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  1. Nice, I own #1. I've had it for 20 years, but it's not a 9.8 that I can tell you LOL
  2. DAMN That's a nice copy! Funny enough I was just wondering the same thing yesterday. Went to a local show and bought a few more issues, including Giant-Size Werewolf by Night 2. I also picked up WBN #23, 34 and 43. I actually think Werewolf by Night is a gem that will eventually become much, much more popular. Perhaps I'm wrong, though.
  3. Yeah I love horror books. Was at a show recently and saw Texas Chainsaw books but even then they seemed priced too high. Could've bought them, but decided to wait.
  4. I notice that any book with "Michael Myers" from the Halloween films is going for well over the price guide. For example, I own Halloween #1 from November 2000 in about VF or so. On the price guide, it's $3 in 9.4. On EBay, the lowest issue is going for $15 and the highest for over $50. Many Michael Myers books are into the $100+ range but the price guide still shows them extremely low. These books seem hard to find as well. I never see them at shows or shops. Only on EBay and even there, they are difficult to find in large quantities.
  5. I would think low-supply rare books would have more lasting value than something that relies on the ups and downs of trends. For example, a variant copy of ASM that only had a few hundred issues printed would probably be a safer investment than a Venom issue that gets hot from a movie then dies down.
  6. Thank you for your information. The "declared value" is added for the CGC total, correct? It must be otherwise it wouldn't ask for "declared value" since I'd then have to cover the insurance at the USPS when I ship them out. I'm just a newbie so it's still a little confusing. Also, how fast should I ship the books after submitting the submission forms? That day? The next day? Does the date on the form have to be the same as the date they are shipped?
  7. Hey guys! It's my first time sending books off to be graded by the CGC and I just want to confirm that I am doing it properly so I had a couple of play-by-play questions to ask and was hoping someone could answer them for me. I downloaded the PDF submission form. I went down the line and typed in book by book until I had 20 "modern age 1975-present" comic books. I then typed in the date, the publisher, and then under declared value I type what I believe the book is worth in ungraded form, correct? I'll then print these forms out, send the appropriate ones in the box correctly and securely packed and pay to ship it to the CGC shipping address. Does the money for the CGC cost then come out of my checking account once they receive the books? How exactly does that work? Also, should I do UPS or the USPS for shipping? Which would you recommend for 20 comic books? Thanks.