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    SpideyFein Feedback Thread

    Thank you Dan. Comic book was well protected and shipped very quickly. Excellent seller.
  2. Shipped priority mail... see your message for tracking. Thanks for the quick payment. Glad to see it go to a good home.
  3. ASM #4 and ASM #189 both sold... so I'm adding another one: Amazing Spider-Man 129 CGC 7.0 WHITE pages - $950.00 - SOLD - See pictures below for details. 1ST APPEARANCE OF THE PUNISHER and Jackal ! BRAND NEW CGC HOLDER and WHITE PAGES.

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Well, I think you can see in the video that each drawer has two little "dents" on each side that stops the drawer at that distance so it does not fall out... If you do that you can see all bokks, but the back grades will be partially covered... However, as I show on the video, if you are careful you can pull out a little past the "safety stopper"/dent, and see the grades for all 10 books at once. That is what I do all the time with no problems. Here's another pic... but I think the video shows it better in 4K..

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Not sure... Some people told me it is better to have it flat, others told me it is better to have them up. I like the cabinet idea for several reasons I've mentioned on the video... it's lockable, I can fit 100 per cabinet (no way I can put 100 on wall, it makes it easy to see them, and offers uv light protection... I have other videos that show the entire room and how I did the shelves and lights...

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    After months trying to find a good way to store/protect/display my books I decided to spend the extra money to buy a couple of flat file cabinets...As the video states... that was the best way I found to store the books and still make it easy to "display"/see them... I also did some LED light upgrades and installed curtains to protect them from UV damage... You can see part of my room here... I'll try to do a better video later..

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Very Cool ! I agree.. I think the coolest part of it is that you can display the in the front. As much as you want to protect them, I also like to be able to look at them.
  8. I wish toy manufacturers would announce full series so you know when/what is coming out... I love the marvel legends 12", but I never know the status of it... are they releasing more? As far as the stands, I bought one set and It worked well with my marvel legends figures, but I had to create my own using some metal hangers.. see video below... (you can see the figures at the 4:30 minute mark..)

    Bags for CGC books.

    A few friends asked me the same question... I did a quick video comparison in 4K. I'm no professional youtuber, but I hope you find it helpful. I did go ahead and buy some bags and I like the hotflips, but the clearbags are my favorite. Each person will have different opnions/requirements
  10. I'm sorry for the confusion. I've edited the 1st post to add PAYPAL as another option. I've bought items here before from Polonsky, Hotflipz, Spideydan, Ragu35, Blue808 ... for buyers who need references. My ebay name is "realestatesoftware"if you need to see my feedback there. If moderators would like me to remove zellepay that is ok, please let me know and I'll remove it. Some people don't like to send check so I thought that would be another convinient option. Cash, check, and paypal are also available. If you feel really unconfortable buying anything from me over the internet, you can meet me at Travis AFB where I work, a police station, or any other place you feel ok.
  11. It's like wire transfer/bank transfer. Bank of America and other major banks use it. My bank (BankofAmerica) does not charge any fees to send/receive maney with zellepay.
  12. SECRET WARS #8 CGC 9.4 - (See Picture below for details) - PRICE: $95+ shipping New Slab
  13. CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #1 CGC 9.4 - (See Picture below for details) - PRICE: $170+ shipping SOLD New Slab
  14. DAREDEVIL ANNUAL #1 CGC 8.5 - (See Picture below for details) - PRICE: $150+ shipping
  15. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 4 CGC 4.5 - U.K. Edition - (See Picture below for details) - PRICE: $680+ shipping SOLD PRICE $799 + Ship 1ST APPEARANCE OF THE SANDMAN AND BETTY BRANT. Brand New Slab