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  1. Here we go again.

    No, not yet...
  2. Bought book off eBay

    I just bought 12 fantastic four comics off Facebook. Haven’t arrived yet but the seller said they were all 4.0 to 5.0 grade. Nothing entertaining.I’ll post the next entertaining experience i have.
  3. Bought book off eBay

    Thank you
  4. Bought book off eBay

    Is there somewhere better to buy comics than eBay?
  5. Bought book off eBay

    Yup, some constructive some not
  6. Bought book off eBay

    Thank you
  7. Bought book off eBay

    Thank you
  8. Bought book off eBay

    Please nooooooooooo
  9. Bought book off eBay

    Right I did none of the above
  10. Bought book off eBay

    Bro, an excuse is a reason you give for not doing the right thing, I flat out admitted I was wrong, what are you having a hard time with?
  11. Bought book off eBay

    Ha, thank you solar boy
  12. Bought book off eBay

    That’s not an excuse that’s me admitting I was wrong
  13. Bought book off eBay

    I just didn’t know it was ok to label a book with holes, tears, rips, tape and staples as a nice copy. Now I do! Thanks!
  14. Bought book off eBay

    This will be the sixth time I admitted I was wrong for not looking at the pictures better. I just felt it wasn’t right to label a book with tears, holes, tape and staples as a nice copy. I have been told by several people on here that is ok. Now I know. Thanks
  15. Bought book off eBay

    Honestly, I don’t know why so many people are attacking me and mad at me. I admit I am very, very new to comic book collecting and there is a ton I don’t know. I don’t think I ever put blame on the seller or said he wronged me in any way. I admitted several times I was wrong for not looking at the pictures better. For whatever reason, I have a hard time judging the conditions of the comics by looking at scans. When I contacted the seller, I never accused him of any wrongdoing I just wondered if he accepted returns of which I was willing to pay the shipping ( I maybe could’ve called eBay for full money return and made a decent case but I didn’t). When he said he’d take the return I was thankful but the HE came up with the suggestion of a partial refund at which I suggested five dollars ( could’ve demanded ten, which I didn’t) and he was grateful. My whole reason for my post wasn’t to seek validation for being wronged but rather just to share my experience and see if maybe others had similar ones. Before I knew it I was being attacked and hated against. I have been told by several people that it is ok to tell people that a comic book with tears, holes, rips, tape and staples is a nice copy. I respectfully disagree but if that is how the comic book works works then ok, thank you fir letting me know. Honestly, I did not seek pity or to complain when I made this post and I’m sorry to anyone I made extremely upset. Thank you to anyone who gave me constructive feedback. Hopefully I won’t make the same mistake in the future and be able to judge the condition of the scans better but like I said for whatever reason it’s difficult for me to do so. After the first time I made that mistake I diligently read the item description, which is another thing I felt the seller could have done better but again, not pointing fault at him. Hopefully I’ll learn from this in many ways! Thanks everyone!!