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  1. Good morning everyone! Last night I listed the original art for ASM 404 p.6 for auction on eBay starting at 99 cents with no reserve. You can see the auction here: Best regards, Vince
  2. I just used the PROMONYCC code and saved $26 on an auction I won in the "collectibles" category! Thanks!
  3. I signed up for ebay coupon alerts on I got an e-mail from couponfollow yesterday at 3pm CST about this coupon.
  4. eBay Coupon Code 6/4/17 $15 off $75+ eBay code: PSAVE15TODAY. Good until 10PM PST.
  5. Yep, I purchased the one in the link. Its metal. Not sure why the plastic one is so much more.
  6. Yes. Plastic slides out through the top. The panels easily pop in and out of the brackets too for swapping art.
  7. That's my setup. I also have framed art on other walls. I dont own a ton of art. This display replaced my itoya.