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  1. It’s about time you had a sale ! Best of luck to your buddy
  2. Gene send me a few Hulk issues to fill in some missing gaps - he was very down to early and a real pleasure to work with thanks !!
  3. Cyd was super helpful on a fairly large lot of early X- Men issues , he let me split payment and shipped very carefully a very stand up citizen thanks again !
  4. I’m split in this personally - I used to LOVE going to the movies but honestly it’s become a chore. Prices and people talking and two of my pet peeves (NOT to sound like a Prima Donna ) I tend to go more for re- releases ( comic book movies being the exception ) or places like Alamo drafthouse .
  5. My dad was a big “star spangled war stories “/ “ gi combat “ guy - I loved reading those growing up - soldiers against dinosaurs ?! How great is that ?! ( Remember Dino- Riders ?) I loved the GI Joe comics and between Trimpe and then Zeck - some pretty stellar cover art !
  6. Great starter copy !!! Staples still intact ? I think the tear keeps it at low - I’ve seen 1.8 or 2’s worse off though
  7. I don’t seal mine , I leave the flaps open but inside a storage case