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  1. Unless I'm wrong this looks more like a John Wick in a 12 book series which is still not superhero 😊. You bust me on the ONLY comic I've bought on my own without recommendation outside TWD since 1981 πŸ˜‚. Will it lead to more?? Stay tuned!
  2. Well if more people talked about TWD my count would go way up. I'm not a superhero guy. If I collected any old chit it would be Horror and War stuff. Edit to add: Though I do like the posts that rail on people and also looking at other collector's eye candy and passion.
  3. Thanks for the kudos!!! I've been here for 3 years, so maybe by 2024 I'll hit 1,000!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
  4. I'm equally, perhaps more, excited for Fear to start the second half of the Season. The first half - based on feedback among my TWD Group - was the best 1/2 of any TWD franchise since maybe TWD Season 4. I don't think I've ever seen a TV show turn around as much as Fear did Season 5 to 6. Sure it will be good to see The Commonwealth storyline develop but we need more episodes like Here's Negan and not Diverged (ugh)
  5. Hey there and welcome to the TWD chat. Just curious on your handle there... you been collecting TWD since 2009? If so I'm beyond jealous.
  6. This one is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. Hitting the sauce a bit early tonight? πŸ₯΄πŸ€£
  8. Double fantastic. Drop out the awful Daryl/Carol episodes and the 4 left were all interesting. Yeah Lucille's Half Moon shirt was cool. She was also in the clothes from when Negan left, implying she gave up that very day. Brutal. And damn, what an acting powerhouse couple. I want one more Negan backstory - how the Saviors came to be and end it when Negan is standing in front of Abe taking a swing... then fade to black. I'll take that one episode over 30 of the Daryl/Carol spinoff any day.
  9. Well someone reacted to this old post so how about an update? I am 5 books away from completing TWD 1-50 with 2xSS+ In 9.8. At minimum it is Kirkman and either Moore or Adlard. Sometimes all 3, sometimes with sketches. 4 of those 5 books have Kirkman’s sig so just need a con with one of the artists. Almost there. Nearly 4 years work!!
  10. That's a really good point. To pry my 1-48 100% Sig Series out of my hands would take a substantial above-market offer. Pulling this off would require exceptional timing with someone considering selling. Who knows, with all the disruption from covid perhaps someone is in need of cash. The other challenge is I'm really rare stopping at 48 (and holding to that religiously). I think what you would find is someone with the entire run, and getting them to let loose of 1-50 and keeping 51 to 193 (or 100 to 193) would be very unlikely so my expectation is you would need to buy them out complete
  11. No way you can call a 9.9. Not possible. Its a gift grade.
  12. You really scored - not 85 prints but only 10!!!
  13. OK rub it in that you are staring at the rare red foils πŸ™„πŸ˜‚