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  1. It did sour me... but I am back! And you are absolutely correct, I am focusing on the old stuff I enjoy!
  2. Variants, bagged, foil, etc covers were the reason I stopped collecting comics for a long time. Soured me on the industry, as the stories and art crapped out and gimmick covers seemed to be how companies propped up their sales.
  3. Thats probably good advice... I have been thinking about possibly sending some books in to get graded, than re-sell (than of course use the proceeds to purchase other comics!). I don't know if I have any that would be over $500 though. I was thinking maybe books around $100 (after being graded) that I could sell on eBay. Still looking into it more before deciding though! I have not done the CGC process myself, yet!
  4. It doesn't bother me to see non-keys or lower graded books slabbed. Maybe the book has sentimental value to a person, or maybe they wanted to see how the CGC process works before they send a higher value book, or a host of other reasons. Thats one of the cool aspects of this hobby is there are so many types of collectors and niches of comics to enjoy!
  5. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with dabbling in crypto currencies or flipping comic books... if you aren't doing it on the taxpayers dime. This thread is nothing but excuses and playing the victim, because there is that fallback of government assistance. Nothing will change until you decide to take responsibility for your actions and learn that life isn't fair and nothing is owed to you. You won't get rich quick. Just ain't going to happen. Best of luck in your life. You have received a lot of good (and repeated) advice on getting a job to support yourself. It does not take months to find a job, any job. Absolutely nothing positive will happen until you take that vital first step.
  6. Yellowjacket!

    Pretty cool cover!
  7. Hey Spartcom5! I'm relatively new here so not sure if its a 'rule' or not, but you may want to crop out the labels as they are from a competitor of these forums. Both comics looks amazing! Get both!!
  8. Best place to source rare silver age titles

    I have been browsing them for a few months. Definitely some great comics! The ones lately have been insane! haha
  9. Best place to source rare silver age titles

    I'm in the same situation as you both! My older brother got me into comics as a kid and I loved it till the 90's... killed it for me. Now I am back in and find myself drawn to the art, stories and nostalgia of the silver/bronze age! I picked up a FF49 for a good price earlier in the year (CGC of course!) and will also be looking for a solid FF48, amongst other comics! Nice to meet you both!
  10. 2 long boxes sold!

    That is extremely helpful! Thank you for that information, I really appreciate it!
  11. 2 long boxes sold!

    I received a few responses from interested buyers regarding my two long boxes of comics. One guy only wanted to trade (records/gift cards/stuff I don't want) and kept sending really odd offers. I'm sure that can be fun, but I want the space and cash! Today I met with an interested buyer, nice guy. He looked through the boxes, noting the comics he wanted, and made a solid offer on the lot. It was for less than what I had listed, but I had a nice chat with another collector and I think we both are happy with the outcome. And I'm glad they are going to a good home! This lot was a bulk of comics that would not have been worth the time or effort to sell individually. The proceeds are going to be set aside, along with any future sales money, so I can see what my final tally is. The next step is selling/listing small lots and individual comics that are worth more. I have sold one or two on Ebay in the past. Anyone have any tips for the best way to get boxes for shipping? And/or the best shipping process? I rarely ship items and don't want to overspend on postage or packing materials. Any other good options to sell besides Ebay/Craigslist? These comics are raw/ungraded as well. There may be a few worth sending to CGC for grading, but I have not done that before. Any feedback on general guidelines on what comics to send in would be appreciated. I was thinking of sending in a couple Valiant Comics for grading? Like a Rai 0, in hopes it is a 9.8. I realize I may lose money though if they come back 9.6 or 9.4. So a little hesitant. I may post a few pics in Grade My Comic and see if they are worth sending in. Here are my boxes that I sold! Goodbye dear friends!
  12. Getting started!

    Hello, I have been browsing the forums for about a year prior to starting an account. I wanted to chronicle getting back into my favorite hobby. The goal of this journal is to keep me motivated in reshaping my collection (more below) and setting up my home office display! Background: I'm a 39 year old living in Austin, TX. My older brother and uncle got me into comics as a kid. My favorites were marvel comics and especially Spider-man. I would buy, read, than store my comics, and than read some more. I really enjoyed them as a collecting hobby and for their entertainment value. I still believe to this day comics greatly expanded my vocabulary as a child (tons of adjectives!). As I got older, working jobs, going to school, etc comics took a back seat and I stopped purchasing. Every time I moved, I lugged around my 4 long boxes of comics as I still cherished them, but really stopped reading them. The 90's really killed my interest in comics. Multiple gimmick covers, rising cover prices, subpar storytelling (in my view), bad art and lame new characters (looking at you, Leifeld) really left me feeling like comics had jumped the shark. Fast forward to the last year or two. I started browsing eBay again, looking at comics. I found this forum and started reading the chats, looking at items for sale... and I want back in! I yearn for the nostalgia and now have more disposable income to continue my hobby. I am married with a awesome corgi (Dexter) and have a house. We have a room dedicated as an office, which my wife will let me use to display my comics and hold my collection. It won't be a dedicated man-cave, but this is fine with me! So right now the office is a bit of a mess. We just had contractor come out as my wife (a graphic designer) wants a functional office for us both. She works from home full time and I usually work from home as well. More on that in another entry... My collection: It is a mix of Silver Age to Copper Age. My main interests are Silver and Bronze age super-hero, though Golden Age and possibly horror are looking interesting... I am going to ballpark and say between 1200-1500 comics total. I store most of my comics in a filing cabinet as my wife saw other collectors doing this on Pinterest. After reading a lot of posts, I am going to do the once unthinkable... I am going to sell the majority of my comics and use the funds to purchase more keys. I don't read my comics nearly as much as I used to and think if I can 'flip' my collection into one or a few comics, I would be happier as I renew my hobby. So my first step that I just undertook was dividing my collection up. I have formed two long boxes of NM to reader copy comics, trying to sell them all in bulk. I listed them locally for about .50$ each, but selling all together only. Immediately got a lowball offer for about 15% of what I had them listed at. My price isn't set in stone, but I won't even reply to an offer like that as it irked me. One of my main goals of this journal is to keep me going in selling my comics, tips and advice from other boards on how to sell, etc. I'm probably dragging on so I'll leave it here for now. Attached are a few pics of my new purchases, my cabinet and some of my comics!
  13. Slowly getting back into collecting after a very long break (10+ years). Saw this comic for a great price and was able to pick it up! Really love the colors on it!
  14. PGM Amazing Spiderman #15

    Thanks for the reply, ThothAmon! If the resto was just limited to the 'piece added' (no color touch), would it increase the value to remove that piece of the comic? I know it would be a lower grade, but maybe a blue label. Not saying I would do this, just find it funny how restoration affects value.
  15. Hello, Wondering what possible grade this issue I purchased years ago may qualify as. Also, does it look like the spot on Spidey's head in the top left corner is restoration? There is a white strip behind it on inside of cover.