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  1. Uncanny X-Men #141 - Days of Future Past - (9.2) $110
  2. DC Comics Presents #26 (1st New Teen Titans, 1st Cyborg, Starfire & Raven) (8.5) $160
  3. Hi all. Still relatively new to the boards - but thanks to all the folks who've provided help. I'm slimming down my collection in preparation for a move - and in particular am planning to sell my fairly small collection of CGC books (most of my collection isn't graded). Here are a couple pretty key books I've had graded along the way. All of these are in pretty much pristine cases (I almost never handle these books - just keep in the bags and boxes from CGC). Each one will be priced below. Payment: via Paypal - or 3% discount for Check or Money Order Shipping: FREE in the U.S. (Buyer pays International Shipping...) Returns: I'll do returns within 5 days of delivery if the book comes back in the same condition sent - buyer pays shipping. Buying: First I'll take it in the threads gets the book. Feel free to pm me with questions. Hope you find something you're looking for!
  4. Hi all, Thanks for the feedback - very helpful. I'm in Chicago. And yes, I've sold a fair amount of stuff on places like eBay (100% rating). That said, I've been much more of a collector than a seller over the years. Not too into all the grading and such, and I'm moving, so I'm looking to downsize. Also, I completely understand the caution some folks are expressing. Again, I'm brand new here - and I just figured that folks mostly used paypal or somesuch to make sure they received the items promised (and had some recourse if they didn't)? Any other suggestions about offering books on here? Or ways to ensure being an honest broker? Maybe it's just not a good match since - candidly, I'm not so much looking to be an ongoing, active part of this forum - rather, I'm mostly looking for a good way to downsize my collection - and don't want to have to dedicate huge amounts of time to the process. I've sold a lot on sites like eBay, but quite frankly, eBay has increasingly been driving me CRAZY over the years - plus the fees are getting so high between them and paypal combined, and again, the time involved in uploading photos, writing descriptions, responding to questions, etc. is just not something I much enjoy. So I was hoping to find some alternative ways to offer books directly to other collectors. Would folks suggest any other mechanism/site/service, etc? I haven't really tried selling through places like comic link or heritage - but maybe I should? Mostly, I just don't have a ton of time to spend on this stuff (but naturally, I would still like to get decent value out of my books if I can). Maybe Heritage or something else would be better? (I know it should have - but it never really occurred to me in the past that selling my books someday would be so much work..!) Recommendations/advice much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi there. Please bear with me – I’m new to this board. But I’m moving and have decided to sell a significant part of my collection, so I found this board while researching good places to sell. Historically, I haven’t had too many books graded, but have sent in a few over the years, so I wanted to post them somewhere popular with CGC collectors. So here’s my first offering. It’s probably my best golden age book – a very nice copy of a fun issue. Hate to part with it, but need to cut down on all my ’stuff’ a bit. World’s Finest #7 (1942) 7.0 Scans below (Sorry the pictures aren't better - hard to get a good one without lots of reflection!). Please let me know if you have any questions. --------- Great Snapshot of Golden Age History Classic Jack Burnley WWII cover - featuring Superman, Batman, & Robin Characters featured include: Superman Batman Robin Zatara Sandman Star-Spangled Kid Green Arrow Speedy And check out the writers and artists who ALL worked on this book: Jerry Siegel Gardner Fox Joe Simon Jack Kirby Bill Finger Bob Kane Jerry Robinson It’s a who’s who in the history of comics. Fun book! ———— Details: Very nice, clean case – no notable scratches or cracks or anything. Price: $1,250 + Free Shipping Payment via Paypal - or 3% discount for Check or Money Order Returns: No Returns on CGC books (that’s the whole point of CGC, no?) And I don’t really know exactly what a HOSer or Probie is yet, but I guess I reserve the right to pass on offers from folks who seem to be on this site’s naughty list… (that’s my best guess so far anyway?). Hope this book finds a good home!!