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  1. GettingBackIntoComics

    So what issue is the real 1st app of Red Goblin?

    Forbiddenplanet here in the UK, was restricting #797 to one per customer, but the numbers around it were not restricted, so I presumed #797 would be the first appearance?
  2. GettingBackIntoComics

    Teen Titans #12 price justified?

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts was on TT #12?
  3. GettingBackIntoComics

    $200 to spend and too many options

    I bought a detective #89 in about a grade of 4 I think last year because I've always wanted an early detective, but it will be a long time until I can get anything like that again I like Batman but never really been into collecting it, even back in the day (late 80s/early 90s for me), same for Spiderman, and I'm not paying the crazy prices right now for the first appearance of Venom. I hear what you're saying in regards to X-men #129, it would be great to get a high grade of that, but I'm also after a half decent X-men #9, which appears to be hard to get hold of in a good grade.
  4. GettingBackIntoComics

    Different types of CGC cases?

    I've recently purchased 2 newish comics, both slabbed. One was a Mister Miracle #1 (2017) and another was Wytches #1 (2014). What I don't get, is the Mister Miracle came in a very solid, completely sealed slab, whereas the Wytches #1 came in a much flimsier case where the sides were unsealed. The Mister Miracle was graded a few months back, whereas the Wytches was graded in 2015. Did the 2015 graded comics come in much thinner/unsealed at the sides case?
  5. Looking for a Mid-High grade X-Men #9. Raw or slabbed. No Rusting staples (and both need to be attached)/holes/liquid damage/stamps or pieces missing (inside or covers). Cents version. I'm in the UK so will need to be shipped there. Payment via paypal. PM me.
  6. I read somewhere that a signed comic will either grade at qualified, or the signature counts as damage in the grading process. Does that mean that signed comics are a waste of time to collect? What if a comic has certificate with it proving the providence? would that be accepted by the graders are proof? or it still won't count?
  7. GettingBackIntoComics

    Any point having less than 9.8 for modern comics?

    I completely agree with all of this advice, accept to say where are these under-graded comics? Maybe it's because I only buy from ebay, and probably worse still because I'm in the UK and for a lot of comics it's cheaper to buy them from the States, even with the $30 shipping on top, but nearly all the comics (from various titles and periods) I've looked at over the past few months have been graded to exactly what they are (at least going on the images supplied) or over-graded, which is why recently I've leaned more towards just buying slabbed where I can. And because older slabbed high grade comics are beyond my budget, that just leaves me with the new ones. I would love to find under-graded raw comics, but I hardly ever see them.
  8. GettingBackIntoComics

    Any point having less than 9.8 for modern comics?

    And I agree, but taking TAH22 as an example. Slabbed 9.8 say $120. Is that ever going to be cheaper than that? Even if the new series doesn't do well, I can't see it ending up in bargain bins and being anything less than what it already is. If anything it's probably just going to keep on rising.
  9. GettingBackIntoComics

    $200 to spend and too many options

    The cheapest EOSV2 high grade raw's I've seen is $99. It could be because I'm in the UK, and then there's shipping (usually $20-$40) on top of things. On balance out of those 2 I would probably prefer the 9.8 slabbed Runaways #1, but they are running at around $300, and it seems hard to find raw high grade copies of it.
  10. GettingBackIntoComics

    Any point having less than 9.8 for modern comics?

    What about new 9.8's? say something like TAH22 ?
  11. GettingBackIntoComics

    $200 to spend and too many options

    Not sure if you can see this link at go.collect ( ) but Runaways #1 9.8 seems to be a bit down recently, I'd had to add $50 to my budget but I could get one if thought that was a wise choice. As for EOSV2 regular cover, there seems to be about a $120 difference between a slabbed 9.8 and a VF/NM raw version. Which I guess means the raw is a good buy if it ends up grading that high, but looking at the go.collect charts a 9.8 slabbed of that has slowly been rising, consistently over time. I've gone back and forwards between these for a few days, on one hands there's the Runaways TV show which looks like it will run for at least 2 seasons, so there's probably room for #1 to keep on going, but then ESOV2 is perhaps a better long term (3-5 years +) buy. Or I could just ignore those and get a bunch of other cheaper things on the list
  12. GettingBackIntoComics

    $200 to spend and too many options

    I can just about stretch to a 9.8 on some of those I've listed, such as Runaways #1 or EOSV #2. But you would still suggest going for raw?
  13. GettingBackIntoComics

    Any point having less than 9.8 for modern comics?

    Combination of make some money on a purchase over a few years, and buying because I particularly like the story/artwork.
  14. This sort of follows on from my less than 9.8 question, but I've got a few hundred bucks to spend and my ebay list of possibles is already 80+ strong. Here's the main options, which are mostly raw, but a few slabs are available as well, any guidance for someone getting back into things would be appreciated! Fantastic Four #67 - low grade-mid grade (around $70-$200) SAGA #1 - I've seen some high grades go for around $150 EOSV2 - Could get a slabbed 9.4 for about my budget I think. Marvel Premiere #1 - Mid-high grade for about $200 Star Wars #1 - High-ish grade just about my budget. TRANSMETROPOLITAN #1 - High grade for my budget Runaways #1 - 9.6 for my budget (9.8 is just beyond) NM #98 - I think around a 9.2 for my budget Ms Marvel #1 - Around 9.4 for my budget X-men #129 - High grade, just about my budget. (Or a bunch of mid grade of any of the x-men around this era, which all look amazing). Infinity Gauntlet #1 - 9.8 Savage She-hulk #1 - 9.8 (From here on they are a lot cheaper so I could get a few) Postal #1 - 9.8 Redneck #1 - 9.8 Realm #1 - 9.8 Seven to Eternity #1 - 9.8 Monstress #1 - high grade Scalped #1 - mid-high grade. Alias #1 - high grade God Country #1 - high grade Revival #1 - high grade Scalped #1 - high grade So I'm caught between going big on something expensive, and high-ish grade, or maybe get a few of the high grade cheaper modern comics. I should add I'm open to other suggestions!
  15. I've just started collecting again after decades so I've got a lot of catching up to do. A number of modern comics I wouldn't mind having, are available for 9.2's-94's for reasonable prices (say less than $150), but as soon as you get to 9.8 the prices for almost anything shoots up to a few hundred dollars. So my question is, is the extra money worth it for a comic which might only be 15 years old or in some examples a lot less? or a 9.2/9.4 pointless for such a new comic? This might be a completely dumb question, but like I say I've got a lot to learn