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  1. Ah really good idea. That tape leaves no residue unless left on there a long time (and still much less than regular tape). Would make it easy to take the book out if that was something you wanted to do, to take a picture for example.
  2. Well if you feel that way, don’t watch it. It’s a free country, if you have better things to do with your time (debatable), then stop watching and quit complaining. As Kirkman has said TWD is not a Zombie show, it is about the interpersonal relationships within the construct of the apocalypse. I’ll give you that Season 8 was a slow grind, but Season 9 is much better. And an article in Forbes this week said TWD is so good again that people should come back. Before: After: Oh yeah, and I thought Denai’s acting performance was Emmy-caliber work.
  3. Wow, that episode was incredible. Just when I think it can’t get any better, they keep upping their game. Will be a massive show hole after 2 weeks from now.
  4. One of my favorites. Original Hero Initiative Joe Jusko sketch. 1 of 1. Only reprinted in the book.
  5. Eh, I did a couple minutes of science research on this and it depends on how much "give" that elevator had when he hit it.. All I know after watching a bunch of Mythbusters episodes is a 50g hit to your body (50 x gravity) will almost surely kill you - in addition to broken bones and such, your internal organs get messed up.. I found a gravity G calculator online, have to assume it is accurate. The highest recorded g level and survival rate was a NASA test guy that held 46g for a few seconds. Apparently he lived another 45 years without long tern effects. If you fall 20 feet and stop extremely quickly (4 centimeters), it is 150g force, guaranteed deadly if you land flat (leg and spine compression would have more give). But if that elevator had some give in the cables from Beta's weight, a 1 meter deceleration would only be 20g - easily survivable. Sorry to get all geeky on ya'll. Stephen got me started. I'm blaming him!
  6. Bullseye! This same sketch book - Serbian #2, is in the current ComicConnect auction. It's only a VF book (8.5) so might be tough to compare if yours are NM/NM+ but worth following...
  7. Yeah and on a few Facebook Groups they are discussing that dried-out Walker skins on the Whisperers would not provide enough protection against the Walkers who should still be able to smell them (think Season 1 Episode 2 where Rick and Glenn wore ponchos with a Walker guts but got attacked when the rain washed off.) Maybe the Walker's sense of smell has degraded over the 10 years (timeline on the TV series)???
  8. How many graded books can these hold? The Amazon listing says 30 but I am skeptical. Maybe 30 slabbed without Mylar all stacked together? How many do they hold when designed as above?
  9. I stand corrected! But if the inner wells are sonically sealed, how does water or air pass through?
  10. Many thanks for the tip - will definitely check it out!
  11. OK Krishosein, I'll take the easy ones here since I have spent some time on this the past year getting up to speed on CGC. CGC slabs are not sonically sealed like graded coins which are 100% airtight. I've heard that because comic paper gives off gasses over time, the CGC slabs are not completely sealed so these are gradually released and won't negatively affect the book. Hence the nightmare staple post I put prior in this thread. I did hear about someone having slabs submerged in water for a bit but water did not enter. Obviously the graded slab provides a high degree of protection, just not 100%. If I am wrong, someone please correct me. I use Mylar not to create a secondary seal so much but to protect the slabs themselves. The plastic can be scratched fairly easily so I want to keep my slabs looking new. Mylar is very optically clear so it's good option for this. Re: Comics shifting in slabs, I have not yet experienced that with the 50 or so graded books I have purchased but lots of people have experienced SCS - Shaken Comic Syndrome during shipping. I'm not sure what damage is created but it's not good. My knowledge on this is limited.
  12. I am a newbie here. What is a BCW bin? I bought some plastic CGC holder boxes that store about 25 each. Is that safe? This is for the books that are not locked up. It too use sealed mylar with the edges sealed.
  13. This is a picture of someone's prized Hulk 181 CGC 9.8 after 3 years in a Sentry Safe Fireproof safe. He did not check on it. So I got my books out of there as fast as I could (they were in there about a year, no noticeable damage that I can see). Some sort of chemical reaction with the staple through the slab. The seller tells the story in an 11 page thread, eventually buying a cheap 181 to have authentic staples, had them replaced but had to live with a green label 9.8 after that. Brings tears to my eyes...
  14. Yeah, this safe is 2.3 cu feet (twice the size of my Fireproof) and you can fit the books flat so it holds a lot. I'm only putting the valuable ones in a safe. Just have to pray we never have a fire.
  15. Eh, Depends. Walking Dead keys with the custom label definitely command a premium. Well worth $5 on good books. How many people got that Stan Lee label? I see them all over.