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  1. I think it a new character is interesting enough and well written that they will catch on - not easy to do with the seemingly cookie cutter assembly line of superheroes.
  2. The CGC Crossover regrade is still an option though I believe the $10 promotion if your book drops a grade is no longer in effect.
  3. Just got back my Fantastic Four #72 from the CGC crossover promotion. I know the CBCS pedigree wasn't going to carry over though I was hoping the book would retain its white page designation. The grade remained the same and it is now in a CGC case so I am definitely happy.
  4. I definitely agree with this - it distracts terribly from a classic Silver Surfer cover (his first major one in fact). I also don't care for the brown background - the cover could have really been a standout with a black or red background (think SS 1 or FF 72) IMO.
  5. Good question. I used to have a FF 48 CGC 9.2 and a FF 49 CGC 8.5 for years before the recent jump. Now I own a FF 48 9.0 and a FF 49 6.5. I really like having the higher grade FF 48 so I would have to answer a CGC 7.0 for your question. I have upgraded by FF 49 CGC from a 5.5, to 6.0, to my current 6.5. There is a huge jump in price from 6.5 to 7.0 so I don't think I am upgrading again for a while.
  6. I have another question - would it be possible for CGC to start designating how many copies of each page quality there is for each comic they grade? For Example - Fantastic Four 48 - for each grade (ex. 9.0) break it down further than just how many examples of 9.0 are graded - how about how many 9.0 White examples are there, how many 9.0 Off-White to White examples are there, etc... Seems like it would be an easy thing to do.
  7. Still looking, will bump up the grade I am looking for to the 5.0 - 7.0 range.
  8. Thank you but I would like a copy without tape.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm interested in buying a Fantastic Four Annual 2 either raw or CGC in the 4.0 - 6.0 range. Payment would be by money order. Thanks, Chris
  10. Just got an email from CGC today stating the graders think my CBCS Fantastic Four #72 9.0 will receive a CGC 9.0 so I gave them the go ahead to proceed grading. I'm hoping that this is the case and that the book keeps the white pages designation from the original grading.
  11. I just did the online submission for my CBCS FF72 and was able to select the crossover service for the 50% promotion.
  12. Thanks for the thoughts on this book everyone. I'm thinking I will definitely get this book pressed to get rid of the slight spine roll and then have CGC grade it.
  13. Hi everyone, I've been after the Dell film adaptation of Dr Who and the Daleks for a long while now but it seems like most copies are really beat up and the very few graded copies are just out of my price range. I picked up this copy as it looks like a pretty solid book that I plan on getting graded by CGC. I'm wondering what grade everyone thinks this book might get. Some small spine creases, an indent between the R and W, tiny tear on LRC by the last S, and a very slight spine roll (only seen at an angle and you can see the cover has some gloss in one of the pics), and off-white to white pages. Could a press help this book? I just upgraded my account to paid and this will be my first submitted book.
  14. Thanks for the additional information. What's weird is that on Comic Connect they have CGC graded books with the Pennsylvania pedigree noted and the Pennsylvania Dutch sticker that my book has. I'm going to send my FF72 anyway as I would like all CGC books in my collection.