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  1. You are all great for taking time to answer to my query. I am at the moment flying back from Singapore and after the jet lag effect i will post photos of the canvases in question as well as details about them that i have received. I would also be interested tin learning more about OA and commissioning someone to "reproduce" a cover of comics in my possession . As far as Kirby is concerned a short research gave me only original ink pages of comics and no least yet, guess i have to "surf" the net more..... thank you all and i will get back again with new material......
  2. Hey there ESeffinga , thank you for answering. What do you mean by original comic artwork. These were exhibited at the Marvel Heroes & Villains expo in Halcyon Gallery London in 2015. Are they original ?
  3. Dear all Hi.I am a new member of this forum. My motivation to join this community was my lack of knowledge regarding the "art" pieces linked to comics. I am a Marvel collector as my father was. Me being 40 and my dad 66, means i have inherited loads of comics some of them in imaculate condition, some showing the wear of time. To me and the comic community of my country are very valuable since it was not a common thing for a boy in Greece, in the 60s and 70s to seek out comic books in English....! Anyway, to the point....I am in a business trip in Asia and trying to close a deal, finally Job is done and while having a business dinner, a guy of the opposite party explains to me about his Marvel Comic Covers giclee collection that wants to sell. 10 pieces of art he said. They are all canvas giclees of variant covers signed by Stan Lee . Captain America, Hulk, Thor, The Avengers,Spiderman, Iron Man all in variant comic covers. He sustains that the above mentioned items were exhibited in the Halcyon Gallery. My question to all you specialists is wether such a buy has sense or not. By sense, i mean following. As everybody knows Stan's signature is long from rare anymore ( that does not make it insignificant though ) and there has been always a big discussion if the variant covers should be of a bigger value or are they just a trick to "pull up" the prices. And last but not least, after a whole night research post to the dinner discussion, i had seen such canvases with the original cover around 2500,- english pounds in galleries throughout the UK, while this guy paid 11 to 14,000 euros for some of them and 24000 for a Thor , Avengers and Spiderman (each) canvas. Of course all are one out of 9 pieces or sth like that.How should someone argument these prices. Are there any others out there that came across such a thing. I thought that my query could fit in here since i am really tempted to get a couple of his canvas collection.( one for 24k and one for 14k). Any thoughts of help about that....Thank you all in advanceChrysaetos