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  1. actually thats my name , my real name , is that a problem ?
  2. i got it from vintage collector Trevor Micah if that info is so important .
  3. sorry i didnt saw your offer , i got a ton of PMs !! as i said before 10 min ago i will ship first to the buyer or 3rd party or whatever you told me to , the main concern for me is to get paid after you get "AS". If anyone is willing to pay me first via paypal then i to ship he is with priority.
  4. i can ship to 3rd party thats not a problem or anyone you say people, i hope i ll be get paid after that !!!
  5. ill think about to ship and then to get paid , i can ship after the holidays ( after 27 december )
  6. Any idea will CGC grade this communist comics if i send them for grading to CGC ? i have all 42 books (1979-1992)
  7. i said that ill think about that offer , $3700 i think its way too much for restored i would understand if it was unrestored ,heres a proof that i own it ! very up close pic.
  8. im not a scammer !!! everybody has a head on his shoulders ! i didnt force nobody to buy something !! and i dont want f&f , about the offer ill think about it , both seller and buyer are protected when you send for goods and services , however i always prefer deals in person !!!
  9. i still dont have references , sorry nobody wanna buy from new member even with paypal where both sides are protected if theres a problem.
  10. Amazing Spider Man 1, CGC 4.5 Restored. Off to off- white pages. Slight C-1 Restoration includes : small amount of color touch on cover, tear seals to cover. All three edges trimmed. Shipping is included in the price , asking $1900, returns accepted,payment by paypal.
  11. Hi a member wrote me that i overpriced , so im dropping the price to $700 shipped , sorry for that im not so familiar with graded comics since i collect all kinds of vintage stuffs (figures, toys , papers , crafts , etc.,) , comics are not my best side .