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  1. Well you are right. Some of the lowest ratings out there
  2. And popularity. TWD 1 9.8 is a $1.8K-$2.0K book. Two of the 21 9.9s sold in the past 60 days for $12K and $15K each. Hard to put a generic rule here.
  3. I will add this. FTWD absolutely sucked last season. A villian who cannot find oil in Texas (I live here... it’s literally everywhere) and a campy lady on a horse. I was done. But I was curious enough about Morgan to watch S6 Ep1. Amazing and one of the best single episodes ever on any TWD show. A Lennie James acting master class. Feel free to ditch Fear but this single episode is going to stand up to time.
  4. Well let me educate you about Mass Media. This has zero bearing on what you think about the show. If it sucks... no one watches. If no one watches, you can't sell advertising space. No ad space, no money. It's pretty simple really. I'm guessing you are a middle-aged male watching a show clearly targeted to Girls Age 16 to 24. I imagine you had the same reaction to the Twilight Series and Vampire Diaries. Yeah I don't watch those either (my wife does and I totally tune out) because they are not marketed to me. Talking Dead following TWD and World Beyond had 12 advertisements in each commercial set, most 30 seconds but some 15 seconds. The only reason there are that many ads is because, like a live sporting event, people watch. Otherwise that valuable Sunday night 10:00pm spot would go to something more popular. Number of Households with watchers in the most sought demographic Ages 18 to 49. Simple. I won't argue your critique. What I will say is that the Market speaks. Whether that is teenie bopper ZA shows, 8 years of a color reprints of TWD or otherwise. People can vote with their wallets and time in front of the TV, and apparently people still like TWD.
  5. Bump after 3 weeks - sell my you TWD Hero Initiative books!!!
  6. OK, OK, I did it!! I take full and total responsibility for the recent hurricanes, forest fires, Justin Bieber's haircut and especially... anything said by the current US President. How's that for stepping up!!! I'm partnering with Todd McFarlane on my line of merch right now #GoBlameTom
  7. Hey there is plenty of WD fun left to come!! Eh the virtual SDCC saved me a plane ticket and hotel money so... more money for comics!!!
  8. Hey I'm about to kick off a virtual Zoom Happy Hour here in 30 minutes! Quit raining on my parade @Crops068 and @Sensei Ryan I suppose its my fault all the Cons are canceled too???
  9. There are 2 spinoff series being proposed. TWD Deluxe is going to be published until 2028. So lots of TWD yet to come.
  10. Ugh 46 of first 50 in Custom TWD labels (all Sig Series). I guess I'll have to hold off on CGC until the new labels debut. I wish someone had done some better planning here so that there was not an inventory gap out. Any push you can give @bigclutch would be greatly appreciated. I have 5 more waiting to go in for reholders with custom TWD labels.
  11. I had a similar situation. Item sent Priority, should have been there in 2-3 days. After 6 business days, I sent USPS a request to locate the package. Turns out it was at the destinations local post office. After I sent the tracking request, the item arrived same day. I think USPS is so screwed up right now that nothing is moving as it should but waiting more than 6 days for a 2 day delivery was getting irritating. Suggest when ready to launch an inquiry.