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  1. Well I know this thread on the comic is pretty much dead but I personally thought the Season 10 Premier was excellent. And there is a lot of discussion about it. Walking Dead Season 10 has a ton of potential!
  2. Hi Stephen, PM me if you are still interested. I have no idea what these are worth. I do not have any TWD variants graded by CGC - I only collect the main series, Books 1 to 50.
  3. Yeah been off these boards a couple of weeks. I'm a die-hard TWD fan but Fear... I don't know where to begin. Now we have a neutered Alicia, who was starting to become a badass, not even willing to kill a Walker. PTSD?? I don't get it. Then there is the big deal about the painting on the trees... is it Madison? Then it turns out to be some guy introduced the week before. But the real killer for me... what is with this guy who is asking everyone where the oil fields are??? I'm from Texas and it's easy. Want millions of gallons of refined petrol? Everything North of Houston on the coast is a refinery. Want raw oil? Head to Dallas and take a left and you will see oil rigs forever. And Morgan saying he does not want him to "control the gas"??? You would need a full-on Army to guard 100 miles of Texas coastline and all the gasoline. And then when they have Alicia and Morgan cornered? This is the ZA!!! Capture them and either torture them or force the rest of Team Morgan to come to them and give up the location of these oil fields. WTF... makes no sense at all. I'm pretty close to just giving up and getting an hour back to my life each week. They are literally destroying the franchise before our eyes.
  4. Then I'll just show off my book for fun LOL
  5. Hey I don't think it's been said here but deserves to be. Many, many congratulations to our fellow Walking Dead collector, and proud to call a good friend, @Sensei Ryan for getting the first mentioned Top Modern set of 2019!!! I know he has put blood, sweat, $$$ and maybe a few tears into his amazing set which I doubt can ever be equaled. So proud of you man... series is going out with you on TOP!!!
  6. That Trailer got me excited for the Fall for sure
  7. Not sure of the overprint as everyone reported their local shops being out within an hour after opening and they only print based on Diamond orders I believe. Also they are selling for $20-$30 in eBay auctions, making me think there are collectors out there who missed out and want one. And they immediately announced a second printing on the day of release. So I don't think there was a lot of overprinting going on
  8. I pull the Diamond distributor numbers from ComicChron and it takes 6-8 weeks after release to get find the number shipped to stores. They admit it isn't perfect but it's a decent gauge that I use. Because TWD was super consistent always hitting monthly deadlines. So 191 only went up from 42,000 prior issue to 48,000, since no one knew Rick would be shot. They have not yet posted the numbers for 192.
  9. Damn that sucks. My shop pre-orders all pulls and you can up your number anytime before Diamond’s order cutoff. I’ve never been shorted and they even put aside 2 extra shelf copies of 193 for me. Pretty cool.
  10. We're good man. We're good. Sounds like an industry-wide issue and I have not been subject to speculators as of yet but I do understand it is a rampant problem. Though I sure hope comics don't go away. People were saying that when I was coin collecting 2002 to 2009. But it didn't and now values are in the tens of millions of $ for multiple highly rare coins. Hoping they reboot Walking Dead into something and I can continue to support the franchise beyond TV. It's been a fun ride while it lasted.
  11. Just drop it dude. Nothing more to say. You are not buying though shops. You are not reading digital. You want hard copies. Somehow I would have expected you would have found a reliable way to get the books you want.