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  1. Fawcett: Marvel Family #4:" Just my thought, but if CGC recognizes this (Marvel Family #4) as a legit error, shouldn’t it have its spot in the “Marvel Family” set? I have two copies. One has “Manufactured with no indicia printed on the 1st page,” and the other doesn’t. I love to be able to show off both in the set.

    __MFamily#4 Error_a.jpg

    Hello @ParadoxTremors,

    Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, I am unable to add a slot for the error editions as they are not listed separately in our system. Our system only has Marvel Family #4 and the graders notate the errors. If the book had its own variant, I would gladly add it to the set. 

  2. Can you please add White Widow #2 Anna Dittman Foil Logo Variant Absolute Comics (CGC#2082534017; I want to add my copy to my collection) to the White Widow (2018) set...…………...Thank-you for adding this.


  3. "War of Realms New Agents of Atlas"--I would appreciate if a set of this be started/created or be directed to where this is included in a "set." Thank-you in advance for your time and effort.

    This set has been added. Please note this is still a one-person show despite what expectations have been given. Among my numerous tasks, I do run behind and apologize for the delay but also appreciate your patience.