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  1. Please grade my copy of Conan #1. The book is in pretty good shape. The biggest problem is a 3/4" tear on the upper left corner. The Right corner has a couple of color-break creases. I'm planning to get it pressed. Thank you in advance!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I frequently hear different opinions when a popped staple is involved.
  3. Please grade this copy of Detective Comics 416. The cover is pretty sharp and clean. The back cover is a little dirty and rough along the bottom. The cover is detached from the top staple. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!!
  4. It's been a long time, I'm not sure. I think some dealer in Florida (I live in California now). I'm not even sure how best to try and sell it. I would obviously offer full disclosure but I'm not sure how to grade it so I'm not sure what I can ask. Any suggestions as to a Grade?
  5. Thank you for the feedback! I didn't realize this comic was 'famous" for this problem. I have a another copy - a solid VG, but both staples are intact.
  6. This is a pretty nice copy of Batman 222. The back cover has some dirt, but the biggest problem is the popped lower staple. The staple isn't holding until page 5. I've read a lot of differing opinions but I've never been able to get a good consensus on what a popped staple does to a grade. Any feedback would be great appreciated! Thank you!!
  7. Thank you for the feedback. I also thought it was around a 5.0. It was hard to find at a decent price,
  8. I was thinking of having Neal Adam's sign it. Does that add to the value?
  9. I'd love some feedback on this comic. Cover looks pretty good. Some tick marks along the spine. Some dirt or foxing on the back cover in the upper corner. All feedback appreciated! Thank you.
  10. I welcome any opinions on this Detective 411. There are various stress marks along the spine and a couple of stress marks along the bottom front cover. One of the bottom stress marks has a 1/4" tear - it is under the word "the". There is another mild stress mark or crease near the lower right corner but it is not a tear. Also a couple of mild stress marks in the black under the image of Batgirl. There is a small chip missing from the lower corner on the back cover. Thank you in advance!! I really appreciate the feedback!
  11. How does this effect the grade? The comic looks really good but it is missing a small piece in the lower right corner. The missing piece is 1/8" high and less then 1/4" across. There's some foxing and a dust shadow on the back cover. Thanks in advance!
  12. Upon further inspection, and running my finger along the area; the bottom appears to be scraped or pealed off - perhaps another comic stacked on this one with a wet stain, and when it was removed it took some of this cover with it.
  13. Interesting. I thought the "scuffing/scratching" on the bottom of the front cover was similar to the stains on the top and back cover. I wondered if it could be, like you suggested, distributer ink on multiple books and the books were stacked . Anyone care to suggest a grade?
  14. The cover looks great except for the stain at the top and bottom. It is also on the back cover. I'm not sure if it can be cleaned. Is this automatically a VG at best? Thanks in advance!