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  1. 2 minutes ago, TC33 said:

    I was the first I take offer on this book.  I even offered more than asking price, $2,500 with no fees to save the seller a bunch of money, but he needs to ship to me first for payment as I have 7 years and a ton of kudos feedback on similar high end books and he is from Bulgaria and has zero feedback.   I have not yet heard back on that offer, so I think that demonstrates if it is real or not unless he actually decides to accept it and ship me the book.  If that happens, I will surely let everyone know, but I am not holding my breath!

    sorry i didnt saw your offer , i got a ton of PMs !! as i said before 10 min ago i will ship first to the buyer or 3rd party or whatever you told me to  , the main concern for me is to get paid after you get "AS". If anyone is willing to pay me first via paypal then i to ship he is with priority.