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  1. If he’s scamming to drive up prices , perhaps the books have defects as well not depicted in the photos . I once bought a book on eBay at a steal of a price only to find out a large piece was removed from the backside of the book ... partially my fault I confess ... to channel my inner dad ...if it’s too good to be true , it usually is
  2. Wow - that was a bit off color , and that’s the person most likely to say SHE was harassed . At least now I know what Swedish fish can be compared to , not that I needed it
  3. As a diabetic who goes to the dentist - this is my Occasional guilty candy pleasure
  4. Don’t mind me ... just reloading my beverage
  5. You’re making me feel lazy on my day off Sunday
  6. As a non - goth . This band is awesome !
  7. I actually thought that Ray Stevenson was a very believable Frank Castle ( I also enjoyed the Dolph Lundgren one - perhaps in hindsight it’s just for sentimental value ) however, the plot for Stevenson’s War Zone was riddled with holes like a firing range target, with terrible CGI to boot . I’m more surprised if Dominic West who usually brings his A game - instead of sporting a horrendous NY “accent”