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  1. "War of Realms New Agents of Atlas"--I would appreciate if a set of this be started/created or be directed to where this is included in a "set." Thank-you in advance for your time and effort. This set has been added. Please note this is still a one-person show despite what expectations have been given. Among my numerous tasks, I do run behind and apologize for the delay but also appreciate your patience. Still...nothing?
  2. Can we please start up a : War of Realms New Agents of Atlas set? Thank-you in advance. Already created. Posting the same requests multiple times is not necessary. Thank you for your patience.
  3. Can you please add to the registry: "War of the Realms New Agents of Atlas"
  4. I would like to have "Valkyrie: Jane Foster" added. Thank-you as a collection. Set created.
  5. Can you please expand the listing for Magnificent Ms. Marvel (2019). Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  6. Please expand the "Magnificent Ms Marvel" 2019 set so I can add more to my listing. Thank-you so very much. And have a good day.
  7. Please expand the "Magnificent Ms Marvel" 2019 set so I can add more to my listing. Thank-you so very much.
  8. Can you update the "Magnificent Ms Marvel" set (2019). Thank-you.
  9. Sad to say, with Stan Lee passing, I now hold a CGC graded book signed 16 days after his death.
  10. Can you please add "Magnificent Ms. Marvel" (2019) to the set listings. Thank-you. This set has been added. Please use this thread for additions for completely new sets in the future:
  11. I typed the wrong number down when I requested help in putting a comic into the registry. It should be #1612460023 9.8 signed Greg Land, not 162460024. Can I get this changed on my Fantastic Four (2018) set?
  12. I did a search on "Fantastic Four #1 Comics Elite Virgin Variant CGC #1612460024 9.8 signed Greg Land" on the "Verify CGC Certification--" it found it. All the information was there except the "Art" and "Key" comments which had "No data found" and it did not tell how many there were that was signed. When I tried to put it in on the registry it comes back as saying "The ComicID returned by the Certification database is invalid"--I'm confused. Which is it? I need to know before completing this purchase off of Ebay. I want to purchase the comic if the certification # is good, but if it isn't I need to know. Please help.
  13. Can you please update and add to the "Fantastic Four (2018)" set. I have a issue #3 and #5 I would very much add on. Thank-you in advance.
  14. NEW COMPETITIVE SET REQUEST : "Spider Gwen Ghost Spider" (2019)
  15. Can we, at some point add "Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider" as a collection on the registry.