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  1. Well, to me the acrylic did not look good. It's just my preference. The book is already inside a slab. When you put the acrylic in front of it it adds another "barrier" in front of the comics that can create even more glare and make the cover harder to see. I also like that I can just pick up a book, look at it and put it back in the frame. I should have shown on the video 😞 what the acrylic would have looked like. Yes, if I had to install the acrylic, I would just cut a small groove along the frame to fit the acrylic piece. If you are worried about UV damage, just use a UV film like use here: There is a follow-up video after that one that just my awkward installation of the film 🀣 I'm very happy with the results.
  2. πŸ˜‚ no, I did plan for that. The door does not hit the frame.The frame is very slim and does not line up with the door knob...the door knob would hit the wall. I bought a door stop to protect the wall, but I have not installed it yet. 99% of the time I don't even swing the door that far so it's been a low priority project... Thank ! πŸ‘
  3. Yes, I already got some from him. Great seller. Thanks! Still accepting offers for the other ASM's listed πŸ‘ just send me your best price shipped USA. Thank you.
  4. Great seller ! Fair and reasonable. I bought several high grade comics from him. .. and hope to buy a few more 😁 All books shipped fast and with great care. Thank you ! πŸ‘
  5. Hi Ray, great point. πŸ‘ There are so many different comics and grades that it is hard to say... some I can go 100% GPA, some I can only do 85%... I rough blanket estimate is in the middle... like 90% GPA I was hoping buying direct it would be a good deal for BOTH buyer and seller and no auction fees etc... πŸ‘ If you are not sure, just post it here or PM what you have and your best price.... Thanks !
  6. Hi, I'm looking for the following Amazing Spider-Man comics. I'm US Buyer, paypal verified and bought from other forum members, ebay, mycomicshop, daleroberts, reeces, metropolis, etc... I can only buy one or two at the time, so I'll take the best deals first. Only CGC graded books, preferably White or OW-White pages. I'm not intested in paying "new high"/Ebay/obove market prices and I can wait for a resonable fair offer. No probation list members or hall of shame members. Thanks ! Issue# / Grade 17 9.0-9.2 18 9.2-9.4 19 9.2-9.4 21 9.2-9.4 24 9.4 27 9.2 29 9.2 39 9.2 52 9.4-9.6 54 9.6 58 9.6 60 9.4 63 9.2 64 9.8 65 9.8 68 9.8 70 9.6-9.8 72 9.6 74 9.6-9.8 76 9.6 77 9.6 80 9.6 82 9.6 84 9.8 85 9.8 88 9.8 89 9.6-9.8 90 9.8 95 9.8 96 9.8 97 9.8 99 9.8 112 9.8 115 9.8 130 9.8 131 9.8 146 9.8 147 9.8 150 9.8 151 9.8 154 9.8 157 9.8 158 9.8 159 164 9.8 9.8
  7. Thanks ! I really enjoy putting it all together. The video shows how it was made a little better... if you'd like to make something similar:
  8. If you have some time and basic tools you can build a comic book frame with some material from lowes/home depot. I wanted to put some of my ASM annuals on the wall and I could not find a frame that would fit them on the wall I wanted to use so I built one. Probably not the best frames ever made, but it worked for me 😁
  9. Thanks ! Great books πŸ‘ I'm a big Spider-man fan and I love all the covers too. You are right about the UV protection. UV can destroy the books quickly so I changed all my lights to LED and installed UV film and curtains on all my windows.
  10. That was my plan innitially... I wanted to display ASM 1-10 but then I realized I had space to display 12 comics and that I also wanted to include Scorpion, Rhino... so I just chose to display ASM's with the villain on cover instead of just 1-10. If watch the videos, the shelves a pretty easy to make (just ikea shelves) with a trim to hide the LED lights. Thanks ! πŸ‘
  11. Mine stated as a Home Theater room, then became a home theater/comic room, then, home theater/comic/figure/slot car track room...😁and finally I had to ask the wife for some space in living room for the statues...😬
  12. One of my favorite comic books and very cool statue πŸ‘