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  1. Great communication and simple transaction , very trustworthy and a cinch to work with thank you Greg!
  2. Great communication and well packaged ! Very pleased !!!
  3. A lot better than Cybrid ...That was obviously Liefeld’s “ hairy men “ fetish period
  4. Late on reporting this guy from feebay ...lyssan_0 A lot of communication , books are great , NM - did some haggling on prices and then he shot the price up on a book we were adding on and got wet feet on a 3 book deal , fair enough - we executed a deal for 2 books none the less and I paid immediately . Almost a week goes by and no update . I emailed a few times and no response . I open a case and he magically responds upset . “ I had a death in the family “ et al , extenuating circumstances ... for me , I totally get it .I offer condolences , He refunds and apologizes, . I said it’s u
  5. It’s nice to be able to wade in “ political “ waters without drowning and have a laugh
  6. That would be fantastic , just saw episode 3 ( where they touch on Pietro) so that doesn’t seem entirely out of the realm of possible ... plus with the X-men’s version of quicksilver over ( playing a superior performance IMO by Evan Peters) this is easily my favorite episode so far as we finally get a real glimpse of what’s behind the curtain ....
  7. Great YouTube channel ... haven’t seen 3 yet , but no mention of Grim Reapers helmet in floorboards ?
  8. Great cover Ken ! I was going to use that but got sidetracked - between #50 and the Havoc #58 , those are probably my my two favorite pre Giant Sized x-men team covers