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  1. I just saw an action comics 1 reprint for 30 and Batman 1 reprint four 40 and was wondering if they were worth getting and after getting them if they were worth slabbing...thanks
  2. What is the big deal about darkhawk 1 comic? Thanks
  3. Is it worth buying reprint comics? Is it worth/ok to get reprint comics slabbed? Thanks
  4. If I dropped a slabbed comic and it cracked and I wanted to get it re slabbed should I take the comic out of the cracked slab and submit it or just submit the cracked slab as is? Thanks
  5. How do you find out how much certain comics are worth? Thanks
  6. I just bought 12 fantastic four comics off Facebook. Haven’t arrived yet but the seller said they were all 4.0 to 5.0 grade. Nothing entertaining.I’ll post the next entertaining experience i have.
  7. Is there somewhere better to buy comics than eBay?
  8. Yup, some constructive some not