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  1. Any retailers here?

    I've got some basic dumb questions for anyone that runs a comic store. I should mention I'm in the UK, but hopefully most questions/answers will apply universally. What would say is your biggest cost outlay? (salary, rent, stock etc). Just how do you go about getting the stock? do you get it direct from Marvel/DC or I've see a company called Diamond mentioned? Can you buy a limited amount of stock? (say 20 copies of whatever) or there's a minimum you can't go below? I presume you keep whatever you can't sell? you can't return comics? Do you have to sell at the price the publisher sets? or can you discount? Could you survive just selling comics, or you need the merch as well? Everything needs to be insured? Do you sell old and new comics? or just new? and if old and new, what's the ratio between them in sales. Mostly new sell? Any other questions I should be asking?