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  1. Australia is full of amazing artists, we need to get behind them Back in the 80's a man named, Gary Dellar produced a comic book anthology showcasing some of the most amazing writers and artists in Australian. Gary is himself, a great writer and artist, and with the help of some of our amazing comic book talent, made this publication an amazing International success. Reverie, also helped start the international career of some of the best comic writers and artists. Two of the big names that contributed to Reverie are Fil Barlow and Michal Dutkiewicz Fil Barlow, is now an artist, cartoonist, writer, production designer currently based in Los Angeles and he became the creator of Zooniverse. Michal Dutkiewicz, is a professional illustrator and comic book artist based in Adelaide, South Australia, Michal went on to work for DC Comics Gary, with the help of George Hall (another exceptional writer/artist who also contributed to Reverie in its first run), have decided it's time to show off some new talent, there is plenty more to choose from in Australia. They have spent a lot of time and effort reviving Reverie, and have many new and exciting stories with a new generation of talent, along with some of the originals. This is an exciting time for Australia, please get behind it by making a pledge in the kickstarter and spreading the word with everyone you know.