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  1. That is one happy dude! You look like a kid coming out of a comic store with your grail ๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. Congrats @Sensei Ryan on winning Best Presented Set for Walking Dead Complete with Variants!!!
  3. That makes a whole lot of sense to me. Keep the TWD w/ Variants, Add Deluxe and Weeklies Edited to say... eh... rethinking this and I'm not sure. Unless there is a precedent with other big multi-book series to pull everything together.
  4. I respect that but I am VERY glad I built our my Walking Dead #1-48 2xSS collection before eBay was hitting me up for an extra 8.5%.
  5. I was looking for the Superman Blue .5 replaced cover and found this post. Do people really spend $139K on eBay now with the taxes? I am in an 8.5% local tax jurisdiction so this would be an $11,800 tax bill. I do understand that auctions usually have commissions. But has there been a shift since eBay started collecting taxes moving buyers away from high ticket items like this?
  6. Put that in your Registry set and crush everyone!!! The points table for Superman 1 9.0 Sig Series is 300,000 points ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. If you know what Book it is from , get your dealer to offer money back if it is counterfeit. Crack it out and send it to CGC. Pretty simple.
  8. Yeah I figured that. So I'll put something in there to keep them vertical and immobile.
  9. I have about 250-300 books all stored on my shelf in Mylites 2's and Full Back Board. This has been a great way for me to access books for reference but I am running out of space. I'm not sure that a regular comic box will hold Mylites as they are wider and taller than regular comic bag/boards. Is there a good solution for storing my books? Is there something nicer than the classic white cardboard long box? I want to move the 60 books on the upper right to storage (they are reprints with variant covers so I don't look at those much) and use this space for more titles. Thanks!!
  10. I have the feeling from your comment that this will bring in all the speculators and drive up the prices for all of us collectors?
  11. Looks like he has big plans to โ€œbring something big to the collectibles and alternative asset business in the coming months.โ€ In theory that could include comics as well. Maybe he is creating a mutual fund of some sorts comprised of collectibles for investment?
  12. True but since this is an auction there was an under bidder willing to spend nearly as much.