't reimburse import fees. I've been told the opposite by other people who buy and sell on ebay. Does anyone know if ebay does reimburse import fees? Thanks.
  6. This guy either works for marvel or knows someone who does. No way you can guess all that. Impossible.
  7. This guy either works for marvel or knows someone who does. No way you can guess all that. Impossible.
  8. This is getting worse daily. Almost every other one now is a scam from China. I've reported so many of them but I'm switching to only north america in my search now.
  9. Sellers from China have been posting all kinds of fake sales on ebay in the past couple of weeks. They take pics and titles from other people's ads and use them on their own ad. Forsure there fake. I've reported many to ebay but them seem to be coming up even more the past few days. People keep buying them but I'm not sure why. The price is always around $75 with free shipping from China lol. Example below.
  10. I don't mind it. I find some of the acting weak though. Jon Bernthal is awesome
  11. Reason I say 2-3 years with silver surfer is because it will take that long for marvel to get the movie green lit and made. I would be careful with the pot stocks. To me, it seems they are a bubble. None of them make any profits and don't plan to anytime soon. I would be careful with them. Lots of retail investors are all in on them. That's a clear sign of dumb money. Be careful.
  12. Hey Junkdrawer. Thanks for the comment. You make some interesting points. So would not not buy ASM #50 since Kingpin doesn't appear on the cover?