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  1. The comics were graded and shipped today. So, 5 FAST TRACK MODERN with fast track pressing took from 7/25 until 10/9.
  2. I just checked and the "Received" date on my 5 FAST TRACK MODERN comics has changed from 7/25 to today's date 9/27. I guess that means that they'll be graded soon?
  3. I've been waiting for over 2 months now for 5 FAST TRACK MODERN comics that were marked as received on 7/25. I posted about it here a couple times a week or 2 ago. Well, I also have a SIGNATURE SERIES MODERN submission that I dropped off at Keystone Comic Con and was marked as received on 9/3. The 9/3 submission, that I didn't pay for Fast Track on, is now "Scheduled for Grading". I'm glad that the 9/3 submission is already scheduled for grading, that's pretty fast for not paying Fast Track, but this leaves me once again wondering, "What's up with the Fast Track submission that I've been waiting over 2 months for and why isn't it being Fast Tracked?
  4. I called yesterday and the guy I spoke to, who was honestly a little rude, told me that my comics are "right on schedule" and told me that I "need to be patient." I told him that I have no problem being patient, but I paid an extra $50 for FAST TRACK and my comics aren't being fast tracked, it's been 2 months. He told me that my comics are in FAST TRACK and that this is how long it's "supposed to take." When I asked why my submission from just 1 month prior took half the time, he told me that "CGC is currently in comic-con season and that slows down the submission process." I told him that I should be refunded the $50 I paid for FAST TRACK, and he told me that was "not possible." So I'm still waiting...
  5. I did have them pressed, but I had the other 7 pressed and they had a 9 day turn around after being "Received". Hopefully they're graded next week. I'll give them a call next week if the status doesn't change.
  6. I submitted 5 comics for FAST TRACK MODERN grading, CGC marked them as "Received" on 7/25/19 and it's still marked as "Received" today 9/13/19. (CGC Submission # 2057468) Normally I would just wait and not say anything because I know the grading process takes some time, but I had just sent in 7 comics for FAST TRACK MODERN grading and they were "Received" on 6/11/19 and were graded and shipped back to me on 6/20/19. Why did my submission from June take only 9 days total for 7 FAST TRACK MODERN comics, but my submission in July for 5 FAST TRACK MODERN comics has taken almost 2 months now? I honestly feel I should be reimbursed the extra $50 I spent for FAST TRACK. I would appreciate it if someone who works for CGC can get back to me about this. Thanks
  7. I had a great time at the show. It was a little light on comic dealers, but the ones that were there were good ones and I picked up some great comics. I was also able to get a custom sketch cover done by Jim Cheung which is currently with CGC for a nice yellow label, hopefully 9.8. I was disappointed that Denny O'Neil canceled at the last minute, I brought 4 comics with me for him to sign, but you can't blame Keystone for that. All in all, the con was a great time and was still better than Wizard world.
  8. How were we supposed to be nominated for this? No disrespect to the winner, but my CGC Signature Series Custom Set is way better than the Signature Series Set that won. They might have more 9.8s, but I have more key issues and better signatures. I also have a variety of titles and all they have is X-Men. I'm sorry, and again no disrespect to the winner, but my set is better. Did anyone even look at mine?
  9. Hey Peter. This problem was fixed for me last year. Thanks for the offer though.
  10. Please add Robin Rises: Alpha #1 to the Batman & Robin (2011) set. Also, please note in the Key Comments that Robin Rises: Alpha #1 is the Resurrection of Damian Wayne. Thanks I've passed your request on to the graders.
  11. Well then looks like I probably wont be going to WW Philly.
  12. Will CGC be at this comic con? You guys weren't at WW Philly last year. I'm not sure if I want to go because Keystone Comic Con was much better last year and I'm definitely going to Keystone. Wizard World has almost no comic industry guests.
  13. The "Detective Comics Complete" set needs to be updated, it stops somewhere around #935. Detective Comics #1000 is on the registry, but none of it's variants are. We can only register the main cover of Detective #1000. Please add the variants. Thanks
  14. The "Alex Ross Cover Set" needs to be updated also. There are several Alex Ross covers missing. Please private message me the books that you would like to have added to the Alex Ross Cover Set.