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  1. I'm glad you found it Boom, So what Now Johnson? I don't hear ya running off at the gums now? Mr. Ton sold it to some guy and he turned around and submitted it to PSA, And guess what? It passed! lollll, I guess your wrong about his comics! He has a real authenticity company backing him. lollll, Why don't you just give it up Johnson, Like I said a year ago, He's not going anywhere! I mean, it sounds like to me your the jealous one! The man's making a dollar and you can't stand it! GET OVER IT!
  2. Ok War, New Update, lol, I just went back and looked at Johnson's remark, He Stated that none of the authenticating company's such as PSA or JSA would pass any of his garbage! LOLLLL, I guess he was wrong again! (Johnson and a few others will make a statement, How does this guy sleep at night?) My reply would be: With a Sack Full of Cash under his pillow! LOLLLL,
  3. Ok War I'm Here Tonight~ Let's get this show started, Shall We? I see Mr. Ton, I will use for short recently sold a Lee with a Kirby comic! Anyways, the guy who purchased the comic sent the comic into PSA! And It passed authentication! The guy is now selling it for an even higher price on Ebay then TON sold it for! So we can now tell Mr. Johnson he doesn't need to rant and rave anymore! lolllll, Mr. Ton has PSA backing him!
  4. I like the action you give Fastball, I'm with ya Bro!
  5. Well, you guys are asking him for proof, Your just asking him to just roll over and admit he's sending in fake comics! No one in their right mind would admit to sending in fake comics to CGC. At least I hope not!
  6. Lol Jaydog, I think these guys are trying to get you to admit to counterfeiting. That's hilarious. Loose Lips Sink Ships!
  7. All I see, I was just stating their are fakes out there, probably more on books, then on comics.
  8. CGC being fooled could happen, Look at all the fake signatures people send into JSA or PSA! It happens and will continue to happen!
  9. He doesn't have to show the evidence! I'm sure he's already faked a bunch of them, That's how he knows!
  10. Lol, I just wanted to mess around with Johnson a little bit! Have a good evening, gonna see what's heating up on the bay forum. It's a great forum. ten4
  11. Mr. Adamantium you are correct! I couldn't get any action! I was even giving good odds!
  12. Lol, Sorry Johnson, Just logged in, Sorry, I'm not on here all the time, just once in awhile to check on comics I order. Anyways, Your right! We never had an official Bet, Just wanted to pull your chain a little, LOL! Have a good week sir!
  13. Well Now Johnson I guess you owe me some money, don't you? I just logged in today to check on my comics I shipped out, figured I would take a look at your column you started, I see your boy is still pumping out the fakes! I told you, he would be still doing it by December! Now Pay up! LOLLLLLLLLLL
  14. I'm gonna give you boys a tip! You have to buy right, Buy low and sell HIGH! Take a shot once in awhile! Buy from the Crack heads who need a fix, lol, Buy from the losers, who don't know what they have! It's all about Timing! Be the first one at the yard sale. Get there a day early!!!! You have to ask for deals, Beat the people down, run over them! When I'm at an auction, I have no friends! When the auction's over, I'll be your friend! When I'm picking, I'm like a Freight Train with NO Brakes! Remember something, It's not all about numbers. It's about making Money!