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  1. They're at it with the moderns too... I bought some variant of Detective #1000 from some worm in Hong Kong, the estimate delivery date is the end of next month, I bought it the 16th Feb. I had a message a while back begging for positive feedback... I left negative. Can not even open a claim because of the estimate delivery date. Annoyed at myself for having taken the bait. Only £20 but that's not the point is it.
  2. Thanks a lot, send me your shipping address please I will be including a couple extras. What a great tourny! A great place. Thanks to you all Dan
  3. Almost all of my recent sales on eBay have cost just £1 in fees because of a constant stream of promotions. They will say, here are four days to list upto 100 items and if they sell in the first listing period then pay no more than £1 in fees, no matter how much the item sold for. My most recent sale is a Ms Marvel #1 which I sold for £90 yesterday, last month I sold an X-Men #1 for £1,100 both times £1 final value fee (+PayPal 3%) I don't get it every week, every other week probably. It's basically no fees at all other than a PayPal handling fee atm
  4. WE. LOVE. COMICS. I can't lie....
  5. This is very good tape, low tack, no residue.
  6. I don't think it's a defect. It's the way it is made, A slight overhang is natural, less raggedy the better
  7. OOOPS! Worst round ever! Congrats @speedcake and everyone else still in, It was a lot of fun
  8. Grades in! This is as easy as putting a ball in a hoop! Good luck @speedcake and everyone else still in this
  9. Yes. All the time. There's some losses I just can't shake, a year or two ago there was this Batman #181 that looked amazing, near mint likely. I fell asleep waiting for it, when I awoke I had missed the auction end by five minutes or so and when I saw the price it sold for I was gutted, it was like 120 quid or something, two bids That one hurt and I still think of it to this day! You gotta take the rough with the smooth I guess. It's all fun and games
  10. He didn't tape them all. This #4 for example is in lovely condition, so there's some hope the ASM's will be ok
  11. I recently bought an X-Men #1 with a load of ugly tape, right down the spine and on the inside of the cover front and back. I thought I could live with it, I wanted to keep it but in the end I decided to sell it and immediately before I changed my mind. It was in my hands less than 72 hours. It also had three extra staples. The tape was so old it just basically fell away, the three extra staples I removed with some needle nose pliers. I have low standards but fat chicks I draw the line at! Same with books that look like this! This #2 came from the same collection / seller. For some reason I don't mind holding it... Probably coz it was nowhere near as much money! The same guy tells me he has a run of ASM 1-100 which I'm hoping to buy a part of depending on price High grade condition - High price... Low grade - Low price. So long as the price is good I'll buy a book in any condition