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  1. Gotta love Liefeld’s art , either they appear sauced out of their minds , glistening in sweat ... or they look like they have to take a massive dump .
  2. For me Cameron Diaz’s peak was “ The Mask “ I liked the longer hair , irregardless , plenty of sex appeal
  3. That book is valuable in any condition - if you can improve it , do it - I always get mine cleaned and pressed before slabbing ( granted they are worth a certain value ) - 2 key FA’s 3.5-4
  4. Actually it DOES discriminate , all the more reason we have to treat this as if it DOESN’T. I had the pleasure of speaking with Gus many times and purchasing quite a few issues from him over the years ... my condolences to his family he will be missed.
  5. Actually that WAS a big explosion - bigger than a MOAB , but smaller than a nuke , and no outrunning or hiding from that when it sucks up the oxygen you’re trying to breathe . For what’s it’s worth Bill Pullman’s speech from Independence Day was motivating , and Outbreak scared the out of me ( who didn’t know what Ebola was ) but in regards to value as films , I cannot argue .
  6. I can’t recall ever seeing a 1% previously or otherwise ...apologies in advance for the semi seizure inducing photo
  7. I’ve been contemplating the same thing myself , I have a handful of full runs and they are starting to take up a lot of space . I think I’ll probably start offloading the ones I haven’t completed , but offloading a good amount of issues is easier said then done . The keys always sell though . In regards to X-men , out of 544 issues I’m missing about 12 . I always wanted to finish and sell it as complete . But I have to finish first .
  8. True that Affleck was in good shape for the film and likely expanded on his workout regimen from “the town “ .Rossano Rea, bodybuilder / gym owner trainer was the mold for TDK where allegedly Henry Cavill IS the Superman mold.