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  1. Hopefully the pizza was tasty - I’m thinking 8.0 - maybe spot tac will help if you plan on pressing ?
  2. Can we vote with numbers that require decimal points ?
  3. I wish I could find the one where wolverines claws were longer than his forearms ....
  4. Does the anti - marvel rebel crew who ousted their previous employers to create image comics still hold any clout?
  5. Highly recommended - as a NJ native , my favorite old school TRUE comic show
  6. 8.5 -9.2 with cleaning IMO ...on a somewhat unrelated topic , I gotta say ASM 119-129 might be my favorite 10 issue cover run in the series ... congrats!
  7. Another purchase from Mike who keeps telling me it will arrive slowly from France to US - but I receive his items faster than some CONUS packages - trusted seller and well packaged ! Buy with confidence