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  1. I would’ve guessed Neil also on the avatar ...congrats to all , on a personal note IIM was probably the first completed silver era marvel series for me , not a massive amount of keys like ASM or FF - but some great art and superb storylines
  2. Paul allowed me to make comfortable timed payments on a great spider-man key - He then shipped it securely overseas ! Very professional and courteous - hope to deal with again in the near future
  3. I assume it’s difficult to tell from the photos but JP runs a very tight show - temperatures taken immediately - no access without a mask and hand sanitizer available . A lot of people in general like to show they are smiling and that cannot be made out easily with a mask , not to mention any sort of accurate facial recognition . I will attest I wasn’t at this past show but was very impressed with the previous two in Wayne in the midst of these new added restrictions across the board .
  4. Great communication and just as described , very secure shipping ! Recommended seller !
  5. Yeah but then Gamora in the right would smack you around - she looks more like she - hulk !
  6. Eli and I had a great conversation and an incredibly pleasant transaction - highly recommended !
  7. Silver centurion MK 47 MK 3 Hulkbuster are among my faves Honorary mention - Marvel Now film wise I preferred Civil War/ IM 2
  8. Ordered a key book from Dan and it was sent out very quickly , well protected and was in great condition ! Great seller !
  9. I think this was the cover to the NES game - and Wow April O’Neill on the cover of issue #2