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  1. I was offered a grader position at CGC, back in 2010, I think it was. I was very happy and thankful to have been offered the job, but declined for a couple of reasons. It just wasn't good for me, personally. As far as "required experience"; I'm not certain what is required, but I can speak to the experience I had at the time. I was a recent college graduate with a degree in Business Administration, but I'm not sure if a college education was required or not. I was a very active submitter to CGC and was an active comic book dealer with a successful eBay store from around 2007-2011. I was active in the comic book community as I was on the message boards since 2005 and attended boardie convention dinners. I also worked for a comic book store in 2004-2005, which is how I was first exposed to CGC from the perspective of a submitter (as opposed to simply purchasing graded books for my collection), as I would sift through the new comic arrivals every Wednesday, pick the best 9.8 candidates and submit them to CGC.
  2. FINAL PRICE CUT! Now 35% off all remaining items! I'll start sending out invoice PM's this evening.