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  1. Here are two pics of Ingrid and myself - the first was from a Chiller con after my interview with her for my Cushing bio, the second pic is from when I was the host of a Hammer glamour panel in which I interviewed Ingrid along with Caroline Munro and Hazel Court for the audience - my wife is next to me in the pic.
  2. The Wicker Man was one of Lee's greatest roles but had he not become a well known name actor due to his Hammer films would the producers have cast him in their film? Another Hammer connection to The Wicker Man is Ingrid Pitt, who starred in The Vampire Lovers and Countess Dracula. I've met and interviewed Pitt years ago and she was a true delight, fully embracing her career and appreciated her fans.
  3. Great article and thank you for sharing it :-) When I wrote my Peter Cushing biography I spoke with 90 of his fellow co-workers and all of them praised him. I really wish that I could have met Cushing in person. I did meet Lee in person but there was a lot of restrictions which distracted from meeting him. A shame that Lee tried to distance himself from Hammer as those films were watched by the future directors who as a result cast him in the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars franchises. Without Hammer, we probably wouldn't even be talking about Lee today.
  4. Naphtha, I sent you a PM for your address for your prize. Contact me and I will send your prize out ASAP. 104. Naphtha chose prize #19
  5. I saw Swamp Thing on HBO as a kid - but imagine my surprise when I got the uncut DVD with Barbeau topless many years later!
  6. I had a BIG crush on Adrienne Barbeau and finally got to meet her a number of years ago. Had her sign my Swamp Thing movie poster as well as some Escape from New York photos. Years later I interviewed her for my Donald Pleasence biography.
  7. I think it was due to Anton's German background - he was actually extremely friendly by all accounts and even had a fan club where he would actually meet with the members once a month while in England. His background is quite interesting as he was a homosexual German Jew and therefore a target of the Nazis. He escaped to England and started his film career only to be rounded up with other German refugees and shipped to a Canadian internment camp (his ship sunk, and he was placed on another one). He continued acting in the camp and traveled to America when he was released before going back to England where his career began to take off - ironically playing mostly German Nazis, the same people he had to escape from in real life.
  8. I actually reviewed Hammer's Tales of Frankenstein recently for an authorized biography I am doing on German actor Anton Diffring who played Baron Frankenstein in that production.
  9. Just spotted the Creature items - my favorite Universal monster by far. Back in 1997 I was working at the Chiller Theatre convention for a bootleg VHS dealer (sounds kind of funny in today's day of Blu-ray) and I made a bee line over to Ben Chapman's table on my break. Really nice guy and I ran into him the next morning at breakfast. Not many people were around (early Sunday morning after the late night Saturday party) so he invited me to his table and we chatted for a while - he absolutely loved Hawaii, I'll have to go there one day.
  10. Hi everyone, Trying this book again at a lower price. Silver Surfer 14 CGC 8.5 with off-white to white pages. Surfer vs Spidey! $165 shipped to your door in the U.S. Payment via PayPal. No returns on CGC graded books. I'm gullofd22 on eBay with 100% positive feedback. No HOS. First gets the book.
  11. 2019 Green Eggs DC Super-Spectacular Award - Wow, thank you so much! I cannot express how much I enjoyed this contest!
  12. A BIG thank you to Andy and Shin for the contest! It really took me back to pre CGC days when I really had to determine book grades without any third party - and I loved it!