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  1. take Thor 279 Copy C NM 9.4 bondage cover - $6.50
  2. Sorry forgot to add: Take Power Man 46 Copy A - VF 8.0 - $3.00Power Man 49 Copy A - VF 8.0 - $3.00Thor 279 Copy B NM- 9.2 - $5.00
  3. After reading that guy's message to you.....I can tell he's lying. The line where he says "I paid you more than enough money for that book" tells me everything I need to know about this guy. Who would use a line like that if they had just been ripped off. Ebay should be able to see directly thru this guy......but the question is will they do anything about it.
  4. I think your images might be have 2 Caps in there.