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  1. What’s a good spot for NJ ? Meadowlands in sat is good , but I usually work - in addrion to the plethora of monthly events ( clifton is great ) any other spots ? thanks adam
  2. Old_Man_Adam

    WTB X-Men #1 1963 0.5-1.5 CGC or Raw

    I’d be interested in 1-9
  3. It all dates back to when I started reading and comics were 50 cents....
  4. I’m working on uncanny x-men now which has been a roller coaster of a ride #12 just spiked due to Deadpool , I find myself endlessly working on the run because as a completist ( shame on me ) I’m stuck , I even go out of my way unfortunately at times to not go after other issues - help ! Lol
  5. Old_Man_Adam

    MasterLogan2000 Kudos/Feedback thread

    Once again - the main man responsible for helping me complete 4/5 wolverine runs thanks again Ben !
  6. Old_Man_Adam


    Got my first ( soon to be of many ) Uncanny x-men lit the other day - spot on grading , carefully packaged and quick shipping many thanks !
  7. Just got my big trouble in little China book back signed by John carpenter ! Many thanks on making that happen Rich ! regards , Adam
  8. Old_Man_Adam

    Beachbum's Feedback Thread

    All around stand up guy! Great communication , quick shipping , impeccable product thank you ! Adam
  9. Old_Man_Adam

    [CLOSED] The Mostly First Appearance Sale

    Entertaining offerers for entirety of lot in one shot Thanks
  10. Sold - you rock Rich - but let me stew on which two , I haven’t even seen the Captain America’s yet and he’s one of my faves !
  11. Old_Man_Adam

    [CLOSED] The Mostly First Appearance Sale

    Good luck finding a power girl comic without them