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  1. Yeah totally stoked to get a long response to my letter published in TWDD 7!!! 😊
  2. My pleasure, my good friend. I had crazy fun planning it all out and @Crops068was in on it from the submission back in July. I felt your TWD legacy needed something more than buried deep inside a slab 😊. Happy 40th!!!
  3. I hear ya but... that first cover kicking Hitler's is off the charts cool. Nothing else can touch it IMO.
  4. Hmmmmm... do you think that has much influence? I think this is a permanently iconic book that will stand on its own regardless of what happens in other mediums. That cover alone is my favorite for a Golden Age key. Will Hollywood hype affect the book's value? I'm curious on the opinions here.
  5. Seems a fair price for an 8.5 relative to a 6.0 At $225K...
  6. That Walking Dead is especially cool because the back cover of Issue 1 was the cover of Issue 2 👍
  7. Perhaps you mean the announcement of the end of the show? It won't end until Season 11 is over in Spring 2022. And there has been a steep decline in viewers but they seemed to have righted the ship. Particularly with Fear the Walking Dead which was just total rubbish in Season 5 but incredibly Season 6 would rival TWD in its heyday. The comic created a cultural phenomenon and I don't think that can be understated.
  8. I strongly believe the level off is done. About a year after TWD ended, TWD #1 drifted down in price from about $2,200 to $1,800 or so on a lot of sales. Recently we've seen some recovery up to about the $2,100 range in eBay auctions. This could be attributed to the release of Walking Dead Deluxe and new buyers. I don't see a "massive level off" coming if you mean a crash in prices. It may be a while before this book increases in value but the franchise is huge and I'm sure has a strong future in films, etc. to support the price. A companion story is always a possibility as well.
  9. OK, I'll readily admit I don't know anything at all about these Golden Age books, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how pages like this could eventually get a book graded an 8.0. If I had to guess I would be thinking .5 to 2.0. Someone really worked some magic here!! Do you have pics as it went through the restoration?
  10. And thanks @StephenWA for your TWD rarities post because I knew this 1:100 was one of the lower ones but very pleased to find out it is likely the 6th rarest production TWD book! That thread is a great resource!!
  11. OK this is pretty cool. I did not get a red foil in my 2 mystery boxes. But I did get one 15th Anniversary blind bag in each. The first was a 92 First Jesus BW Virgin cover 92D. The second was this!!!!! It’s low NM due to a big dent and some color breaks in the spine but still Uber Cool. Thanks @bigclutch and the peeps at Skybound!! Totally random (who could know what is in those bags) but just shows these Mystery Boxes are a lot of fun! And the assortment of stuff inside is just awesome!
  12. Picked up 2 Mystery Boxes. Looking forward to the contents and (cross finders) a red foil in there!