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  1. Scanner glass, case & mylar = 8.5 9.6 GTFO!!!! If that's a 9.6 my ASM #36 is a perfect 10!
  2. They say the first sign of madness is grading comic books....
  3. I can be a real insufficiently_thoughtful_person sometimes! Here I am talking about frames and avoidance of smoke damage, and the answer all along is in the top left corner of my screen. Can't see the wood for the trees! Thanks for stating the obvious James, I'd love to send this for an official grade, this and many others too, my problem is I always find a better use for the cash. It doesn't help that CGC is 30% more expensive here in the UK (for some tiers) and then there's the shipping and insurance which would be very much more too. Then the fact I would have to drive to London and drop them off in person at CGC's London office. I could attend a con, but that's a pipe dream too because none of my mates are into comics and I don't have any kids. And who would want to subject their kids to middle aged blokes in fancy dress / drag / cosplay, in any case! My dream is that CGC open a place here in the UK that actually slabs the books. A place where I can post them to and have them posted back. I can't think of anything less pointless than the office they have in London... Maybe spider-mites, yea definitely spider-mites... CGC congratulations! Your London office is less pointless than the Borg! Honestly, what purpose does that office serve? Why in-person only? Why 30% more money? Do I pull my own pants down or do they charge for that too? Apologies for the wall of text and short rant. Just strikes me as very odd the way they announced a brand new London office that is actually harder work and more money than the old way of simply sending them off to the States. I wonder if that is even still possible? CGC UK seems to be nothing more than a glorified middle man, And I think whoever works there must have the easiest job in the world because surely no one has used them.
  4. I'm in the same boat. Sold my ASM collection but held back a few gems. #59 being one of them, such a sweet cover, one of the best for sure. I would like to frame mine too but I smoke a lot of bud and the smoke destroys things over time. I was thinking I should tape the mylar fully, then it would be just the frame that gets damaged. Or maybe I should just hang them in my bedroom A4 is a good size for silver age but would need a nice mount sized correctly for the mylar. Not a standard size in the States though.
  5. I'll offer these eight Marvel squarebound's. Sweet material, some of the first reprints, 50 years old, One is a 10d and the rest 25¢ and most with price stamps. Best of luck in the contest! Fantasy Masterpieces #2 - 1966 Marvel Super-Heroes #24 - 1970 Marvel Super-Heroes #26 - 1970 Marvel Super-Heroes #28 - 1970 Marvel Super-Heroes #29 - 1971 Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #7 - 1967 Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #9 - 1967 Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #13 - 1968
  6. Absolutely. They screwed it up big time lumping everything into one category. It's hardwork now sifting through drek in search of the actual goods. There's some real geniuses that work at that place, eBay. Slipped my radar. It had 710 views but no longer shows the watch count. About ten unique bidders. Truly crazy. Looks 5.5 all day. Five grand book. Less than half price. Really can't believe it would sell for £300 less than this.
  7. w That low grade G+ got £2,600.... and this beauty above raised only £2,300. Mad game. Gutted I didn't see it.
  8. I'm trying to find something nice. Will post worldwide out of England. Those saying US postage only... USuck
  9. How about this Carp? Caught using the most magical of lures, an AF15 (inside fish so pressing recommended). Postage via the Manchester ship canal
  10. I sold them yesterday for £2,800 and £100 for delivery. East Manchester to South West London is no joke, let me tell you! 8 hours non stop, well one stop Time will tell whether I regret it or not, but I did go through them and pick out all the best and nicest grades so that lessens the blow. Feels nice to be the owner of a high grade ASM collection even if it is only 10% of what it once was. It was the same deal I thought I had over the line last week, less issue #300 and less £300. I'm happy with it. I think I'll try and do this again. With all my runs. Pick out the best and sell the rest. Just no point holding low grade or common books. This thread has been enlightening, hilarious, hostile, educational and everything else besides. Now lets all have a group hug, and the beers are on me!