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  1. Consider yourself lucky - not easy to get taken care of lately unless it’s COVID-19 related , glad you caught it in time - speedy recovery , rest up and enjoy the delicious hospital food
  2. That’s the beauty of finishing runs , prolonging the inevitable - once you DO finish that run , all you’re going to do is start another new one ... cmon man , the addiction is REAL
  3. You don’t even want to know how long it takes in NJ and this was BEFORE the Pandemic
  4. With everything going on in the world I’m glad you were still able to sneak this in ... let the “refreshing “ ensue
  5. Those were the ones that bled onto the comic ? I remember those , I come across them still in old collections ... such a shame
  6. Multiple purchases from Ben - really helped me hone in on my Wolverine runs and recently send over a stellar specialty issue to me in what was honestly the best packing job I’ve ever seen ! buy with supreme confidence
  7. Awesome job ! I’m in a similar quest my friend and have maybe 35 more to go ? Easier said then done ( when simultaneously focusing on other runs ) there’s a handful of the 530s and 540s I need , but I feel I can acquire those “ whenever “, the early ones have been the most elusive - but thankfully not impossible