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  1. This says that there is a Rathburn sketch on the back. Can we see a picture of that?
  2. I hear ya but no one wants to take a 50% loss on anything they own. At least no one rational. I’m talking long term here... not short term ups and downs.
  3. Why not? It will make your primary collection go up in value and would be awesome for all TWD fans!
  4. Well it’s anyone’s guess. If Kirkman launches a new series.. it could take off again. I’m sticking with it.
  5. Thanks Crops . Yeah of 3 shops in our area, only 1 knew to order them and they only received 8 out of 22 ordered as they were on allocation. Crops and I cherry picked 1 each from the best of the lot and another guy helped us buy one for Sensei Ryan as none of his local shops were ordering it. Will be interesting to see the distribution figures on this one in a couple of months.
  6. Yes, thanks!! I am going with the stand-up acrylic frame with UV resistant plastic that are designed to hold CGC holdered books.
  7. Thanks... if I do this... most appropriate approach would be to display the non-signed graded books. These are not the expensive books in my collection. I have 2 copies of Sig Series Walking Dead #1 (Black and White label versions) but I am not gonna leave a $2K book sitting out in my house. I like these two because they are my favorite covers of the series.
  8. Thanks very much for your help but this is not the case. The one mentioned before was about $60+ or so if I recall and an extra $20 for UV protection. I remember thinking the all-in price with shipping was gonna be about $100 per book. The member raved about the quality of the case and how the books snapped in and fit great. But for $100 or so... it should.
  9. Thanks. One option for me is instead of displaying signed versions of the books worth $500 and $800, I have CGC holdered non-signed versions worth $100 and $350. I can still show off my favorite books and put up the non-signed versions if you think there is risk of damage (the books are in a bookcase where there is no direct sunlight)
  10. Hi there, About 6-12 months ago, I came across a thread here that discussed some amazing CGC holders for display. These stand up the books vertically in the case with a base made out of some type of plastic that is supposed to be archival quality. In addition, I went to the website at the time and for $20 (maybe $40, cannot recall exactly) more you could get the case with UV protection. They are also the perfect fit for the new CGC cases. Can someone help me out with a link to these products? The buyer was very happy and posted pics at the time. I searched and cannot find this older thread. Appreciate any help someone can give. I am planning to display some of my nicer books in my office and these look great. Thanks!!!!
  11. Well I know this thread on the comic is pretty much dead but I personally thought the Season 10 Premier was excellent. And there is a lot of discussion about it. Walking Dead Season 10 has a ton of potential!
  12. Hi Stephen, PM me if you are still interested. I have no idea what these are worth. I do not have any TWD variants graded by CGC - I only collect the main series, Books 1 to 50.
  13. Yeah been off these boards a couple of weeks. I'm a die-hard TWD fan but Fear... I don't know where to begin. Now we have a neutered Alicia, who was starting to become a badass, not even willing to kill a Walker. PTSD?? I don't get it. Then there is the big deal about the painting on the trees... is it Madison? Then it turns out to be some guy introduced the week before. But the real killer for me... what is with this guy who is asking everyone where the oil fields are??? I'm from Texas and it's easy. Want millions of gallons of refined petrol? Everything North of Houston on the coast is a refinery. Want raw oil? Head to Dallas and take a left and you will see oil rigs forever. And Morgan saying he does not want him to "control the gas"??? You would need a full-on Army to guard 100 miles of Texas coastline and all the gasoline. And then when they have Alicia and Morgan cornered? This is the ZA!!! Capture them and either torture them or force the rest of Team Morgan to come to them and give up the location of these oil fields. WTF... makes no sense at all. I'm pretty close to just giving up and getting an hour back to my life each week. They are literally destroying the franchise before our eyes.