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  1. Is this something I can safely take my 10 year old son to?
  2. I tremendously enjoyed this thread. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Back cover of Chuckle, with some nice details in the moon and clouds
  4. Seldom-seen Biro. The "Our Explosive Children" splash is not by Biro.
  5. That's an early warning sign of Qualitycomicalgia!
  6. There's no know cure, although it can go dormant for years at a time.
  7. A good ol' "Good". Looks like somebody really liked it
  8. 4.0 sounds right. Very nice book to have.
  9. I would happily accept that book if it was presented to me as 6.0.
  10. Thanks for your input. I was hesitant to call it 2.0 with that much water damage, but the books just look so nice in the bag. They are remarkably consistent, as if an entire box was completely submerged and then carefully dried. Here's two more from the same collection: