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  1. Just picked up another Marvel picture frame book - Astonishing Tales 13 featuring the very first cover appearance of Man Thing.
  2. Last chance on this book and lowest price before getting pulled for eBay. $130 shipped in the U.S.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm selling my Amazing Spiderman 51 CGC 7.5 with off-white to white pages. Second appearance of the Kingpin and his very first cover (a great one at that!). $160 with Free Shipping in the U.S. I'm "gullofd22" on eBay with over 1,000 transactions and 100% positive feedback. Payment by PayPal within 24hrs. No returns on CGC graded books. No HOS. First gets the book.
  4. Here is my latest picture frame book. As a big Silver Surfer fan, I was quite excited to get this pedigree copy of Fantastic Four 121 from the collection of one of my favorite authors.
  5. A very much underrated actor - I had written to Lom a few times over the years and he always answered back. Here is my favorite photo of Lom from Revenge of the Pink Panther which he signed for me.
  6. I bought this issue off the rack as a kid - I think it was manwolf under the mummy wrap.
  7. So I had a pleasant surprise and a good laugh when I spotted this editorial cartoon in my local newspaper today. Lake Ronkonkoma has been polluted for a long time and has an urban legend of the lady of the lake who takes some unlucky soul every so many years through drowning.
  8. Nov 21 on the back of my Silver Surfer #4 that I recently bought. Plus it has a store stamp to go along with the date stamp!
  9. Flesh and Blood was the last time Cushing and Lee would work together and see each other. Wonderful documentary.